Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Ride to the Ancient City of Padmavati

Sunga style sculptures found near the 4th century brick structure
Ancient Padmavati (210 CE) now known as Pawaya was a flourishing city mentioned in several classic Sanskrit texts like Malatimadhavam of Bhavabhuti and Harshacharita of Bana and Sarasvatīkaṇṭhabharaṇa of Raja Bhoja.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

CBC Searchlight: Mr. Percy Hart (aka: Junkyard Villain)

Percy Hart (aka: Junkyard Villain) 

I am just a guy, who's been influenced by everyone. The songs that mean the most to me speak of true and tell a story. I am still learning how to play guitar and figuring out how to write songs. There is nothing more therapeutic for me, then spending time creating a song. From finding the melody to crafting the lyrics it relaxes me and when someone connects with one of my tunes, then I believe it's complete. 

CBC Music Searchlight 2017 is asking you to vote for your favorite musician! Our very own Mr. Hart has been given the opportunity to be one of those contestants. 

Help Support Junkyard Villain 

Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Backroad Ball 2017

(Click to Register Today!)

It's time to unite the female motorcyclists of Eastern Canada and beyond! Don't miss this weekend of rad music, winding roads, tales from the road & badassery. Save the date! Early Birds are SOLD OUT but Regular-priced Registration opens February 14th, 2017!! Can't wait to have a ball with you, babes!! 

Friday, February 10, 2017

Inked by Crystal-Marie at Forever Ink Part Deux!

Crystal-Marie (aka Eternal Sunshine) of Forever Ink finished up my back tattoo today! She integrated the design on my back into the head of the Wolf, a Native Canadian Trickster, and as you can see, the end result was rather exciting. As I approach my 40th birthday I thought it would only be fitting to begin a new decade with a fresh outlook on life whilst keeping an eye on the past; if only to learn not to make the same mistakes again. I'll be meeting up with Crystal-Marie again in a couple of weeks to go over the the full length of the tattoo and touch up anything in need of some TLC. An overall great experience! Contact Crystal-Marie today for a consultation!

Contact Information
Crystal-Marie- Facebook
Forever Ink - Facebook
1576 Rue King Ouest #110, 
Sherbrooke, QC J1J 2C3
Tel: (819) 791 7766

Inked By Todd Beck - Un Beck Pour La Vie!

Missing Bella - My Moto Guzzi V7 Racer!
For those of you wondering if I am still happy with my Bella, rest assured that I will never be selling my beloved Moto Guzzi V7 Racer. I saw a tattoo similar, if not much more simpler than the one Todd Beck sketched for me. At my request he did an awesome little tribute to the V7 range. The end result is a fun and playful little tattoo. Todd is a great tattooist. Originally from New Zealand, he runs his own shop in Lennoxville, Quebec. Whether looking for your first tattoo or wanting to add to your existing set, Todd's work is beyond reproach! Contact him today!

Contact Information
Todd Beck Tattoo - Facebook
 30 Rue Academy,
Lennoxville, QC J1M 1P8
Tel: (819) 791-8686

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Tattoo Life

The culture, the lifestyle , the artwork and... the pain, today you pretty much can't go anywhere without seeing tattoos, either amazingly detailed beautiful work, or some old scratchy "old school" stuff,  either way we seem to be consumed with them!

Becoming more and more acceptable, most of my clientele are people who have always been afraid of tattoos and are finally taking the plunge , the age range is mostly people in their early thirties to late 60's believe it or not, and the tattoos range from small lil bangers to huge multiple session pieces. It seems as tho if you're not tattooed you're not living life nowadays, and for me well I couldn't agree more. Being a tattoo artist in the heart of Sherbrooke at an up and coming shop (Forever Ink) I get to help people thru hard times and help them mark moments with ink.

Having so many amazing artists in the industry, you can pretty much find any kind of "style" and find a pro at it. Tattoos aren't what they used to be, and it's pretty amazing the kind of stuff that can be transferred to skin. whether it be hyper realistic photographs or some insane new school cartoon work, tattoos ain't what they used to be, and the world is starting to notice. But of course you already knew that and of course, what goes together better than tattoos and motorcycles.

I Art, Therefore I Am

I've been going back and forth about what to post first on Say What? I haven't really been satisfied so far with the level of contrast in my other drawings and paintings, mostly due to the materials I used in the past. They look good enough when they're in front of you but don't always scan or photograph too well. I wanted eye-scorching colours in this particular painting, and for that I needed acrylics.

- Patrick (aka Patch)
The Mythical Blueprint

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Motorcycle Route: Treeline Ave Fort Myers Florida

The Ride: Treeline Ave. – Three Oaks Parkway – Immokalee Rd. 

The actual route time will vary depending on where you are coming from

I took Treeline Ave. which is a two-lane road and has a moderate amount of traffic in spots. It is also one of the few roads around here that has some decent sweeping curves, which are hard to find in Southwest Florida. This is also a very popular route for motorcyclists because of that, and judging by the number of bikes I seen today, quite a few had the same idea as me.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Rolly Rider - Inked by Todd Beck

Un honneur et plaisir de prendre une photo avec le BEST tatoueur de Sherbrooke Todd Beck! Thanks brother for the very nice picture! Beside the one on my fingers, all the others were made by Todd. he's done a remarkable job!!

Contact Information
Todd Beck Tattoo - Facebook
 30 Rue Academy,
Lennoxville, QC J1M 1P8
Tel: (819) 791-8686

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Inked by Noémie at Nephty's Tattoo Part Deux!

Elbow Mandala - Stage II of My Sleeve

As you may recall, Noémie specializes in Mandalas at Nephty's Tattoo. She began my sleeve with a shoulder mandala. Due to a last minute cancellation Noémie contacted me and I was lucky enough to continue my sleeve. It was literally on the same day that I had just finished the upper part of my back tattoo with Crystal-Marie from Forever Ink. Unlike my experiences with both the shoulder piece and the back piece I have to confess I was not prepared for the elbow piece to be so... ticklish (read painful). Alas, perhaps it was the back to back tattoos on the same day totalling eight hours or maybe I am just a sucker for punishment but by the end I was delighted to be home and cooling off in a shower. If you compare and contrast Noémie's sleeve in progress with Crystal-Marie's back piece you can see how Crystal-Marie went to a great effort to complement Noémie's sleeve.

Contact Information
 61 Wellington Street North,
Sherbrooke, QC J1H 5A9
Tel: (819) 563-6030

Inked by Noémie at Nephty's Tattoo

Shoulder Mandala - The Beginning of a Sleeve!

Before having my back tattooed by Crystal-Marie at Forever Ink this January, I decided last November that it was time to get some of the tattoo work that I had always wanted to have completed before I was too old to enjoy them. Call it a mid-life artistic crisis, I'm not really sure. But as my missus will tell you, I don't do anything by half measures. Thus, I commissioned a talented Tattoo artists from Nephty's Tattoo. Noémie specializes in Mandalas. She began my sleeve with the shoulder mandala that you see above. Prior to this she had tattooed an old Popeye saying on my chest and an elegant but simple wedding ring (mandala style of course) so that my missus will never doubt just how much I love and adore her. But I digress. As was the case with Crystal-MarieNoémie has carte blanche to do whatever she wants. The results thus far have been wonderful as evidenced not only by Noémie but Crystal-Marie work as well!

Contact Information
 61 Wellington Street North,
Sherbrooke, QC J1H 5A9
Tel: (819) 563-6030

Inked by Crystal-Marie at Forever Ink

Designed & Tattooed By Crystal-Marie!

Made popular by reality TV shows like [insert] Ink (there are so many of them!) and suddenly everyone has a tattoo! The rise in popularity has also set the bar for aspiring and accomplished tattooists alike. As I near my fortieth birthday I figured it was now or never when it came to finishing (starting again?) my tattoos. So I decided to give carte blanche to a few Tattoo artists whose work looked brilliant. One such artist is Crystal-Marie (aka Eternal Sunshine) and above is a design that she put together for me. Note that there was a two week interval between the top and the bottom of the tattoo pictured above, thus, the lower half was darker at the time of the picture being taken! She will also to put the final piece on the back of my neck in one week's time, after which time I'll meet up with her again in two months for her to do any touch ups necessary. All in all an amazing experience with a very talented Tattoo artist! If you are looking for your next tattoo, don't hesitate to contact Crystal-Marie directly via:

Contact Information
Crystal-Marie- Facebook
Forever Ink - Facebook
1576 Rue King Ouest #110, 
Sherbrooke, QC J1J 2C3
Tel: (819) 791 7766

Saturday, February 4, 2017

A Gal and Her Motorcycle… A Passion to Race the Wind

In the beginning… my road to riding

I was just an ordinary girl, well maybe a little weird, growing up in an average family that had nothing to do with motorcycles. But none the less for some reason the idea of riding one was ingrained in me at an early age. Quite possibly it had something to do with the movie Easy Rider or maybe it just had something to do with clothes pegs and baseball cards.

When I was young nothing could compare to riding my bicycle with baseball cards clipped to the spokes with wooden clothes pegs. I remember the rhythmic clickety-clack of cardboard on metal that turned my bicycle magically into a motorcycle (or at least that was the idea) and I would race through the neighbourhood with no particular place to go. I didn’t understand it back then, but it was that sense of feeling free and the rush of the air currents passing by that energized my soul and drove my desire to race the wind.

Ride to the Ancient Lothal Dockyard of the Indus Valley Civilisation of the Indian Sub Continent

Lothal and Alang, a study of two dockyards that span across time. Remains of Lothal city
The name Lothal has surprisingly the same meaning as the word Mohenjodaro (the mound of the dead in Sindhi). Loth-Sthal in Guajarati means the mound of the dead (Lothal) and was excavated in the year 1954 by the Archeological Survey of India.

Forever Ink's Crystal-Marie Available Now For Bookings!

Looking for a new Tattoo?
Crystal-Marie has space available next week!
She's got some sweet flash up for grabs too!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Amidst Silent Sculptures of the Past: A Ride Report to Devgarh and Dudhai, Lalitpur District of Uttar Pradesh, India By Sabya Sachi Ghosh

As an inquisitive eight grader (who unlike my other classmates happen to like history lessons) I was quiet distraught at the poor quality of pictures in our history books. One such particular black and white picture that remained enigmatic for a long time to come was the Dasavatar temple of Deogarh (Devgarh miswritten as such). This small temple according to the book is the best example of Gupta Age art and architecture. That’s all very impressive but which state of India was this ‘Deogarh’ in the book did not mention. Being from the suburbs of Kolkata I always thought that the ‘Deogarh’ from my history book was the Deogarh near Ranchi but much later in life did I accidentally correct myself….

Thursday, January 26, 2017

WANTED: Female Motorcycle Bloggers!

WANTED: Female Motorcycle Enthusiasts!
Say What? is growing and with it so too is our ambition! We have started the new year off with the addition of several new occasional and regular volunteer contributors.  However, we would love to have a female perspective. Whether you own your own motorcycle or prefer riding pillion (or sidecar) we would love for you to share your stories, reviews, ride reports and or anything else with our readers. Say What? offers a welcoming space to come up with new topics and to develop your current interests. We write for the love of motorcycling, so it's important to know this is a hobby and we don't make a revenue from this blog. If writing is not your thing, then share your pictures. There is something for everyone as we aim to make this blog more than just the sum of its parts!

Mario R.J. Corbin

Meet Darwin - My 1976 Honda CT70 Monkey Bike!

The Perfect Post-Christmas Present! :-)
1976, the year that the Summer Olympics opened in Montreal, Quebec, CanadaTim Hortons introduced the Timbit for the first time and Eaton's Department store discontinued its catalogue, perhaps a sign of things to come for the once great Canadian corporation. The great and sorely missed Farley Mowat released his book Canada North Now: The Great Betrayal whilst René Lévesque becomes premier of Quebec, replacing Robert Bourassa. Elsewhere around the world Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne founded Apple Computer on April Fools' Day. Larry Mullen, Jr, Adam Clayton (bass), Paul Hewson ("Bono," vocals), and Dave Evans ("The Edge," guitar) formed a band called Feedback which they later renamed U2 in 1978. To quote Ernest Hemingway, "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..." yet everyone knew that you met the nicest people on a Honda!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Hello There!

My friends call me "Rolly". I was born in France in 1965 but moved to Canada with my parents in 1966... so I am more Canadian than French :) I have many hobbies but my favorite is riding my bike. I did ride a trail bike when I was a teenager, but it was during a short time. I am back on a motorcycle since 2013 and I love it. I started on a used 1999 Yamaha V Star XVS1100 Classic just to be sure I still had that passion in me, even if now I realized that you never loose it, people who ride motorcycles are bikers forever. This year (2017) I will start my bike season with a new motorcycle. After reading reviews and watching lots of videos I finally decided to go with the 2016 Kawasaki VN1700 Vulcan Vaquero. The dealer made me a very nice offer adding few freebies (passenger backrest & floorboard, luggage rack, and motorcycle cover) all this with no extra charge. I was very happy with that deal. Now the most painfull period is to wait for spring arrival before I can take delivery of my new bike. I can't wait to start riding on it, and I am looking forward to feel the power of the 1700cc 103.7cubic-inches engine, should be a lot more aggressive than my previous motorcycle. When I'm out on my bike I mainly ride at the other side of the border because the road conditions are better, however I feel something special in me each time I cross the border and ride in places I never went before, it's like being born again. I am very glad to be here, I thank BSJ for inviting me, and I hope I will be a great addition to this blog. Looking fwd to read you ! ;-) (I appologize for the typo) :)

On Top of the World, a motorcycle journey through the high altitude desert of Ladakh, India. (part II) By Sabya Sachi Ghosh

a stone mandala at the 134 kms long salt lake of  Pangong, that straddles across the Indo China border
We reached Leh on the 6th day. Now the large town of Leh is unlike any other 'hill station'. It is largely a flat dusty unplanned urban spread, with dry hot weather during the day and freezing cold nights that gives you nose bleeds.

Monday, January 23, 2017

B.A.C.A. Montreal Chapter's 2nd Annual Jan Jam

January 21, 2017
To say that this second annual musical fundraiser supporting the Montreal Chapter of B.A.C.A. was successful would be an understatement. The fact is everyone in the room had fun, was smiling and I personally believe, was proud to be supporting such a meaningful organisation.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

On Top of the World, a motorcycle journey through the high altitude desert of Ladakh, India. (part I) By Sabya Sachi Ghosh

the surreal landscape of Lamayuru, Ladakh
Every serious rider has always dreamt of riding above the clouds in the Ladakh region of the Jammu and Kashmir state of India. The riding community here swears by the gravel on the road and the snowy peaks of the upper Himalayas. For us it is akin to climbing Everest, but on our Royal Enfield motorcycles.

BugSpatteredJacket - Past & Present Rides!

I Yam What I Yam
Here is a list of all the past and present women in my life! Whilst I was happy to see some of them go, admittedly, there are a few that I regret having let go! Suffice it to say, treat every bike in your life like it will be your last and respect them. You never know what the future holds, only that each bike will complete your life for that period they are with you.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Meet Bambina - My SYM Wolf Classic 150!

Motorcycle fever hit me hard this year. As my children dreamed of sugar plums and prayed for snow days I sit here in my darkened little corner of our home looking fondly at pictures of my Bella, my Moto Guzzi V7 Racer. It was all that I could do this winter not to lose myself in thoughts of moving to warmer pastures. Whilst the latter is out of the question, at least for now, and having purchased most of what I wanted in terms of accessories for Bella last year I needed to think outside the box. After all, what do you get a bike that has everything including charm, good looks and a heart of steel? Why, another motorcycle of course!

DesTination NoWhere! - Looking Back!

Alf's V-Max and My Virago
Somehwere in the West of Ireland
I am afraid to admit that most of my mileage has been commuting to and from work with not nearly as much of it earned on the open road heading towards nowhere in particular. The moment I do seem to have a free moment I inevitably opt to spend time with my wife and children instead of riding off into the unknown and rightfully so really! I love my wife and children but I also cannot deny that sometimes the road does call to me! It's not that I have a yearning to go some place in particular. Rather, it's just the desire to be on the bike riding to nowhere in particular! When I owned my Virago back in Ireland I often would wake up in the morning, meet my buddy Alf, a giant of a Norweigian man who also lived in Eire for a short time and owned a V-Max and we would set off. No itinerary. No expectations. No worry about the weather. Come rain, hail or frost you can bet your ass that if we were together that day we were probably off exploring the countryside of the West Coast of Ireland. T-Junctions usually mean't a brief stop whilst we play rock, paper, scissors as to which way to go. We had no idea of course which direction would bring us to what or where? That was the point. We didn't care. We just rode for the love of riding. The fact that the West Coast of Ireland is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and most scenic motorcycling countries you can hope for was just a bonus really.