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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

A Review Of Matt Bennett's Learn to Tattoo - Basics - Instructional DVD

Available Via eBay.com!
Its been two years since I began learning how to tattoo and during said time I have come across a variety of teaching techniques. The latter isn't surprising given that the lack of regulation in the industry. Being fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to find an apprenticeship, the bulk of my one to one education has been with my mentor Todd Beck. Still, like any tattooist looking to expand their knowledge base I often find myself on Youtube. There is a lot of good and a lot of bad out there when it comes to tattoo instruction. I am pleased to say that Matt Bennett's Basic Tattoo DVD is one of the better instructional videos out there.

Monday, July 16, 2018

A Review Of Monster Steel Tattoo Art Flash Designs

Available Via eBay.com!
If you ever wondered what happened to 90's tattoos look no further than this cd of tattoo designs from Monster Steel Tattoo. In addition to the latter, if you are into monster sex imagery (seriously, what the fuck?) and general shitty ideas and designs, you found the right product. For good measure, the folks who put this together not only stole 99% of the images but actually just took pictures of several clients and their new tattoos that they had posted on social media. Clearly a grab and sale and not worth the 3.27 USD that I paid for this CD of tattoo designs. The few items that are interesting can actually be found online. There are better designs, ideas and images available under a compost bin (yes, you read that right). For the 1% of images that are actually worth a second look, my condolences go out to the original artist(s) who had their work stolen and gathered in this compilation of shit. If nothing else, if you are an actual artist who draws, this will make you feel a million times better about your own work. Perhaps that alone might make it worth the price! 😏

Parenting German Shepherds With Children... Or Something Like That!

This Picture Sums Up Life With Our German Shepherds
Life with German Shepherds has taught us as much about ourselves as it has about the nature of this wonderful breed. Having Leo (eight years old) and Rosie (five months old) has been a deeply rewarding and wonderful experience for the entire family. So much so that we couldn't possibly imagine life without them. Whilst there will always be the ignorant out there who see the breed and judge negatively, the truth is, I have met Chihuahuas with more behavioural problems than any medium or large breed dog. That is not to say that our dogs are above reproach, they have their quirks and issues. However, I am a firm believer that their are breeds of dogs best suited for family personality types. GSD's happen to be the perfect fit for us as a family. At least, Leo and Rosie are!

Saturday, July 14, 2018

From Concept To Skin: Life After Cobra - Inked By Mario RJ Corbin

38 Year Old Friendships Are Hard To Come By!
Feeling reminiscent, my childhood buddy decided to celebrate his 40th year by getting not one but two tattoos today. These were his very first tattoos (ever) and frankly, I think even he was surprised by his need for both of them today. These two tattoos are the beginning of a sleeve that will combine a variety of his passions including, you might have guessed, fishing and GI-JOE. It's just one of many adventures that we have had the chance to share together in a friendship that has spanned no less than 38 years!

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

DesTinaTion: Roy Jucep - The Birthplace of Poutine (So They Say...)

Roy Jucep - Drummondville
(Can You Spot Bella?)
Poutine. Quebecers can't get enough of it. Western Canadians think its some kind of dirty word. Either way, Charles Lambert, owner of Roy Jucep, claims his restaurant to be the birth place of the ever loving artery clogging yet delicious Quebec delicacy (?!?). Since the 1960's poutine has been growing in popularity. Partly because of its novelty, partly because it taste good (most of the time) but mostly because I think it represents the laziest dish humanity has ever thought of since, well, a bowl of white rice and soya sauce. Regardless, the dish has driven grown grown men to travel throughout Eastern Canada in search of that perfect poutine. Cue Beakster...

Sunday, July 1, 2018

From Concept To Skin: Macabre Jackalope - Inked By Mario RJ Corbin

Macabre Jackalope By Mario RJ Corbin
The day finally came to tattoo my first client as an apprentice and I have to confess I was nervous. It's been two years since I began this journey and I knew that this day would inevitably come. I did not know, however, that my client would be with one of my former students. When Darrin and I sat down at my studio here in Lennoxville, he asked for a macabre Jackalope. Intrigued, I came up with a sketch that captured the idea he had hoped for. However, adding to the challenge Darrin also asked that it be in colour.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Interview With A Biker - Stefan Moran By Isabelle Moran

Stefan Moran
Passion doesn’t fade, it is an emotion that is barely controllable to some. I’ve interviewed a 47 year old, male biker who spent most of his time riding when he was younger but took a break once he started to build a family with his wife. He is a father of 4 and isn’t part of any organization or group, he just simply loves and enjoys riding every chance he gets. I started off by asking him simple questions such as what first got him interested in driving motorcycles and when he realized that this was something he wanted to do. His response to this was, “When I was around 7 years old, my best friend’s father bought a motorcycle and offered us rides around the block. I was always curious about motorcycles even before then, but after that first ride, I knew I wanted one.” Many can say that they were born or raised in it, that they had family members riding bikes which could have gotten them interested as well, but others can simply say that they were born with the desire to ride, that all it took was to see someone riding and immediately know that it was something they had to do some day. He mentioned his wife who had always said that she wanted to learn to ride a motorcycle some day but waited until she was much older before finally doing it. He informed me that she obtained her license just 1 year ago and how she regrets waiting so long to have done it. She now rides every chance she has whether it is going to work on it or simply doing a few errands. She rides a Ducati 696, 2009. I also asked him how long he had been riding as well as when he started. “24 years is how long I’ve been riding, I got my motorcycle license at the age of 22 but didn’t get my first bike for another year.”

Interview With A Biker - Martin Thibault By Jessie Lambert

Martin Thibault & His Faithful Harley-Davidson
Bikers feel that riding a motorcycle brings fulfillment to their lives. In this project, I would like to understand why it is so important to them. The biker I have chosen would prefer to remain anonymous due to personal reasons. For this paper, we will call him John. The reason I chose him is because he has been riding motorcycles for over 20 years, and has never stopped even after having 2 kids. He is in his late 40s, he has been married for around 15 years and has 2 girls who are in their late teenage years. He is not part of any group or organization, he rides his motorcycle mainly for fun and to get around. John is very passionate about the topic I have chosen to discuss with him because he truly believes that riding a motorcycle bring a lot of happiness to his life. By the end of this project, I would like to understand the role of motorcycles in a biker’s life. I will be interviewing John on the start of his motorcycle experience, the link between his motorcycle and his family life, and of the passion he feels about riding.

Interview With A Biker - John Doe By Zackary Bernais

Living Life 1 Mile At A Time
Motorcycles can be a big part of your life. Choosing to ride motorcycles, they could change your life forever. From meeting new people and having great experiences to having that one accident. Motorcycling is awesome but very dangerous at the same time. I want to answer the following questions; what was your most memorable ride, what conditions do you find optimal to ride in and why do you ride motorcycles even if its dangerous? To answer these questions, John Doe will be telling us more about his experiences. He lives in Sherbrooke and owns a 2002 FLH Harley Davidson. He loves his bike.

Interview With A Biker - Isabelle Beaumier By Tiffany Lévesque

Willie G & Isabelle
Harley-Davidson Museum
The first image most people make themselves of bikers are dangerous badass people but once you get the opportunity to talk with them about their values, their traditions and their code, you see how devoted, respectful and cooperative they are. This interview will give you the opportunity to explore one of the most famous biker’s tradition, the gremlin bell, as much as some of the unwritten rules of the biker’s code. I interviewed Isabelle Beaumier. Besides being my wonderful godmother, she is also passionate about motorcycles. She waits 30 years to realize her dream: having a motorcycle. She bought a 2004 Dyna Glide Low Rider she named Rosie. She really likes to attend rallies with her boyfriend Albert. They went on a motorcycle trip on July 2017 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where they had the pleasure to meet Willi G Davidson, on one the remaining Davidson descendants.

A Couple That Rides Together, Stays Together - Nancy Godbout and Stéphane Roberge By Virginie Lévesque

Kawasaki Ninja
When I hear about bikers, my first thought goes to the real ones. The ones who would take a whole weekend just to go somewhere on their motorcycles, the ones who would just ride for a whole day, following the roads without having a destination planned. The people I decided to interview, Nancy and Stéphane, friends of my parents, are living a really busy life. Between Nancy’s projects as an entrepreneur, Stéphane’s challenges as an engineer and their daughter’s dance competitions all around the province, I was surprised they’d still have the time to enjoy such a hobby. I, therefore, decided to question them about how their interest in motorcycling was first discovered and how they can now share it despite their busy lifestyle.

Interview With A Biker - Timothy Bowker By Caroline Fisette

Nina The Ninja - Kawasaki 400
In today’s world, most people use the same method of transportation, cars. Did they ever think about using something smaller and more efficient, like motorcycles? Probably. Then why isn’t there many people on those bikes? The real problem is the image that people have about motorcycling; dangerous. Truth is, bikes may be dangerous depending on the biker but also the method of protection being used. Like cars, some drivers may be dangerous, at that point, there is no difference except 2 wheels and the body of the vehicle. My interview is with Timothy Bowker, a young biker who is studying at Bishop’s University. I hope this interview will help others get a better understanding on the advantages of motorcycle despite its few disadvantages.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Fun With Sugar Skull Tattoo Designs!

Sugar Skull By Mario R.J. Corbin
Daisies Design By Amirun Shah, Owner of Inktion
I am loving sugar skulls at the moment! I put this together for fun. The eyes in particular are daisies from Inktion by Amirun Shah. The image needs a few tweaks but consider this available if interested! Book a consultation today!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Fun With Tattoo Practice Skin!

Fun With Fake Skin
Stereotypical rose completed with Cheyenne Hawk Pen, Eternal Ink (Light Red, Dark Red, Triple Black and Lining Black. Tried some white but yeah, didn't take...) and fake skin. If you are looking for a small tattoo contact me today!