Sunday, November 21, 2010

Peek a Boo!

The Rhubarb Prince
- Jennifer Fawcett
There are somedays when I just feel like a total failure as a father. You know, the kind of day that no matter what you say or do makes your child awaken from their otherwise pouting ways. It is rather frustrating to say the least, especially when you yourself are tired and feeling like adding to the crying and snotty behaviour that accompanies childhood by crying and being snotty yourself. But of course, you can't. What would the world think of a parent who suddenly started screaming and crying obnoxiously for no reason?

1997 Moto Guzzi Nevada - aka The Widow Maker

Kitten on Wheels
- Seven Months Pregnant!
Jennifer was seven months pregnant. We had been back in Ireland for just two months when I came across this 1997 Moto Guzzi Nevada on eBay for 900 Euros. A steal really and I threw caution to the wind and bought the bike after speaking with its owner via telephone. The bike was located in South Hampton, England which mean't I would be riding it back to Ireland via Holyhead. Although the bike was a far cry from my usual style of bike, I had read good things about the Moto Guzzi and had wanted to try one for some time now. Although, originally, I had been looking for a Moto Guzzi California instead.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Birthday Bliss!

Happy 1st Birthday Teddy!
- Jennifer Fawcett
Sigh. My youngest son turned one on Friday and suffice it to say it left Jennifer and I feeling at a loss for words. Where has the year gone? It seems like it was just yesterday our teddy had just been born and was so fragile and tiny in our arms... although, he was always a solid little fella. Solid is an understatement. If you think your in shape, try holding our youngest boy in your arms continuously without shifting him for more than ten minutes. Bowling balls are easier to hold. This is not to say he is fat, just really solid. Bowling ball solid. Butter ball solid... it's peculiar given that his mother is a delicate little thing and I, well..I am just butter ball fat. Anyways, I digress.

South Korea - Motorcycle Market

Korean Biker
Seoul, South Korea
Without sounding too much like a cliche, there is something about motorcycles that just really appeals to me. My first motorcycle ever was a Yamaha Maxim, purchased for $900.00 from a close friend of my mother. In fact, my mother had set everything up for me to buy the bike and I recall feeling surprised by this act. She was over protective, to say the least, but somehow she and I resonated with certain aspects of life. Motorcycles just happen to be one of those areas and it was as natural for her to introduce me to my first bike as it would be for me to use a motorcycle daily to travel to and from work whilst living in Ireland.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Joys and Tribulations of Fatherhood

Who's Leading Who?
- Jennifer Fawcett
Why Daddy? Two words often accompanied by a sniffle or a whimper, the kind most four year old boys make I am sure. This is more times than not accompanied with a few shed tears and perhaps a good old fashion tantrum. Where does it all come from I wonder? Even when I am perfectly calm and collective, my oldest son seems to jump from one extreme to the next. From perfectly happy and calm to sudden gushes of tears and screaming, all because of two magic words.... "It’s bedtime." In fairness, he doesn't cry every single time and we have a wonderful routine with him but that routine came at a cost... two years of unfathomable crying that would in the process kill valuable (and few) brain cells as Jennifer or I attempted to calm him. Between the ages of one and two we often found ourselves shattered after putting our pup to sleep. We had done everything that Mary Poppins had suggested. And she was right, spoons full of sugar may help the medicine go down but she neglected to mention that sugar will also give your child spider like abilities as they climb up and down the walls and ceilings.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

DesTinaTion: South Korea - People With Seoul

- Jennifer Fawcett
What makes a city special are the people who inhabit it. Some of the friendliest people I have ever met have been in Seoul, South Korea. Whilst living there between 2005-2006 Jennifer and I captured many of the faces that make South Korea so interesting. The city and indeed, the island of Jeju is vibrant with colour. People here take pride in their country and some of the prettiest pictures we have ever taken were there. Here are some of the pictures we managed to capture with permission (and sometimes without) of those lovely inhabitants of South Korea.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Lions, Spiders and Tantrums... Oh My!

The Great Pumpkin Chase

'Parenthood', that three syllabus word which leaves one wondering... 'what is it all about really?' The inner workings of a four year old mind are perplexing at best. Don't even get me started on what goes through my eleven month old's mind. (not that I could possibly know anyways) All I know for certain is that children have a natural born talent to wrap their parents around their finger. It's their only defense mechanism after all. Whilst other mammals are quietly hiding behind their mother maintaining constant vigilance human children are screaming at the top of their lungs alerting the world to not only their presence, but to their parents presence as well. The story of the 'Three Little Pigs' illustrates human evolution well.