Monday, November 15, 2010

Birthday Bliss!

Happy 1st Birthday Teddy!
- Jennifer Fawcett
Sigh. My youngest son turned one on Friday and suffice it to say it left Jennifer and I feeling at a loss for words. Where has the year gone? It seems like it was just yesterday our teddy had just been born and was so fragile and tiny in our arms... although, he was always a solid little fella. Solid is an understatement. If you think your in shape, try holding our youngest boy in your arms continuously without shifting him for more than ten minutes. Bowling balls are easier to hold. This is not to say he is fat, just really solid. Bowling ball solid. Butter ball solid... it's peculiar given that his mother is a delicate little thing and I, well..I am just butter ball fat. Anyways, I digress.

The last year has been exceptionally easy given that our Teddy really was an angel baby. Don't get me wrong, like all babies, he had his moments, and still does of course, but perhaps its because we have matured as parents since the birth of our first son? Perhaps it's because we are more experienced? Maybe its just a combination of everything, including our oldest son's interest and desires to be such a big part of Teddy's life. Whatever the case may be, it seems cruel that Teddy's first year of life would have gone so quickly. Soon, he will be walking and he is already expressing himself well. By expressing himself, I mean pointing, saying 'ta ta' when he wants something and he is now able to say 'halloooo' and 'byyeee' in an usual quasi South African/Zimbabwean accent traditionally associated with my wife and her family. It's admittedly nicer than the crying and screams that accompany most babies repertoire but still, it also marks the beginning of his entry into toddlerhood.

Whilst Teddy may be ready for this transition, personally I can't help but feel at a loss. Jennifer and I are finding ourselves wishing we can freeze this moment in Teddy's life, along with our oldest son, Puppy, and keep them their respective precious age that they are forever more. It's these moments that are so fleeting and despite the occasional tantrums, dirty (and rather nasty) diapers and nips and pinches I wouldn't trade any second of it for anything. After all, I doubt either boy will appreciate having their father nibble their ears and tickle them senseless when they are in their teens attending high school.

So happy birthday dearest Teddy and know that you are sorely loved by everyone. Each day with your brother and you are nothing less than a gift and we hope the next year is filled with lots of laughs, love and happiness... although, we hope it doesn't go by too quickly, even if you are impatient and want to be older! What do kids know, eh?

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