Sunday, November 21, 2010

Peek a Boo!

The Rhubarb Prince
- Jennifer Fawcett
There are somedays when I just feel like a total failure as a father. You know, the kind of day that no matter what you say or do makes your child awaken from their otherwise pouting ways. It is rather frustrating to say the least, especially when you yourself are tired and feeling like adding to the crying and snotty behaviour that accompanies childhood by crying and being snotty yourself. But of course, you can't. What would the world think of a parent who suddenly started screaming and crying obnoxiously for no reason?

Inevitably the police would be called along with mental health officials. Sometimes I would like to just crumple to the floor and start pounding it with hands and feet. Wouldn't that be great really? In fact, the next time my son throws a tantrum I might just do that too. I can imagine his reaction would be very similar to an adult's. Shock. It's interesting because on the one hand my son has the most wonderful capacity for thinking and doing intelligent things. Unfortunately, this is only matched by his capacity to digress. Still, it's all part of the age I imagine and despite myself, I can't help it sometimes and wish I could just fast forward time to a point where the screaming and crying turns into something more calm and talkative. Then again, calm and talkative can just as easily turn into a Jerry Springer episode. Thus, maybe I should count myself lucky that he is still only four. After all, at the end of the day a hug, a nose rub, and an I Love You still work as well a Tylenol Extra Strength, for him that is, not necessarily his besieged parents. 

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