Monday, November 15, 2010

South Korea - Motorcycle Market

Korean Biker
Seoul, South Korea
Without sounding too much like a cliche, there is something about motorcycles that just really appeals to me. My first motorcycle ever was a Yamaha Maxim, purchased for $900.00 from a close friend of my mother. In fact, my mother had set everything up for me to buy the bike and I recall feeling surprised by this act. She was over protective, to say the least, but somehow she and I resonated with certain aspects of life. Motorcycles just happen to be one of those areas and it was as natural for her to introduce me to my first bike as it would be for me to use a motorcycle daily to travel to and from work whilst living in Ireland.

There is nothing quite like motorcycling, at least for me. The open air, the feeling of the wind against you as you ride along and the overall sensation of being part of the landscape as oppose to simply driving through it are just some of the many aspects that make motorcycling more than just a past time for me. Not surprisingly, there are a variety of variations of motorcycles and some of the more interesting bikes I have encountered have been overseas. Below are pictures of motorcycles I saw at a motorcycle market in South Korea. The motorcyclists there are a law onto themselves as they equally use sidewalks as often as they do streets to get through traffic. Nevertheless, if like me, you love anything with two wheels, than these pictures are sure to delight.

Triumph Bonneville?

Where were these when I was twelve?

Hover Boards of the 21st Century?

Sexy Redhead NOT Included!

Triumph Bonneville
Monkey Bike

Yamaha Scooters

Apparently a Modern Take on a Classic Bike by Honda

Honda Scooter
Family of Honda VTX's

For Minimalist in You!Honda Military Style Scooter.


Sweet Little Scooters...

Honda's Work in Progress?
Moto Guzzi California
- Jennifer Fawcett

Chromed Monkey Bike?

Yamaha Wishing it Were a Harley!

Kawsaki Mean Streak?

Yamaha Virago 1100

For those late night rides...

Notice the engine...

The Definitive Scooter - The MadAss

Mountain Bike on Steroids
Sachs MadAss

Rear View of Sachs MadAss

Classic Yamaha Looks

Who needs scooters when...
Notice the gas pumps...

Honda Motocompo - Perfect for hiding under your bed...

Chopped Scooter

Tricked Out Kawasaki? Nope...H-D!

Pretty Kewl...

One of the few Harley's I saw at the market...

For those of us who wear deodorant!

If K.I.T.T. was a motorcycle!
Retro Good Looks
And Who Said Motorcycles weren't Practical?

Yamaha V-Max


  1. I remember when you went there. That's when I knew you were so crazy about bikes!

  2. The next time you are in Montreal I'll give you a spin around the city on my bike! ;-)

  3. Great pics, thanks! Love your web site! Might have to get me one of these... (scooter with all the lights and mirrors)

    JFL Live

  4. Great pics! The family of Kawis aren't Kawis though. Vtxs from Honda. ;)
    I want the matte green Honda scooter and though two yellow bikes at the bottom.


    1. Thanks for the heads up! Glad you liked the pictures!

    2. Pics are great.
      Likewise on the "Tricked out Kawi", not a Kawi. It's an H-D with Screamin' Eagle V-Twin.

  5. Some pretty neat bikes in there.


    1. Yeah, it was a pretty amazing place to visit. Never seen so many types of motorcycles (particularly scooters) all in one place like that before, except at motorcycle shows here in North America. You could get some crazy good deals too if you had cash on you. :o

  6. dude can u please guide me about the exact location of this market I mean in which city this market is located ? is it in Seoul ..

    1. The location of the market itself can be found in a Lonely Planet Travel book specifically on South Korea. It is indeed located in Seoul and accessible by city bus. If memory serves me we had to take two buses and the trip took just over an hour. We were living by Yonsei University at the time. Hope this helps.

  7. Just curious about a legal thing related to road access. I understand Motorbikes are allowed to ride on 2nd class highway (those without the US interstate sign logo) but the number 47 near 서울특별시 서초구 헌릉로 25 seems to have no motorbike signs on it... despite having stop lights and a 60 kph speed limit.... and motorbikes driving on it with street view.... Is this just bad signage or is the only way to get to this address above by car/walking?

    1. Hopefully someone will be able to give you a definitive answer. It's been 9 years since I lived in South Korea and hence am no help....sorry. Perhaps check with the tourism board.