Friday, December 10, 2010

15 Days Until Christmas!

This is a lousy Mirror!

Nothing says Christmas really like twenty centimeters of snow in -20 weather conditions in the middle of the Eastern Townships! This Christmas is particularly bittersweet I think for so many people this year as so many of us have lost loved one’s recently. It is a potent reminder, if nothing else, that our time here should be spent with those who share our ethos and love of life. It is a time to buck the trend and spend less time in shopping malls spending money and more time spending quality time with our families and friends. We live in a world where wishing someone Merry Christmas is fast becoming politically incorrect in our otherwise melting pot society. A time where the value of someone’s love is becoming less based on their actions throughout the year and more on the quality of the present under the tree.

As I sit here I cannot help but feel as though I am still that eight year old waiting to be tucked in by my mother as we count down the days to Christmas Day! We would go to my grandparents for lunch and spend the day together as a family. There would be the occasional tiff, naturally, and other times there would be bouts of infectious laughter or hours of card playing between the two of them. Then there would be the trip to the movies where, depending on what was out my mother and I would take in the newest Star Trek movie or similar and later dessert at Swanson’s Ice Cream Parlor on St. Catherine Street in Montreal. Some years we would even go to The Magic Pan restaurant for a fancy meal together, just she and I. Later we would return to my grandmother’s where we would watch Christmas movies on T.V. and my grandmother could be heard snoring away in her bedroom. There were presents of course… but for the life of me I could never recall what they were. I only remember the time I spent with my mother and grandparents. Chances are, nobody really recalls what they got as a kid; most of us only recall who we spent that Christmas with and how it made us feel. Think about it. The best present was being in the company of those whom we loved so much.

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