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Exploring the Unknown
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Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Joys and Tribulations of Technology

Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1 VS. Apple I-Pad 2
Twenty-Four hours after my initial decision to act on purchasing a new tablet I find myself sleep deprived and still very much angry at the whole experience! The decision to buy any kind of technology for me is a difficult task. Simply put I am one of the last of the pre-techies of the 21st Century. I am the guy you knew back in the 1990's still using an actual Remington Typewriter to write up school reports after having hand written everything with painstakingly precise handwriting - a lost art in a world filled with everything geared towards writing with your thumbs; albeit a testament to our inner ape's ability to use our extended thumbs no less! I digress.

The point is I have been using laptops for just about eight years now and that is largely due to the fact that the cost of these items have become far less expensive. I like technology so long as technology contributes to my happiness, not diminish it. Unfortunately, companies like Apple and Microsoft have gone the way of handwriting when it comes to quality control and I find myself bewildered at the vast array of 'junk' out there on the market. Worse still, when you find something that you actually love, the company producing it is too short sighted to make it compatible with other needed technologies and hence renders the product useless for my personal use. I digress yet again.

Galaxy Tablet 10.1 VS. Apple I-Pad 2

This review is for the general public looking for something easy and fun to use. I am not a techie and have never owned a tablet until Friday night when I purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1 32gb tablet. From the moment I opened the box this tablet was completely user friendly. Within minutes after set up I even downloaded an actual anthropology textbook for free! It also comes with Polaris Office for free! I loved this tablet but sadly had to return it Saturday morning when I learned that I was lied too about its ability to connect with a VGA projector. After returning the Galaxy Tablet 10.1 this morning because of its inability to connect to a VGA output I found myself reluctantly purchasing an I-Pad 2 16gb tablet.

In terms of usability the Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1 was super easy and within minutes I was sending off emails using voice control, etc... however the I-Pad 2 left me flustered all afternoon long and I am still in shock at how complicated and convoluted getting things to work on it is. For instance 1) Before I could download anything needed for work I had to up-grade the OS! 2) Once OS-5 was installed I bought three (3) apps - keynote, pages, some PDF reader and I also installed Netflix for free. I had to uninstall and then re-install all four (4) app's in order to get them to work properly! Then, it turns out that the i-pad 2 doesn't actually charge whilst plugged into the computer via its usb port?! The battery life is not ten hours either! After five hours of feverishly trying to figure this thing out I was way below 30% battery life! I found the applications very frustrating to access and EVERYTHING forces you to use APPLE "something or another..." be it music, files, pictures, etc... oh and everything is up-dated and transferred via i-tunes! If you like having options than avoid the i-pad... it leaves you feeling like you have been run over after all of the new accounts you have to set up just to get it to turn on properly out of the box.

Compared to the Galaxy Tablet 10.1, everything was super easy to use and ready to go. It also comes with Polaris Office which is just as nice as Keynote and Pages in my opinion and it is FREE! However, I am disappointment that Samsung is being so short sighted about not having an VGA adapter for it. The fact is, I could find no fault with the Galaxy 10.1 tablet itself or its applications. It left me feeling upset only because I had to return it as I loved it so much. However, the Apple i-pad has left me so angry after hours of jerking me around that I can't wait to bring it back today and be rid of it.

I also have the arduous task of trying to get my money back for the apps keynote and pages... both $10.00 each +tax! In fairness, I will confess that now that everything is finally set up and once you succumb to Apple's monopoly over how software is transferred from your computer to the tablet (i-tunes - meh!) both keynote and pages preserve your Microsoft word and PowerPoint documents very nicely and is usable immediately. The Apple i-pad also has a proper VGA adapter for its i-pad.

The Apple i-pad is NOT as user friendly as people or Apple itself makes it out to be and has left me wanting to return it regardless. Also, unlike the Galaxy Tablet, it lacks many of the features that made me fall in love with the Galaxy Tablet. The keyboard is inferior to the Galaxy tablet as well. For whatever reason the i-pad doesn't even have a tab key despite the fact that there is a blank space where the tab key usually is on any normal keyboard, including the Galaxy tablet 10.1! Just to type in some of my passwords on the i-pad I have to literally change the keyboard options three (3) times! This is only a problem for people like me who actually make full use of all the keys on a qwerty key board when making passwords and such. The Galaxy Tablet keyboard was simple and easy to use. It was as good as typing on a regular keyboard! I also found some really great books for free via the Galaxy whereas most of the free books for the i-pad is just crap. Apple should spend more time on perfecting its products instead of introducing new ones every six months!

Bottom Line: if you do not need to use VGA projectors than buy the Galaxy Tablet 10.1. Leave Apple to those who like it for what it is. Personally, I'd sooner use a Remington Typewriter again than the i-pad!

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