Sunday, April 22, 2012

Monster Trucks: Bringing Parents and Kids Together!

Monster Truck - Crustacean
That Tiny Fella Under it is my son! 
Hmmm... I reluctantly purchased the tickets to this weekend's Monster Spectacular Truck Show with little if any expectations. My oldest son who is five has begun to slowly but surely merge his love of dinosaurs with monster trucks. Add the fact that there was a 'Transformer' debuting at the show - buying tickets was a no brainer. I hadn't attended a Monster Truck show since I was around 12 or 13 years old. My step-father had wanted to surprise me and decided to take me with my mother to the show. I remember when we pulled into the parking lot at the Olympic Stadium my mother turned around and smiled at me asking sheepishly: "Can you guess why we are here?" I couldn't imagine why we were there, it wasn't baseball season - not that I was inclined towards sports as a child anyways! My step-father chirped in his best English: "Ve r ear to see BIGFOOT!" A French Canadian, his English was basic at best but it was sweet of him to try anyways. I smiled and perked up. This was pretty cool. I thought to myself, finally, "they get me!" As we parked the car I was amazed at how many people were actually there to see the Bigfoot exhibit. Imagine my surprise when I entered the stadium grounds to find myself standing in front of one of the largest giants I had ever seen at that time. Only it wasn't a nine foot hairy Sasquatch but instead a two ton Monster Truck by the name Big Foot! So, they didn't "get me" after all but then again, how many kids did you know who knew what they wanted to be since they were four years old! I remember having a good time nevertheless and it's this memory that made me think of sharing this experience with my son.

The Bounty Hunter's
Driver/owner Jimmy Creten
I couldn't help but be transported back in time myself as we entered the Olympic Stadium. Not much has changed with the building nor has the culture of Monster Trucking itself for that matter. I was surprised to see just how many families were there with all children of all ages. My son was so excited he could barely contain himself. After purchasing the mandatory head phones (a MUST for little sensitive ears) and two toy monster trucks - one for my oldest son and one for his little brother, my youngest, who I thought would be too young to go (however, there were one year old's attending so I guess I was wrong!). The driver's of the trucks were all present and attending and I must confess I was really happy with how generous they were being with their guests. My son had his picture taken with his favorite truck and driver - The Bounty Hunter.
The Bounty Hunter also happened to be the grand winner last night after two hours of tandem races that took place over the course of two hours or so.

Prior to the show we were allowed to visit the floor and get up close and personal with the trucks. The pictures speak for themselves:

The Bounty Hunter

Inside the belly of the beast

Sentimentally I was still rooting for him!

Hence why School Buses are NEVER late!

Hungry, anybody?

Safe Driver's Need Not Apply!

Kids were encouraged to draw on wrecks...

The Ice Cream Man From Hell
 Once the kids got their fill of the trucks, autographs and picture taking the races began in earnest:

The Races

Catching Some Air

It's a Bird, It's a Plane...

It's a busted ass Monster Truck!
This really restored my confidence in School Buses!

Wounded and Leaking Oil Everywhere,
This Truck limped back to its corner to a standing ovation.

The Megasauorus a Tank - Dinosaur Transformer

Terribly anti-climatic -
Where's Steven Spielberg when you need him?

I did manage to get a video of the Megasauorus though whether it is worth watching or not is another story altogether. My son absolutely loved it and his excitement rubbed off on me in the end. I had a great time with him. Sharing in my son's delight was wonderful and a great opportunity to make some really lovely memories together just as my mother and step-father had managed to create for me so many eons ago. Don't worry, I won't break into the Circle of Life by Elton John any time soon. I am just saying it was a great way to spend a Saturday evening with my son. The fact that it scored me a few hero points won't go unnoticed or unappreciated too!

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