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Exploring the Unknown
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Saturday, April 14, 2012

WTF? When Motorcycles Go Wrong!

All Dressed Up
& No Place to Go!
Today was to be the first day that I would really go for a lovely spin with my nearly classic motorcycle! The Montreal Bikers Club had set up an outing today to ride to Mont Tremblant and I was all dressed and ready to go. I was the first one to arrive at the Petrol Canada Station this morning at 08:15 am. I had been having a few difficulties with my bike since picking it up on Thursday of last week but the excitement of being on the open road again and exploring parts of Quebec for the first time on a motorcycle was too tempting. As I pulled into the station I had already started experiencing some of the difficulties that had been persisting over the last two days. Namely, loss of power in the throttle, the persistent smell of gasoline, and of course the inevitable engine 'cut out', whereby I literally found myself coasting into the parking lot with a dead engine.

Normally these problems began to show themselves two hours into a ride. I live only twenty minutes away from the station that I now found myself deserted at. Nobody from the Montreal Biker's Club had arrived yet as I dismounted my pretty paper weight. Sure enough, the smell of gasoline persisted and when I looked down, I realized my bike wasn't a 'she' so much as it apparently is a 'he'! There before my eyes was gasoline draining out of its tiny little black 'lizard' all over the pavement! Like an embarrassed ... er... 'parent' I began apologizing to passerby's as my, for a lack of a better term, 'child', decidedly took a piss beside a building in a lane way. I knew what it was of course, but playing Crocodile Dundee on one of his walkabouts, I decidedly tapped my fingers into the cold liquid spewed all over the ground and brought my fingers to my nostrils.

YUP! I thought triumphantly, its gasoline. That is the extent to my mechanical prowess ladies and gentleman despite the fact that I took an online motorcycle mechanics course just this past January! All theory and no practice makes for a lousy everything really - sigh! Anyways, upon seeing this I turned the fuel lever (located on the left side of this particular model motorcycle for those of you wondering) to reserve and thankfully that seemed to stop any more excess fuel from pumping out! Despite being at least forty minutes away I hoped back onto the bike immediately and started for Moto Sport Newman - the place whereby my bike had spent since late February being readied and serviced for the summer months ahead - or so I thought.

Lesson of the Day: Don't assume that just because you are paying someone good money to do something that you will receive excellent work in return! No apologies, no loaner for me to ride home on, not even a simple courtesy of a promise (most likely a false promise but its the thought that counts) that everything will be done in a timely manner! Customer service is not what it use to be unfortunately and despite my best efforts to remain calm and collective there are days that I cannot help but wonder if it is really worth the hassle? A topic for another day perhaps.

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  1. Its quite understandable. From my time with Royal Enfields, or even other brands, I have seen that

    1. You should have a reliable, knowledgeable and trustworthy mechanic
    2. You should know your motorcycle, especially if you are a tourer.

    PS: Royal Enfields do turn riders into half mechanics.. At least in India they do ;)