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Friday, May 25, 2012

DesTination: Bassin De Chambly

Trip Itinerary -
Courtesy a la Beakster
Whilst most were returning home after a long day at work we were heading back out onto the open road for what inevitably would be a very beautiful evening ride along the Bassin de Chambly located in the Monteregie area in Quebec. Short and sweet was the order of the evening as 'Bobby the Bobber' led us off the island of Montreal and towards the South Shore on his H-D 48. Beakster brought up the rear as tailgunner with his lovely Triumph Bonnie whilst I had the pleasure of just 'riding' with two other fellas in the middle, Jean-Sebastien on his Buell XB 12S and Fuad on his Kawasaki ER-6N. This was Fuad's maiden voyage with the Dragon Riders and would prove to be a baptism by fire of sorts as it was also the first time he would take to the road for so long a period on a motorcycle!

Fuad the Mighty
Kawasaki ER-6N - aka Black and Blue
We met at the Orange Julep at 18:00 Thursday evening where our trip would begin. Apparently, there is a classic car show coupled with hundreds of motorcycles every Wednesday night - stay tuned for that - however it was relatively uneventful as we waited for our 18:30 departure time. Being a small group there was little adjustment to one another required once on the road. Everybody knew one another, bar our intrepid learner, Fuad, who seemed to have always been a part of the group.

'The Iron Kilt'
Lady Bonnie

'Bobby the bobber'
His H-D 48

'The Enforcer'
& his Buell-tiful bike...
(...the more I see this bike the more me want this bike....)

Moi et mon Serenity
(Photo Take by Beakster - Cheers!)
We set off over the Champlain Bridge which was surprisingly free of traffic and before long we were enjoying the banks of the Bassin de Chambly. Spring was in the air as the sun danced off the water and reflected into our eyes. The wind was was warm yet refreshing as we rode along, cooling us from the earlier afternoon heat which threatened to overheat us in our jackets. Admittedly, I found myself losing myself in my thoughts every now and then wishing my wife, Jennifer, could have been there to enjoy the evening solace with us. Jennifer and I had courted on a Yamaha Virago back in Ireland and it was nights like this that would find us riding along into the sunset towards nowhere in particular. Eventually I would find her asleep (literally) behind me thus having to wrap her arms around me and hold her close as we rode along at a modest 60 km an hour in and out of the Irish country side.

A Nice Place for a Swim!
Bassin de Chambly reminded me of Ireland as the mountainous landscape seemed to be dwarfed only by the sheer beauty of the sunset which soon replaced the 28 degree heat wave down to a cool and relaxing 22 degree spin. The river banks were filled with pleasure crafts, sea-doos and people just sitting by the waterbanks either fishing or daydreaming. The sight of five motoryclist riding down the twisties in and around the lake seemed to put a smile on the faces of passersby. Hate us or love us, nobody can't deny that rarely do you see a motorcyclist riding who isn't happy to be doing so! Eventually, we stopped by the river bank where we found ourselves just enjoying the evening's end. I couldn't tell you what we spoke about, not that it mattered. However, I can say we had a good laugh or two... or three at Fuad's expense no less. I have been sworn to secrecy though, sorry!

Ladies of the Night...

Motorcycling Under Blue Skies

Day Dreaming of 'Morrow's Ride...

Ummm.... no comment!

Smoking Can Result in Permanent Facial Displacement!
Resto-Bar Bouchard
Our next destination was the Resto-Bar Bouchard in Richelieu, Quebec. We found ourselves feeling parched from the evening's ride and were delighted to find a cool spot to relax and have a drink whilst others ordered some munchies. This is a frequented spot for motorcyclists during the summer months, or so Bobby the Bobber said... maybe they knew he would be there that evening?! ;-) Either way, conversation was as always in abundance as we chatted until the sun had all but gone and now the street lights paved the way for our return home. As a rag tag group of bikers you would never have guessed that we were actually made up of a software programmer, three engineers and myself, a college professor. As the ol' saying goes, never judge a book by its cover, especially where Bobby the Bobber is concerned. Despite his facial expressions he is rather quite sane! ;-)

His and Her's Wedding Rings... Nice! ;-)


Hungry, Hungry Bikers....

Bobby the Bobber and his Choice of Dessert...
Quebec is littered with such spots that give even the most novice of motorcyclists, such as Fuad, the opportunity to learn how to ride whilst actually enjoying the ride itself. The two don't always go hand in hand. This was actually a very short trip that had been organized by Beakster. In total we were out for roughly four to five hours and as always there were ample opportunities for picture taking and simply lazying around the river bank. The roads in particular are amongst some of the nicest to ride on in this area and unlike Montreal itself, pot holes are few and far between. By the time I returned home the crescent moon could be seen above offering very little in the way of light but nevertheless added a sense of romance to it all. Again, I couldn't help but think how much I would have enjoyed Jennifer's company on this particular ride out as well... perhaps next time?!


  1. Awesome write up! Are you guys planning any overnight rides this year?

  2. Hi,

    The Dragon Riders just finished a weekend long ride out this past weekend actually. You can see some pictures via: http://www.meetup.com/dragonriders/events/57548982/