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Monday, May 28, 2012

Installing Wild 1 Chubby Outlaw 10 inch Z Bars & Harley Vintage Gran Turismo Grips

Prepping the Patient!
Since buying my 1996 Suzuki Intruder 1400 I have been inundating folks at Intruder Alert with various questions regarding nearly everything and anything about the bike. I had purchased several parts for the bike prior to even taking ownership of it and thus their patience and friendliness has helped me come to understand the inner workings of my girl, Serenity. One constant uncertainty for me, however, has been the Wild 1 Chubby Outlaw 10 inch Z Bars which I purchased for the bike back in November or December 2011. Thanks to the folks at Intruder Alert keeping everyone up-dated on their day to day opinions and up-grades of this model bike I noticed that many have swapped their handlebars out on this bike. However, it begs to question whether all Intruder's are built equally?! I ask because apparently some have said my 10 inch bars would fit whilst others swear they wouldn't. Admittedly, once the bike was in my possession I had my doubts that the brake hose in particular would stretch far enough.

Adding to it all was the discrepancies I was getting in prices for a new brake and clutch hose. Moto-Sport Newman on the South Shore wanted to charge me $300.00 for the two lines including fittings. The same store, but in LaSalle wanted to charge me $275.00 for the same lines! Finally, L'Amis Denis Honda in Lennoxville, Sherbrooke actually wanted to charge me $150.00 for the two lines! None of these quotes include labor or installation costs. I nearly went with the latter but after two to three months of trying to figure out what will or will not work on my bike I decided to just throw caution to the wind today and bite the bullet! Installing the new bars was actually really easy to do and requires nothing more than proper preparation and planning. This blog will show you how to install a set of Wild 1 Chubby Outlaw 10 inch Z Bars using stock (OEM) brake and clutch hoses! I will also show you how to install new (old stock) Harley-Davidson Vintage Gran Turismo Grips. You will need the following items to pull this off:
  1. Scotch Tape
  2. One Pen
  3. One Phillips Screw Driver
  4. Allan Keys
  5. One Shoe Lace (really...)
  6. A Vacuum Cleaner (stay with me...)
  7. Drill
  8. Lock Tite (Blue)
  9. Crazy Glue
  10. Bit of Luck....
With the above ten things I managed to do this. Keep in mind that I am not a mechanic nor am I nearly as knowledgeable as 99% of the bikers on Intruder Alert. However, I did this on my own begging to question, if a noob like me can do it, imagine what you can do! Without further ado simply follow these steps:

Step 1:
After covering your tank (avoid unnecessary dings) begin with the headlight.

Step 2:
Remove headlight and expose internal wiring.
(Don't panic!)

Step 3:
BEFORE disconnecting anything, LABEL EVERYTHING!
Disconnect everything carefully. Disconnect one at a time.
You need to give a small tug, nothing more.

Step 4:
I used numbers because I can count. :-p
You can use letters, names, roman numerals, Shakespearean quotes...
Just be realistic about how much you can write on a piece of scotch tape!

Step 5:
Remove the back plate of the headlamp.
This is a must as it is what holds the cables securely in place.

Step 6:
Place back plate and screws some place safe.

Step 7:
As you can see you can simply pull the control cables out gently and place to the side.

Step 8:
Repeat for the other side.
At this point, your headlight is off, your cables disconnected and labelled,
and the wiring is no longer in the bucket of the headlight!

Step 9:
Remove the Chrome Caps on the risers.
They are made out of plastic so be careful not to crack them.

Step 10:
Remove the Chrome Caps on the lever and mirror mounts.

Step 11:
Riser View After Cap Removal.
Remove the four bolts with an Allan Key!

Step 12:
Lever and Mirror Mount View After Cap Removal.
Remove the two bolts on each side of the bike with an Allan Key!

Step 13:
Do NOT pull mounts off
until you have carefully removed the connectors on each side.!
Place the Clutch and Brake Lines with attached mounts gently over the front of the bike/

Step 14:
Before you can remove the bars remember that the Throttle cable needs to be removed first!

Step 15:
Remove the screws on each housing.
Be careful with the throttle side as it also houses, well, the throttle cable!

Step 16:
There is a support bracket below the throttle and kill switch housing.
Remove the screw and leave it where it is. It cannot go anywhere else.

Step 17:
When opening the housing unit disconnect the throttle cable!
Step 18:
Take note of which section the throttle cable came from.
(Second hole Closest to my Finger!)

Step 19:
This is what everything should look like by now!

Step 20:
Gently pull the bars up.
Slow and Steady, remember you don't want your classification system
a la scotch tape to get ripped off in any way!

Step 21:
Time to reassure you patient everything will be OK!
Total time, from start to finish: 45 Minutes TOPS!

Step 22:
Unless you are lucky and have an indoor garage,
I suggest you put a bag over your headlight bucket to keep the elements out!

Step 23:
Time to pull the wires out!
Again, do so gently so not to accidentally rip off your taped classification system!

Step 24:
As you pull from one side feed the other end gently and take your time.
Step 25:
Set your cables to the side and prep for installation into the new bars!
Step 26:
You will have to DRILL replacement holes to secure your Switch Housings!
Depending on what year Intruder 1400 you own you may or may not
have to do the same thing on the bottom of your new bars
in order to fit the stock (OEM) risers!
Step 27:
My buddy Baxter here suggests
using any type of plastic bag, then tearing it up and wrap the bottom of clumped wires together!
Tape it as well! This will protect not only the tips of your wires
but equally as important at this stage your classification system!

Step 28:
IMPORTANT: Tie a Shoe Lace to the tip of your wrapped up wires!
This makes the next step as easy as bumble berry pie... mmmmm, pie.

Step 29:
I have read various tips on how to go about running wires internally.
Some have used magnets, others wire.
Personally, I opted for a VACUUM CLEANER!!
It'll suck that shoe lace right up!
Step 30:
Once your trusty vacuum cleaner has done its job
than simply pull the cables out through the bottom hole.
Feed the top hole as you go along to help facilitate the process.
Z Bars are tricky fekkers for internal wiring and hence I was pleased at how easy this was!
Total time:
Step 31:
Handlebar Grips are easy enough to install
but here is a quick guide to how do so in case you never have before.
Remove the cap ends on each side of the bar.
Just give them a good hard twist and tug! ;-)

Step 32:
The throttle sleeve is stock (OEM)!
I merely removed the old grip and replaced it with my Gran Turismo set.
I used soapy water to help me slide it over the throttle sleeve!
I also kept the end chrome bit that was originally on it.

Step 33:
The left hand side is far less complicated.
You will need Ultra Bond or some other sealant.  Apply generously and slide into place and hold.
Step 34:
I wanted to use the stock (OEM) chrome end tip that the original grips had.
So I heated the left hand grip.

Step 35:
Than I inserted the chrome end tip.
This finishes off both sides of the bike nicely and is now mirror image of one another.
This is a personal preference, thus, feel free to skip Step 34 and Step 35 if you wish!
Step 36:
Thank your wife
(or husband, as the case may be...)
for helping out and have her pose with the completed project!

Step 37:
Install your handlebars on your risers. I am using stock risers.
Also, start to replace your bits and bobs such as clutch controls, switch housing, etc...
Use Lock Tite for added security.
Step 38:
Reroute the Throttle Cable
so that it comes out from under the tank straight up to your throttle sleeve.
Originally it went through the the triple trees and connect to the throttle sleeve.
There is no manual work involved, this takes less than a second!

Step 39:
Replace the right hand side throttle cable in the appropriate slot
(remember, second one closest to the front of the bike - or my thumb, as the case may be!)
Step 40:
Return the brake lever and mirror mount to its original place.
There is PLENTY of slack for the Clutch Hose! You DO NOT have to replace it!
However, The Brake Line is AT ITS LIMIT!
There is enough play whereby it is safe! Thus, 10 INCH bars DO FIT with STOCK CABLES!
Step 41:
Replace Chrome Caps on Riser Nuts

Step 42:
Replace Chrome Caps on Mirror Mount Nuts

Step 43:
Time to Re-Connect the Wires!

Step 44:
Slide Wires through the back end of the bucket via the rubber grommet. 

Step 45:
As much as possible, organize the wires so that they
do not get entangled as you begin to reconnect everything!

Step 46:
The last piece to reconnect is the headlight!
It doesn't hurt to have a little helper!
Step 47:
If you find you have one (1) extra of these, don't despair.
Think back, there was an extra one when you started. 
Step 48:
Replace the back plate on the headlight bucket.

Step 49:
Voila, Admire Your Handiwork!
My Son is Particularly Pleased with his Contribution!

Step 50:
Pretty Damn Cool, if you don't mind my saying so!
My Son Approves!
(or is constipated, not sure which... :-p)
Of course, I checked everything afterwards and admittedly, I can't get the bike started now LOL!!! But hey, at least I know the problem lies in my reconnecting of the wires in the bucket. So that will be my project for tomorrow. Happily, everything else works though! (...my suspicion is on wire number 9... I digress - sigh) Anyways, I am really happy with the job done and it looks absolutely fantastic. I love ape bars and could never go back to anything else. Personally I think they are very comfortable and suit my style of riding far more than conventional bars. As you can see from the pictures above, the Intruder was definitely made for them as well! Best of all I saved hundreds of dollars just by 'manning up', so to speak and getting to it instead of talking myself out of it!

I'd like to end this particular blog by dedicating it to the folks at Intruder Alert! In particular, I wish to thank the following people for putting up with my endless questions over the course of the last few months. They really didn't have to be so darn nice to a total stranger. Nor did they have to answer my questions over and over again without fail. Their advice, sympathy and expertise gave me the know how and courage to grab the bull by the horns and get to it. So thank you Griph, Tiny75, and bigt7088. I would also like to acknowledge bigskyintruder's original thread on how to swap your handlebars which was equally as invaluable. If I forgot anyone in particular I am sorry but thanks does go out to the entire community for their help and support.

Oh, and thank you to my wife, son and my pooch, Baxter for all their help today!


  1. Very nicely done! Nice touch sneaking the rest of the family in there too!

    Keep up the good work!

    One thing I would say though, is that if you could make the font between the photos about 6 to 8 points larger would make it much easier for all us old guys to read.


  2. Thanks Yo! Much Appreciated!

    Will increase the font size for you older fellas!


  3. Good write up and very helpful, thanks!

  4. Thanks I am about to start that this weekend,Iwill let you know how it goes

    1. Glad to be of help! Its not too hard, just make sure that you have a system in place for the bucket and wires! ;-)