Saturday, May 26, 2012

La Vie En Rose

Parents of All Kinds
Were Out With Their Kids!
I opted out of the Ride for Dad motorcycle run today in order to actually be a dad to my two little boys! Situated next to the St. Lawrence River, Operation Board Walk was conceived on a whim after my beloved wife, Jennifer, suggested we spend the day near some place scenic.  The bicycle path in Verdun spans for miles in either direction. To the left, you could literally travel by bicycle to Cote St. Catherine on the South Shore via Nuns Island. To the Right, you could easily go through Lachine and access Point Claire and Beaconsfield. We decided to go right with the intention of stopping in Lachine by the marina. For bicycle lovers Montreal boasts hundreds of miles of bike paths, some taking you as far out as the Eastern Townships! There is something for everyone's interest and skill levels. Having grown up in Verdun the bicycle path along Boulevard Lasalle is a personal favorite of mine.

My Lovely Kitten
My Lazy Dog Baxter...

This Board Walk Has Something for Everybody!

Pooh on Anybody Who Says Weeds are NOT Flowers...
We set off at around 11:00am and found ourselves in the midst of hundreds of people also enjoying the board walk and the many pleasures it had to offer everyone. There were women sunbathing by the river banks, men fishing whilst sipping on a few cold ones, whilst still others were on the water river rafting, taking a Salsa Lesson or simply cycling along or walking their dogs. Did I mention the Volleyball games too?!? Say what you will about the Quebecois, but inevitably we are nothing if not adventurous! The sight of our boys relaxing in the trailer or Baxter running along side us or taking a break in the back of the trailer as we rode along seemed to make passersby squeal with glee, point and smile.

My Little Thinkers...

Ville LaSalle
Swallows Prepping Their Summer Home
Our first stop was at the LaSalle Drive In Restaurant. Hot dogs and poutine were the order of the day as we found ourselves sitting at a picnic table next to the St. Lawrence River. This particular restaurant has been open for over thirty years, probably longer and is a favorite amongst Quebecers. The bicycle path literally passes by next to it so it has no shortage of clientele, be they bicyclist, motorcyclist or cage driver. I had lived in LaSalle briefly whilst growing up, having been to this restaurant last when I was probably ten or twelve years old. Bellies full, I coaxed the boys back into the bike trailer by promising ice cream at our next destination! Baxter ran along side me for a while and I must confess, for such a small dog, he is energetic and an absolute pleasure to have as part of the family. I have had dogs all of my life but in truth, never one quite like Baxter. He is the proverbial 'cool' dog to own simply because he learns quickly and is open to trying new things! He's the kind of dog I could probably put on the back of my motorcycle and ride up to Sherbrooke with. Not that I would try it per say, but I could if I wanted to. Baxter actually went tobogganing with me this past winter and loved it!

Baxter Decidedly Taking Another Break...

Boys Will be Boys!

Too Cool...
By the time we arrived in Lachine the boys were parched again, as were we. Admittedly, the boys were fantastic today! My sons, a 5 year old paleontologist in the making and a 2 year old fireman wannabe were perfect little gentleman doing everything that 5 and 2 years like to do - picking their noses, running around frantically, complaining they were too hot, annoying each other every now and then in their trailer (space is limited), annoying mum and dad every now and then by complaining about how they are annoying one another, running onto the bike path without looking to ensure it was safe to do so, crying when their ice cream was decidedly too cold... crying when their ice cream had decidedly melted too quickly, throwing rocks into the water (a personal favorite), crying for more ice cream after having finished their ice cream... suffice it to say it was genuinely one of the nicest days we have spent together as a family in a long time, really!!

La Vie En Rose
Lachine is absolutely worth the trek as it is simply beautiful. Their was something in the air today as well. Perhaps it is because its spring and everybody is still shaking off the winter we just had?! There was a great vibe and where normally people are rushing to get to their destination, everyone seemed to be taking their time. Fire Fighters driving by in their Firetruck even waved to our boys and honked their horn to the delight of both of them (and me!). This was Jenifer's first real bicycle ride in well, ever. She was nothing if not intrepid as she went along happily keeping watch over Baxter who was tucked away every now and than in the back of the trailer. We were riding Schwinn's by the way, in case bicycles are your thing?! By the time we got back to the car in Verdun over four hours had passed by! Montreal is a brilliant city to do easy and affordable family day trips. The board walks are open all year round and their isn't a shortage of activities to do for parents and babas alike. Riding along a riverside board walk with my wife and my boys (all three of them ;-p) felt rather romantic to me. It's a nice reminder that inevitably it's the little things in life that make the happiest of memories.


  1. The father/husband/pet owner of the year did a remarkably funny, interesting, and, write on this one.
    Good job!


  2. What a fantastic day you 4 had! I'm glad you opted for the fam day rather than the ride. Those kind of memories last forever. BTW, the weather looks amazing! we're finally getting sun after two weeks solid of rain!

  3. thanks for this! You don't see families doin' stuff like this... togetherness..... (very much) super nice.... I love doin' this sort of thing myself.....
    nice look & read.....


  4. i didnt see the dog!!