Exploring the Unknown

Exploring the Unknown

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Serenity Bobbed Out!

Spit Shined & Ready to Ride!
I have owned several bikes over the last ten years or so but I must confess I haven't enjoyed owning a bike as much as I have my Suzuki Intruder 1400 since my Harley-Davidson Nightster! Like the Nightster, there are hundreds of things that you can do to the Intruder that many Japanese bikes are limited by. I have spent the last few months, in particular, the last week especially, bobbing out my bike as much as I can without actually changing the structural integrity of the bike. Inspired by many of the ideas I have seen via Intruder Alert and Blue Collar Bobbers, I am proud of the end result given that there isn't anything that any Joe Schmo couldn't do himself. The final touch were some decals that I added today after washing the bike and prepping it for this coming weekend's ride to Mont-Tremblant, Quebec.
My son added a few personal touches, a five year old biker in the making, he was particularly helpful this week keeping me company and losing my nuts and bolts. It's part of the adventure of home shop repair and modifications when you're a father of two! ;-)

Serenity Bobbed-Out!

Decals of a 1940's Pin Up

Can You Spot My Son's Addition?

Autobot, Naturally!
The saddle bag was purchased several years ago on eBay. I think the brand name is LaPera, but I am not sure. I had originally bought it for my Nightster but found it didn't fit quite right. The decals were also purchased online via eBay when I was still living in Ireland. Again, they were originally destined for the Nightster... but as fate would have it we moved home to Canada in 2010. These things sat for years unused until today. Surprisingly, it brought everything together on my bike and I couldn't be happier. My son in particular was rather pleased about the Autobot insignia being placed on the bike. Although if it were up to him, it would have been placed directly on the tank facing upward. A tad too dramatic for my tastes but we found a happy compromise and it now has a home on the back of my front fender. Surprisingly, again, it doesn't actually look bad at all and suits the chromed out engine of the Suzuki Intruder. It's a nice little reminder whilst out riding that I have two wonderful little boys waiting for me back home! =-)

Did I mention my wife is a Redhead too... yum yum!

All Dressed Up and No Place to Ride?!

Fishtail Pipes Finish off the Bobbed-look Nicely!

Autobots, Roll Out!
The pin-up was originally blond but at my request the eBay seller (unfortunately I cannot recall who at this point) changed her to a red-head. I have always admired the pin-up art used on WWII bombers and wanted a similar theme. It leaves something to the imagination as oppose to a lot of the graphics that exist today which are merely vinyl porn. Call me old fashioned but I think the pin-ups from the 40's and 50's had a bit more class. After all, Serenity is still a lady at the end of the day! ;-)

I took my bike for a short spin today and admittedly, I had to tweak a few things here and there to get her just right and comfortable for riding. I love the fact that I am getting to know a new side of this bike as its been well over two years now that I have ridden with Ape Bars. I originally had 12 inch Apes on my Nightster. These Ape bars are only 10inches high but because of the high rake and profile of the Intruder, they actually feel much higher than the Apes I had on my Nightster. 

So there you have it, a stock Suzuki Intruder transformed into something 'more me' in just a short period of time. Most importantly, my son feels like its now his bike too, an important part of nurturing his interest in an otherwise wonderful past time for most or, as in my case, a way of life. I can't wait for the day he will be old enough (and tall enough) to ride with me... I know what you're thinking, my wife says NO to sidecars.... sigh. Cheers!


  1. You really are a softie when it come to bikes, wife, and kids. Are you religious also?
    Just curious.:)


  2. Hi,

    Mushy, I know sorry... ;-) No, not religious, just a softie at heart. :-)


  3. Nice job buddy,
    see you soon hopefully the weather will change and I'll get a chance to see the new redheads in your life.

    Stay safe

  4. Glad to hear it! Who needs mass panacea anyway.:)


  5. Love everything you have done, particularly the pipes. Where did you buy those?

  6. Hi, bought the pipes off an american store via eBay: targagarage. At the time they said they weren't getting any more in either, that these were the last set, but who knows!? Contact them and they may be able to get a set for you.