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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A True Fekking Langer....

The Idiot Garbage Man...
It's days like this that reminds me of the importance of being earnest. 

When you find yourself struggling to juggle life's little curve balls and you inevitably get walloped in the face by what can only be described as a true langer! 

Than what more can you do other than to dedicate a song to the son of a bitch garbage man who literally threw out my new motorcycle luggage rack (I just acquired it today) along with the tool box cover with my actual motorcycle keys!!

Enough Said!


Well wonders will never cease to amaze me!

I received a letter on Friday, August 31st, 2012 from the City of Montreal with a cheque for the princely sum of the $$$ lost in lieu of my idiot Garbage Man's stupidity!

And just when I was beginning to think what goes around never seems to come around for these kind of langers... case closed. 


  1. Chuckles, to many cycles in this little town of 445 people for the garbage guys to get away with something like that.:) BTW, how could he do that if it wasn't with, or near, the rest of your garbage? Just curious.

  2. Man, that sucks...

    Unbelieveable that the garbage people can`t tell the difference between parts and trash. On the other hand.. people throw away unused shit all the time. Though, he should`ve noticed your keys...

    Dumbassery, is all I can say...


  3. Sorry to hear that Mario, that's a pain in the arse for sure. These
    are the sort of things which wouldn't happen if we had garages, but
    they are hard to come by here. :(

    It reminds me of the story I heard where this guy ordered a diamond
    wedding ring for his wife from a catalogue. It arrived when he was
    out and when he got home he saw the note the post man had left which

    "parcel delivered when you out. it has been left:
    With a Neighbour [X]
    At the post office [X]
    Other: In the bin."

    Bin men had been there that day so the bin was empty.


  4. I would be fuming if it was me...


  5. Love it! I miss all the cork speak I must say...

    I hasten to add that I majorly dislike the fact that langer took your stuff though. :-(


  6. That is ridiculous, wat a moran!! In Ireland if u put anything even near the bin u get fined!! Seems ye have the opposite problem your rubbish men r too through!


  7. The WORSE thing about it is it was regular garbage pick up day. Yet he emptied the Recycling bin and threw my stuff out. So really, he had no business touching anything at all!?!? (Recycling days are Wednesdays, not Tuesdays...) LANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I had the same problem one time. my ex-wife used my pickup one day and for whatever reason she took my 6hp outboard motor out of the truck and set it on the edge of the driveway. which just happened to be next to the trash cans. and it was trash collection day. You can guess the rest.


  9. ... old age, 'n apartment fever ?


  10. That garbage man needed a new rack and rear side door......the key was a bonus!

    All's well that ends well but you shouldn't have had to go through the hassle.

    Suzuki1400 02

  11. We have people ride around on garbage day pulling out all the scrap metal.

    Nick C2

    1. Same here. They do it all week long. You can set stuff out on the curb and most times it won't make it to sundown before it's gone. If they don't take it, you put a for sale sign on it and someone else will think they're stealing something worth money.


  12. Dumb garbage man? Don't think so, he got himself a new rack and side door w/ key. Dumb person who let it sit there while going into the house? Yep...........


    1. Your right, I was dumb... dumb for forgetting that the majority of people don't share my sense of respect and honour. Your right, he probably just stole it and I shouldn't have been so naive. Lesson learned.

      Either way, city hall agreed with me and voila, I have the money to buy something new for my bike! (Rest assured it wont ever leave my sight!) Thanks to everyone else for the support.

  13. Glad it all worked out ok.