Monday, July 2, 2012

DesTinaTion: South Korea - Food for the Seoul

I left the Republic of Ireland for the Seoul, South Korea in August 2005. It was literally a spontaenous decision that was precipitated by a need to see some place new. South Korea was a great experience for me personally. I was hired to teach at Kids College, in Insadong, Seoul over the telephone and within two weeks I was on a plane (paid for by the school) heading to Asia. I had never thought about doing this before and saw it as an affordable way to get to this part of the world without the strains of financial insecurity. With a well paying job waiting for me, Jennifer, my soon to be wife, accompanied me we got to share this incredible experience together. Although we inevitably moved to Jeju-Do to teach at Yale Foreign Language Academy we did enjoy our time very much in Seoul and it was amazing how warm and friendly Koreans were towards us. Seoul is definitely worth the trip if you haven't visited!

Corner Shops
Hidden Entrance
Funky Food Truck
My Beautiful Kitten
Free to Good Home...
The Orient Express
Walking the Line
The New Face of Addidas Korea
Sneaky Buggers Stole the Sphinx! 
If Pottery is Your Thing, it's Plentiful in Seoul!
Some of the Nicest Shops are in Seoul
Canadian Geese? ;-)
John Hancocks
Mmmm, girl spit. Yum!
Robbie the Photographer
Who does this Remind You of?
Korean Lanterns
Tea, Anybody?
Mid-Day Siesta
Jennifer Feeds Her Addiction
Single File Please
Supper for Two?

Water Lilies Beware

Privacy Please!
A Typical Korean Meal
Interior Garden
Bring Your Appetites!
We Were Married in South Korea!
Sara & Robbie
Our Witnesses to our Wedding!
Cheque Please!
Korean Traditional Dancing
Supper Show
Traditional Korean Clothing
Restaurant Bouncer
This a Lovely Tea Restaurant
Bedroom Eyes
So, a Canary, a Parrot and a Pigeon Walk up to a Bird Bath....
You Guys Act so high & Mighty...
Acquiring Target!
Hidden Corners 
Lighting the Way
Mummified Fish... No, Just Kidding!
On to the Next Adventure
I Swear, It was the Dog!
Former City Gate
Flower Market
Robbie, Myself & Sarah
Two Wheels
Artisan Market
Robbie Incognito
Gathering of the Seouls
Friends Forever
You Too Can Drink Tea Like Me!

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