Wednesday, July 25, 2012

For The Love Of 'Baby Hulk' - Murals By Mario RJ Corbin

Photo © UniqueSnOwFlake
Apparently nothing says "I love you" to your children like creating and painting several murals. For as long as I can remember I have been painting murals from time to time for various folks in and around Planet Earth. From Canada to Ireland and even South Korea, if I was working with children or making my own (with the help of my lovely wife Jennifer of course!) you can bet that a mural would soon follow. Recently my youngest son's day care, Garderie Espace Des Anges was interested in hiring someone to paint some murals for their brand new day care.  With forty-eight spaces still available for anyone interested in sending their children to a great and friendly bilingual daycare, I hoped that creating some interactive murals would help the lovely owners fill these spaces.

Admittedly, I had ulterior motives for volunteering my time and services. Recently my two-year old son has been having a difficult time in the mornings as he doesn't quite see our leaving him at daycare as a benefit to his growth and development. Rather, like many, if not most two year olds he feels abandoned and probably, being two years old, thinks we will never come back for him. What most people would call crying, I think of it as a tsunami of sorts. Unfortunately, despite his age Jasper has the strength of a five year old to back up his tropical tantrum as feet stomp, doors shudder and frankly its a wonder he doesn't turn green and burst out of his diaper! So knowing that I would be at the day care all day with my baby close by I had hoped it would help my son adjust to the day to day routines of daycare life.

An Aquarium to be Proud Of!
After Eighty-Seven hours spread out over the course of four (4) weeks I am happy to say that I have completed the majority of projects that the lovely owners at Garderie Espace Des Anges had hoped for. As for Jasper, I am delighted to report he no longer cries in the mornings when I or Jennifer bring him to his daycare in the mornings. Combined with my plan and the constant vigilance, love and adoration showered on all the children at Garderie Espace Des Anges, especially by Fatima and her husband - the owners, Jasper is now happy as can be each and every morning... so much so that now I get the stink eye for wanting to take him home! This is what I came up with for Garderie Espace Des Anges:

101 Dalmatians
Pongo and Children
The Three Stooges
Entrance Way is Littered with Dalmatians
A Dalmatian for Every Kind of Child...
Just Happy to Be Happy
Perdy Approves
There Be No Treasure Here Matey...
Everyone Loves to Play Captain
Personally I love Sunken Ships
Flounder Paying a Visit
Front View of Ship
Hall View
Admittedly I had my Doubts About Sea Horses
But It Came Out Just Fine!
Guess What Kind of Music I was Listening Too?!
Sebastien Leading the Way
Left View
Whale Room
Lightning McQueen Steals a few ideas from Finn McMissile!
Friends Can be All Shapes and Sizes
And Then He Said... Dude, Wow...
Gloria Gets in on the Action
Show Off...
Dolphin and Octopus Room
My Son, Joel Drew the two bottom Octopuses!
He is only 5 Years old!!
Anybody Wanna Kiss the Girl?
Ariel Attending a Bilingual School!
Marty Hanging Ten With Some Dolphins!
The Fish Room
Dora the Explorer Meets Denis, a Leary Fish... ;-)
Patrick Star Fish Meets His Favorite Cat...
Alex the Lion
You Can't have an Aquatic Theme
Without Spongebob and His Best Girl
Diego Gets in on the Action
A View of the Fish Room from the Whale Room
The Shark Room -
Tiger Sharks are Particularly Picky about who is Allowed in!
Even Sharks Make Bubbles...
My Lovely Wife, Jennifer, Painted the Purple Fish
If you ever Wondered what Sharks like to eat,
simply peek into its belly!
My Lovely Wife, Jennifer Painted the fish.
Shark's Thoughts?
"They Love Me, They Really Love Me..."
Hiding in his crate... Melvin the Coward...
Gloria Seems To Love His Electric Personality...
Through Children's Eyes....
Last Day...
If you or someone you know needs a mural done don't call me. Seriously, I love doing these things but I have reached my quota for the next ten years. They are fun to make and even more fun to share with people who appreciate it. However in a day and age where everything is either computer generated or mass produced not many people actually appreciate or understand just how much work goes into making these. I was lucky in that the owners of this daycare and the children especially 'got it', so to speak and for that I would do this a hundred times over for them. It also gave me an opportunity to see Jasper in action with other children in and around his own age. In all, a wonderful experience as much for me as I hope it was for the owners and many children to come throughout the years.

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  1. OMG mario! They sure have a lot of walls, lol! But you know that more than anyone, I'm sure. You did such a great job. They were so detailed and colorful!


    1. Cheers Darcy, much appreciated! Believe it or not, they still want some stuff done! I am officially in hiding now... ;-)

  2. Olivia and I love your sea turtle, you're really good. I didn't know that u painted...u have lots of talent.


  3. Hey Mario,

    I am totally blow away with your artistic talents, man, you are fantastic, thanks for sharing with all.


  4. Wow very very nice, Micheal Agelo!


  5. Mario, these are awesome...we need to talk...cheers


  6. tons of hard work and late nights, twelve hour days at times, glad that Mme Mural has returned my husband to me!

    1. Ah, thanks for your patience and support gorgeous... :-)

  7. Mario:

    If talent were rationed you would have to give up a ton of it!
    Ever think of doing a cartoon strip? You, your wife, and your son Joel couldn't help but make a success of it.:)


  8. Hello Mario,

    The murals are fantastic.Man when you do something you do it big style, full of energy and resourcefulness, and what a beautiful result. Your talents are there for all to see and I am sure they will appreciate them for years to come and at the same time be amazed, like I am, at how nice they are.I think the little kids that pass through
    the school will always remember them.

    Well done, Love, Chris

  9. They look great mario! You are very good! And I bet Jaspie did love having you at school with him!

    Jan xxx

  10. I think your murals are fantastic!! Where did you learn to do so much?

    Aunt Mary

  11. Very impressive. Nice work. I like it a lot.

    Steve D.

  12. Nice work!

    Although, I will admit, that blue octopus taken out of context kinda gave me the heebie-jeebies. Not creepy in the overall composition, but when I stumbled on it; puppy, puppy, puppy, GAH!


  13. Hi, Mario! this site shows you to be a great Dad; Cyclist and now, even artist!
    Enjoyed seeing it.........


  14. I checked out your link. I must say the murals are awesome! Well done.

    Debi C

  15. Merci beaucoup Mario, on ai fier d avoir un parent comme toi, c est un excellent travail que tu a fait dans notre garderie, t es un grand artiste

    Garderie Espace Des Anges

  16. I have scrolled through your artwork and found it to be quite amazing. You are a very talented person.


  17. Wow, your work is lovey. Vibrant and fun, our little ones would certainly relate to the themes.


  18. These are simply awesome Mario... such talent.