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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Holy Spandex Batman!

Foregoing any preconceptions some may associate with events such as Montreal's 2012 Comic Con, I decided to take the plunge finally and see for myself what the hype was all about! However, that being said, I wasn't willing to do so on my own... at first I tried to wrangle my oldest son to come with me but realistically speaking he wouldn't have had the patience or the courage to face the barrage of crowds and multitude of costumed vigilantes. The line alone to buy just my ticket today took no less than just over an hour! Than it occurred to me; why not try and get some students to come along?! I wrote and teach a course entitled, Consumerism, Leisure and Popular Culture and thought that this event would be a, ahem, 'super', way of introducing new topics in the near future. Comic Con has been gaining momentum in La Belle Province and this year they have featured special guests such as Adam Baldwin from the short lived but excellent television series Firefly, Saul Rubinek from the hit television show Warehouse 13 and Wil Wheaton from shows such as Star Trek The Next Generation and The Big Bang Theory! There are some other surprise names waiting for you below as I managed to capture a few pictures of them!

I won't deny that I was excited at taking the plunge and heading out to see for myself what all of the hype was about. The majority of my students on the other hand were not as keen! Fortunately, however, a motley crew of three decided to join me. To them I say thank you as it made the experience all the more fun. I took dozens upon dozens of pictures and I am sure you will all agree that in the end a picture's worth a thousand words....

Vendors, Guests and Undoubtedly Some Secretly Clad Celebrities
Were All Dressed Up!
Say Cheese!
Security This Year Was Somewhat Strict...
Just Because...
James Marsters
He is an actor, musician and apparently likes to pray for his fans...
that or he is praying that they don't jump over the table and sexually assault him? It happens, sadly, not to me though.
Reaching New Heights in Home Made Costumes
I Have Often Been Asked: Where's Luigi?
Had I Only Known... ;-)
Toys of All Shapes & Sizes Were For Sale

The Riddler Looks Unimpressed...
Books, Comics, and Then Some Abound in Each Row....
Skull Faced Man?
What Skull Faced Man?!
Um, Could you direct me to the exit please?
Unfortunately there were no G1 Optimus Prime I'm afraid...
Malcolm McDowell
From A Clockwork Orange to...well, about everything else
Mr. McDowell is also a connoisseur of scarves!
My Students,
Amber and Sophie ... Aspiring Vigilantes!
This nice lady was with her children and her husband
proving that even superheroes can juggle family life and work!
My Student...
and personal bodyguard... Cody.
Dr. What?
Never mind... stupid robot.
Starsky & Hutch's Ford Torino
Famously known for having its role as one of the coolest movie cars...
...and for being red with a white line along its sides.
Who Ya Gonna Call?
Apparently these guys make and sell these costumes...
Caption This! ;-)
You Will Sign Up To My Blog..
...and Send Me Money...
Cody's a tad possessive... who can blame him?!
The Mystery Machine...
A Long Time Actor Who Has Been Unfortunately Typecast-ed...
Famous Quote: "If the Wagon is a Shaking, Don't Come a Knocking..."
Comic Con is Alive and Well
The NRA Would Be Proud!
Hellboy? Who You Calling boy?
I want to go to there...
Me too kid, me too.
Laura Vandervoort
When not flying around over a small ville taunting her impotent cousin
Ms. Vandervoort can be found enjoying mud baths and mice on the mothership.
SteamPunk at its Most Distinguished.
Shits & Giggles for Everybody....
What Every Home Needs....
Doc Brown's Distant Cousin?
Brent Spiner
Known to most as Lt. Commander Data from Star Trek The Next Generation...
Also Known as the Human Vibrator.
No Comment!
Excuse Me,
Have You Seen Mr. Austin Powers?
Where the Magic really Happens!
Despite Popular Opinion,
Painting a Drawing Directly to Canvas is Not an Easy task...
I Just Love This!
Patrick Stewart
Also known as Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the U.S.S Enterprise,
and to others as Professor Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters;
Mr. Stewart also enjoys long walks along the beach, shakespear in the park and probably caviar. 
And You thought the Security Guards Were Scary...
Yarg... Me Hate Knots...
I Hate Zombies...
It's Hard to Eat on an Empty Stomach....
This Zombie Wasn't So Interested in Food...
She was Handing Out Pamphlets to L'Hotel 54.
The Phantom of The Opera
has taken up a night job and presently prowls the streets of Montreal.
When Reality Meets Fiction!
Hail Mary, Mother Of...
Star Trek...
Boldly Pushing Boundaries!
Beam Me Up Scotty!!!!
THE Batmobile
Perhaps one of the coolest versions of the Batmobile,
like Michael Keaton this fine looking car enjoys Beetle Juice,
long drives along the coast and was recently linked to such actors as
Daisy Dukes Jeep!
This is what happens when you do a half assed-job!
I FINALLY found my G1 Optimus Prime...
but I couldn't get the kid out of it! (sigh!)
When the hulk feels only 'slightly annoyed'....
Even Starfleet Personnel needs a break from the Enterprise every now and then.
There were so many more celebrities including William Shatner, Kevin SorboEddie McClintockAaron Ashmore, John de Lancie and Sam Witwer to name but just a few. However, seeing every single person in a span of three hours is impossible, especially when you consider the added costs involved. Comic Con took place over the course of four days and finishes tomorrow. Was it worth the $35.00 (at the door) ticket price? I'm not sure to be honest. The atmosphere was strange and not at all as I expected it to be. It felt like a strange mixture of a Marche Aux Puces (flea market) mixed with an odd assortment of celebrities thrown in for good measure. Add to that the eclectic transformations of fans and staff alike and I am on the fence about whether Comic Con should be charging admission at all. 

The moment you walk into the exhibition hall you feel overwhelmed by the amount of vendors present peddling and begging you to buy everything and anything. Yet, I was underwhelmed by the decorum and effort put into making the exhibition hall attractive in any way. Compared to the Montreal Auto Show for instance you can't help but wonder where your $35.00 went. I also found it disappointing that even getting to meet the stars involved ushers pointing us towards a ticket booth where you had to purchase the right to meet celebrities and receive their autographs. For instance, to get a proper picture of yourself with William Shatner would have cost $75.00! If we are paying for every single thing inside the event than admission should reflect that. However, seeing the excitement in my students eyes and those of the die hard fans all about made the experience worth it in the end.  


  1. That was great!


  2. Brent Spiner and Patrick Stewart were there?


  3. Looks really interesting, would have been a good laugh. The biggest question is.... did you dress up too?

  4. Absolutely great - gotta go see one some day ...

    Kenn (Skree)

  5. BSJ, Read your blog. Impressive indeed. Quite a time you seemed to have. Loved it for sure!


  6. Hi Everyone!

    Standing in line just to buy my ticket was as fun as the event itself! The costumes are really just amazing, pictures didn't do them justice!

    Thanks for checking this out!


  7. kind of makes me wish I was a super hero today...cool pictures...tks for sharing M...


  8. The gal in the Spidie outfit does it for me.


  9. Well done. Looking at the pictures I was also underwhelmed by the decor but loved the Spandex.

    I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say we miss your running commentary.

    I hope you've had the opportunity to ride and if not then remember it's important to keep the rubber side down.


  10. thanks for sharing