Thursday, January 10, 2013

DesTination: Blazing Trails

Ladakh 2010
Photo © Blazing Trails
Motorcycle Fever. It is contagious only to those without the means of accessing their ride in places where roads are impassable (or better yet, illegal to ride) during these frigid winter months in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. As Jack Frost wreaks havoc on us with record breaking snowfalls I find myself feeling trapped inside my skin. A burning sensation emits from every pore on my body and my thoughts seem to be forced in one direction: motorcycles. I whip my head around every now and then towards the direction of the sound of a big twin. It may be a passing motorcycle on television or simply my imagination playing tricks on me. Whatever the case may be I see that old familiar look on my wife's face as she groans and rolls her eyes, already in tune with what is happening to me. "Two more months..." she whispers sympathetically as she knows my mind is still on that one topic that consumes me after any length of time without my Serenity. Two more months before I can bring my bike out of storage and start commuting again with her. Two months too long if you ask me. However, some reprieve is at hand what with upcoming tributes to the God of Two Wheels such as Show Harley (January 2013) and the Montreal Motorcycle Show (February 2013). However, are motorcycle shows really enough? Many friends have started their road trips already by transporting their bikes state side. In other cases they have began planning their road trips as far away as September 2013. It got me thinking about one little jewel that may interest many of you!