Sunday, September 8, 2013

Coming of Age: A Biker is Born!

A Biker is Born!
"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..." Charles' Dickens famous quote from A Tale of Two Cities seems to sum up my relationship with Serenity fairly well. Whilst the Suzuki Intruder proved to be an exciting venture it came at a financial cost that inevitably I find myself rather not think about. Still, for those of you who have followed many of the modifications I have made to the bike over the years, the bike is a testament to its versatility as I made it my own. The temperamental Serenity, a name which in hindsight seems like an oxymoron now, had different ideas to me when it came to actually riding. Nevertheless, the few thousand miles we did manage to accomplish had its moments, albeit brief. That being said, however, I found myself longing for something more this summer. Pavement has started to lose its appeal as the windy dirt roads that seem predominant in the Eastern Townships have been calling out to me.

A fella all the way from Nunavut Canada has purchased her and will be collecting her later this September. Yes, I did say Nunavut! :-) I find myself actually envious of Serenity's future adventures! That being said, it also got me thinking about the kind of motorcycling I want to do in future. Going off the beaten path is becoming all the more appealing as I also find myself wanting to downsize even where engine capacity is concerned. The mentality that 'bigger is better' has worn thin and I find myself looking at motorcycles that are under the 1000 cc range. But that is a story for another day.

Starting Them Off Right...
As it stands, my boys and I spent one sunny Saturday afternoon in August washing and preparing Serenity for her imminent departure. It was also my oldest son's seventh birthday just around the corner and memories of my first ride crept up on me. I was actually younger than my son and recall only the feeling of terror and exhilaration as my mother's friend brought me for a spin on his Harley-Davidson chopper. I couldn't tell you what the guy's name was or even what kind of H-D he was riding; only that I nearly peed myself with excitement as he actually popped a wheelie with me on the back. It undoubtedly was responsible for my love of riding and equally, my dislike for riding bitch! :-p

The Boys Washing Serenity for the Last Time!
Spit Shining the Chrome Fishtail Pipes!
Wheelie's aside, my boys have always been around motorcycles but had yet to ride. My oldest son is finally tall enough to sit on the bike comfortably with his feet touching the pegs. Jennifer and I could see that for the first time as well he was wanting more than just to help wrench or wash the bike. He was eager to sit on it, to experience riding for himself. Many children in the Eastern Townships actually ride motocross. So it only seemed like the next logical step that he get to ride with me before we said one last farewell to Serenity.

Cementing His Love for Motorcycles! ;-)
Explaining the Do's & Don'ts of Riding Pillion!
Q & A
As my son settled onto the bike I could feel his arms tense up around my waist. The excitement in his voice was not unlike mine what seems now like another lifetime altogether. Reminders of how to lean in a turn were repeated as I assured my wife that I would only go up the street and back again. With the bike having been sold and not having a proper helmet for my son this was literally going to be short and sweet. Jennifer caught the event and my son's reaction on video with her cell phone; a Galaxy Samsung SIII.

True to form, my oldest son was hooked immediately and is already dreaming of the day when "daddy brings him to school on a motorcycle." My youngest son, on the other hand still has a way to go before he feels ready to join the club and remains, at least for now, as an honorary member in waiting. It's moments like this, however, that we remember for the rest of our lives. I am far from being a perfect father and find myself constantly reevaluating myself and how I am with my kids. Nevertheless, I am thankful for moments like this where my kids and I can share something in common that will hopefully see us through tougher times in the future. 

As for Serenity, well, suffice it to say my boys are sad to see her go as well. I would be lying if I didn't confess that a part of me was regretful of having sold it. Alas, a new chapter begins and with it new experiences...and motorcycles! ;-)


  1. Hi, and ‘Congratulations J” on your first motorcycle ride. I hope it was as exciting as you expected it to be!

  2. Great post!

    Being a dad is great!


    1. It is great but sadly I can't help but feel that they grow too quickly!

      Ah well, all the more reason to get them started young! Already have dreams of riding together as a pack when they are old enough to get their own scoots...

  3. Very cool, Mario!!


  4. Enjoyed your blog postings! you will have your hands full with those two....they reminded me of when my two boys were that small, time passes far too quickly.


    1. Sigh, don't I know it! I can't believe he is already seven! We also have a baby girl now who, despite being three months old is already wearing clothing meant for a six to twelve month old! gulp... At least their starting off right!

  5. Took my 7 yr old on his first ride last thursday. Only a few kms around town. Friday when I got home from work he was waiting in the driveway with jacket and helmet. With intercom hooked, he was more comfortable talking and we went for about 20kms.

    We're planning a camping trip in a couple weeks...


    1. That is Awesome...

      Doing something similar but local... on a TW200 no less. Post pics when you get the chance!!