Thursday, October 3, 2013

Project A-Team - Stage 1

A Biker is Born?
I am not going to lie to you. The days leading up to collecting the little Yamaha TW200 were fraught with self-doubt and uncertainty. I found myself contemplating cancelling the deal altogether at one point. The matter wasn't helped by the less than stellar service from Motos Illimitées. If it wasn't for the sales guy whom I purchased the bike from, Danny, I might have just been tempted to do just that. In the end, however, I found myself getting ready the other morning with tribulations and uncertainty over the purchase. A special thanks needs to go out to my friend and colleague, Veeresh, who kept his word and collected me to drive me the two hours to Montreal to collect the bike. He seemed incredulous at my uncertainty when we set off but I was never great at lying, so why bother trying. Instead, I found myself trying to remember all of the positive things I had read about the little bike via Adventure Rider and the TW200 forum. My 'mid-bike crisis' was either going to be a home run or a downright fail. My consolation being that at least I didn't spend that much on the bike and inevitably, I could probably just as easily resell it in the Eastern Townships where dual sport motorcycles are highly sought after.