Saturday, April 5, 2014

Look Mum, No hands!

As Close to Mine as I Can Recall!
Photo © jasonGT 
I remember going to Canadian Tire with my mother when I was around J's age. I remember vividly how the man who worked there told my mother that I should really get the 24 inch Diamond Back BMX. However, I was too afraid of the height. I could barely reach the floor with both feet. All I knew for certain was that I absolutely loved the 20 inch BMX I was sitting on instead. It was chrome with Mr. T inspired gold accents a la 80's. It was my first 'big boy' bike and it just felt right. "Are you sure?" my mother asked. I gripped the handlebars tightly, slightly fearful of being refused this guilty pleasure. Before long I found myself riding solo in and out of the streets of Verdun and there began my love affair with two wheels. If I have to explain you wouldn't understand. By the end of the summer of '85 I had outgrown my training wheels and had undertaken adventures that the Goonies would have been proud of!