Saturday, April 12, 2014

Bike & Tattoo Show 2014

Photo © Prosproduction
Need I Say More? ;-)
Warning: Picture Heavy!

Smile...It Makes Folks Wonder
What Your Up To! ;-)
As the ice begins to thaw that all too familiar sound of a v-twin begins to echo down the road as it's pistons create that unmistakable sound. It effortlessly falls in sync with my own heartbeat as I stare longingly at those lucky fuckers who are already out and riding their motorcycles as I dream of the day that I can get Mr. T finished and join them. Instead of sulking as I await the parts that have been ordered, I can at least look forward to the 16th annual Classic Bike & Tattoo Show that is taking place this weekend in Laval, Quebec. The show is a popular attraction for all sorts of bikers ranging from 1%'s to your typical 99%'s. It's easy to understand the attraction. Prosproduction boasts 160 booths, over 120 Harley-Davidson customized motorcycles and more than 100 tattoo artists working on site! There are also two dozen or so classic cars on site, Rockabilly live bands, a burlesque show and Pin -up Girl competition. Suffice it to say it's enough to put smile on anyone's face!

Something Old, Something new... Something Just For You?
Photo © Prosproduction
Grease Anyone?
Yamaha 650 Chop I believe...
Something For Everyone...
The Artist @ Work  
Can You Guess What This Is?
Who Needs A Fucking Prius!
Cafe Racers A La Triumph et La Harley-Davidson
Minimalist Approach To Racing!
Are YOU Looking At Me?
Photo © Prosproduction
The 70's & 80's Seem to be making a comeback...
Classy Ass If Ever I Saw One!
Straight From the Cat's Paw!
Avoid Speed Bumps At All Costs...
Staring Into The Abyss
Archie Would Be Proud...
I'll Take Two Please!
Photo © Prosproduction
Wish They Still Made These...
Driving Miss Daisy?
A Vendre...aka For Sale!
Hannan Customs Bicycles - Fuck Weight Watchers...
I can't decide whether this is ingenious or foolhardy...
but I want one regardless!
Photo © Prosproduction
Vote For Your Favorite!
Lucky 28 Designed By Harley-Davidson Laval
Butt Hurt... But Nice Nevertheless!
Leather Work Is Lovely...
Chucky's Ride
Star Of The Show!
If You Have To Ask...
Angels on Black
Look Closely...
Calling Bruce Wayne...
Love It...
Or Hate It...
You Can't Deny It's Well Done!
Cafe Bobber Meets Chopper?
Riddler Would Be Proud
Photo © Prosproduction
"Buy Me" They Whispered as I walked By....sigh.
'A' For Effort!
2014 Victory Highball
The Stuff of Nightmares...
Farscape Anyone?
Photo © Prosproduction
Oh La La...
Back for an Encore...
Yes Please...
Tank? I Don't Need No Stinking Tank...
The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of...
An Acquired Taste...
But Beautifully Executed!
Wouldn't Want to Drop The Soap
With This Thing Behind You!
Photo © Prosproduction
Two Predators Courting...
Pictured Above: Julio Mena of Mena Custom Cycles
The Attention to Detail Is Amazing!
Are You Thinking What I Am Thinking?
Built By Mr. Mena Over Four Years!
Asking Price: $50,000.00!
Worth Every Penny IMHO...
Photo © Prosproduction
I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Mena in person today and have to say that for a man who builds works of art, he is down to earth and happy to have a discussion with anyone who approaches him. The pictures fail to do his creation justice. However, suffice it to say, there are so many intricate details on his bike that it would take more than a simple afternoon to appreciate the subtle details that set this bike apart from all of the others at the show. Call me sentimental but his love of his work comes out in each and every bike that he makes. With several bands playing tonight and special guest Kim Coates (A.K.A. 'Tig' From Sons of Anarchy) making an appearance there is undoubtedly an unholy host of shits and giggles to tickle your fancy at the annual bike show. Be sure to also check out the official Bike & Tattoo Show's official Facebook Page as they may be coming to your city!


  1. Great post. Thanks. I enjoyed it. Can't do the tats of course, for religious reasons, but fun to look at.


  2. WOW ! Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet show.. Some of those girls look like they could hurt me......OMM.

    old mad max

  3. Cheers!

    BTW, I love the pin up girls. I think they are just so cool.

    She would kill me for posting this but Rhonda did a pinup picture for me. I told her she ought to enter the contests but she is too shy and would never do that.


    1. Great pics all. Your girl has nothing to be embarrassed about Frank. Course I haven't officially met you, so there's time!


  4. great pictures


  5. And I bet the bikes are nice to see too. Lol

    Where is it being held and will you be going? Just noticed it was this weekend. I would have been interested in seeing that. Maybe next year.


  6. Really Nice Photos, I'm glad you went. I was in Ottawa and couldn't make it. Your photos help speed up this slow moving spring we are having.
    Cheers, Brian

    1. Hey, good to hear from you! This has definitely been a long winter. Ride Safe and hope to see some of your own pics up soon!

  7. Not a big "Tat" fan, especially on Women{although My 2 Aunts, RIP} had several they got back in the WWII days of Sailors, Flags and such...these days most women{not all} with major tats are overweight, lily white, and would have to have a man sneek up on them, mostly posted on fat unatractive legs, and you look at them at Wal~Mart and think...WTF are they thinking?

    But different strokes....I do however like the Blog's background style...wonder where he got that?


    ___prh...a day in the life....