Exploring the Unknown

Exploring the Unknown

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

At a Glance: BRP Can-Am Spyder

Since last ensnared in Can-Am's Spyder's Web I am sorry to report that they still have yet to clear up any confusion with regards to licensing requirements. It is true, on the one hand they now state that you cannot use one of their machines to take your motorcycle test. However, they do falsely lead you to believe that you too can ride a Can-Am Spyder without a motorcycle license in Quebec. Which leads me to ponder just how overpaid the folks at BRP actually are given that this is complete and utterly untrue!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Project A-Team - Stage 2: "Quit Your Jibba Jabba!"

Photo © Vinmag.com
Where to begin? Since stage one was completed back in October 2013 the best laid plans have been laid to waste as I have found myself unable to work as much on my TW200 as I would have liked. In fact, it would be fair to say that I was physically unable to do so for several months in lieu of a back injury. I know, I know... quit my "jibba jabba" and get on with it. So let's look over what has been done to my bike since then. Suffice it to say the bike has gone through a bit of an identity crisis. I originally started off with the idea of turning the bike into a brat style street bike not unlike what the TW Bastards do so well but obviously without the same skills or attention to details that they have become renowned for. (I know my limitations) There are also ton's of great ideas via the TW200Forum that explores making these bikes into mini adventure tourers. An after thought that came to mind when I decided that I wanted to in fact undertake some road trips. However, though I cannot speak for other TW200's I am sorry to say my little purchase would likely need a complete mechanical overhaul before that could ever happen as it has yet to reach 60 miles per hour (100kph)! Presently, I am at the point where I decided to make a hybrid of sorts due to some extenuating circumstances...

Monday, June 9, 2014

DesTination: Johnville Bog & Forest Park

Truffula Trees?
For those of you looking to explore the roads less traveled than perhaps a trip to Johnville's Bog & Forest Park located in Cookshire-Eaton (Johnville), Quebec, Canada is just what you might be looking for. The Eastern Townships is a beautiful place to travel through by motorcycle and amongst many of the attractions is this superb piece of protected land that once catered to Lennoxville as the sole source for its water. Admittedly, however, despite seeing several motorcycles propped up on their side stands at the front entrance, I had arrived on bus. That is, by school bus. My son's grade two teacher organized a field trip. It's a great place to stop and enjoy a bit of nature the way it was meant to be enjoyed. There are several picnic tables scattered within and around parts of the park including next to a "kettle" - a natural phenomenon that occurs when the glacier that stood tall once over this area broke apart and became trapped forming what we think of as a lake or pond.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

At a Glance: 2014 Suzuki GW250

The Future is Looking Bright...
2014 Suzuki GW250
Suzuki only recently closed its doors to Canadian consumers this year, at least, where their automobile division is concerned. According to the Globe & Mail (2013) "The trigger for Suzuki’s move out of Canada – although it will still sell motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles and marine products – was the U.S. Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing by its sister company, American Suzuki Motor Corp., last November." Truthfully, I wasn't surprised. With Honda and Toyota providing better quality vehicles I found myself underwhelmed by the majority of their products. Even Hyundai has stepped up considerably in the last four years. Though, I still wouldn't buy one personally. When it comes to motorcycles, however, Suzuki seems to be holding its own. There is a loyal following and admittedly, even I can't help be drawn to some of their more striking motorcycles such as the Boulevard M109R B.O.S.S. However, bigger isn't necessarily better as proven by Suzuki's GW250.  Introduced to North Americans in 2013 and with an MRSP of just $3, 999.00 Cdn. (not including freight, etc...) what we have here is a lovely little entry level standard bike for beginners and experienced riders alike.