Monday, June 9, 2014

DesTination: Johnville Bog & Forest Park

Truffula Trees?
For those of you looking to explore the roads less traveled than perhaps a trip to Johnville's Bog & Forest Park located in Cookshire-Eaton (Johnville), Quebec, Canada is just what you might be looking for. The Eastern Townships is a beautiful place to travel through by motorcycle and amongst many of the attractions is this superb piece of protected land that once catered to Lennoxville as the sole source for its water. Admittedly, however, despite seeing several motorcycles propped up on their side stands at the front entrance, I had arrived on bus. That is, by school bus. My son's grade two teacher organized a field trip. It's a great place to stop and enjoy a bit of nature the way it was meant to be enjoyed. There are several picnic tables scattered within and around parts of the park including next to a "kettle" - a natural phenomenon that occurs when the glacier that stood tall once over this area broke apart and became trapped forming what we think of as a lake or pond.

Into the Unknown...
Teachable Moments...
Remnants of an Ice Age...
Butterflies, Bumblebees & Spiders... Oh My!
Balai de Sorcière
(Witches Broom)
Where The Wild Things Are
Towards the Bog
Pick Me...
Fallen Loved Ones
Life Will Always Persevere
The Bog
A Little to the left
Just Hanging Around
Lunch, Anyone?
Alex the Lion?
A Little to the Right...
A Lovely Larch
Anyone Home?
The Itsy Bitsy Spider
Lady Slippers -
Apparently this little Flower is on the Endangered List
The Kettle
Oy Vay!
A Beautiful Day
Other activities included a session of catching (and later releasing) various insects and arachnids. There was also a small talk given to the kids about the animals that could be found at the park and inevitably skulls and furs were on display for all to see in awe (or horror depending on your demeanor). Despite the many rules that can be found at the park it is nevertheless a great spot for those wanting to do something more than just play video games with their kids or have the television set babysit them. During the winter months there is also snow shoeing, cross country skiing and other related activities for families and friends. For those of you wandering around aimlessly on your motorcycles this summer it's a perfect opportunity to take a moment and enjoy some of the peace and quiet that is becoming harder to find each day. Just do yourself a favor when you get there and leave the cell phone with the bike. The world as you know it will still be there when you get back.


  1. I always enjoy reading your blog. Very nicely done.

    Good write up for the Johnville Bog trip. Bet you enjoyed the peace & serenity of going with your son's class on the field trip.

    Thanks for all the pics & the write up.


    1. Yeah, that's the beauty of heading there by bike, only one kid to think about! :naughty;

      My only consolation is that the mosquitoes took care of the more troublesome children... :wink;

      Thanks for the kind words, much appreciated.


  2. BSJ --- You R Da Man!!! Gonna C U this summer?? 9 Jul leave for PBNY!