Thursday, August 7, 2014

At a Glance: 2014 Yamaha Stryker - Hoppy's Last Hurrah

A Very Happy Hoppy
& His 2014 Yamaha Stryker
Mr. Hopkins, aka "Hoppy", strikes me as the kind of man that Johnny Cash would have enjoyed having a drink with. 60 years younger than most thirty-somethings I have met over the years, Hoppy is nothing if not pragmatic about life. Cut from a different cloth altogether his weathered pony tail, 70's chic glasses and worn brown leather jacket tell a tale of a time when men were men and terms like metrosexual, a la Justin Bieber, didn't exist in the English vocabulary. I first met Hoppy at Sur2Roues motorcycle school where he decided to return from a long hiatus from motorcycling. "Being of sound mind with a body that has bin bent, twisted, broke, stitched up, these injuries are all coming back to haunt me. Enjoyment  of physical things done over the years are fast coming to a end. Now I  thought long and hard as to what I could do to put some spice back into  life. The answer came to me with the ice storm of 2013 and a 42 year old plantation flattened MONEY to be made." - Hoppy Cue the 2014 Yamaha Stryker & over ten thousand kilometers later...