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Exploring the Unknown
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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Who's There? North Americas Most Audacious Riding Roads By Dewayne Jasper of Motorcycle House

All Words & Photos © Dewayne Jasper
As motorcycle owners, it goes without saying that we as a global community share a deep passion for adventure and the kind of life-size turbulence which can only be found through our pursuit. Men and women world-over all have their own reasons for, first off, investing in a bike in the first place, and secondly for showering it with as much love and care as we tend to (or at least should). If you haven’t already, you will at some point (hopefully very soon) one day decide that it’s time to escape the rat race, at least for a little while, and head out on the open road with the sole intention of taking in some of the many, many breath-taking sights, smells and experiences our vast and untameable continent offers to us all. The truth is there is absolutely no better way of seeing the beauty of North America than atop an open vehicle.

Once upon a time the vehicle of choice had four legs and a tail- nowadays it’s the slightly speedier motorcycle. So pack up those hard saddlebags of yours with the essentials and let us begin our adventure together…

If You're Looking for Trouble…?!

Memphis, Tennessee - New Orleans, Louisiana 

Taking you right alongside the banks of the world famous (and rightly so) Mississippi River, the ride from Memphis, Tennessee to New Orleans Louisiana is like a trip through time. Following the story of all-American Rock N’ Roll from its blues-obsessed heartland in the Mississippi Delta all the way through to the real deep south, strap on those heeled motorcycle boots and get ready for a perspective shattering journey. With the essence of blues, jazz, soul and of course rock music all but unavoidable on this route, it is a real must for all of you music lovers out there. The food isn’t so bad either!

Wild Hogs!

While it’s inevitable that you will be completely beat by the time you make NOLA, is there anywhere on earth more suited to recharging your battery than the ‘Big Easy’?

Hot Springs, Arkansas – Eureka Springs, Arkansas 

Far too many people fail to realize the extreme beauty there is to be found in Arkansas. Until you've seen the Ozarks -- the rich greenery, tiny scenic highways, hot springs, sudden stark cliff faces, challenging switchbacks and open roads – it’s easy to sweep the state under the rug as a non-vital destination for you and the hog. The route in questions takes riders past the Ouachita National Forest, an area known for its untouched, raw and limitless beauty, hot springs and vast choice of top quality dining facilities. Across mountain ranges you will traverse and through hilly green country you will pass until you reach one of finest and largely undiscovered true American resort towns. Eureka!

Las Vegas, Nevada – Yosemite National Park, California  

The ride from Las Vegas, Nev., to Yosemite National Park, Calif., will see you pass through the infamous Death Valley region, which is of course synonymous with motorcycle culture- as well as Lone Pine, Bishop, Yosemite proper and Lee Vining. What better way to celebrate and recover from a wild time spent in Viva Las Vegas than a swift and striking trip across the haunting beauty of Death Valley? Concluding in one of Americas; no, one of the world’s most stunning national parks: Yosemite, with its unparalleled beauty and views, this trip is largely unmatched in terms of visual diversity and year-round relevance. As a standard test of spirit, the run from Vegas-Death Valley is widely known as one that will separate the dogs from the pups -- but Yosemite, or even a cheeky detour to Lake Tahoe, is surely the perfect recompense!

The Smile Says It All!

Livingston, Montana – Jackson, Wyoming 

An increasingly rare treat of a route in the sense that it is largely without the clutter and distraction of billboards or adverse traffic, the road from Livingston, Montana to Jackson, Wyoming is pure bliss incarnate. Surely you’ve heard of, and more than likely indulged in the practice of, taking a light ride to clear the head? Well, taking on this route may just find you forgetting yourself entirely. Cruiser bike helmets at the ready, prepare to take in the humbling sites of both the Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. Juxtaposing mountain ranges with glacial lakes and unspoiled meadows, a journey down this route will remind you of the true size and splendour of America.

St Augustine, Florida – Charleston, South Carolina  

Perhaps the most universally attractive feature of this ride is the fact that is passes through the motorcycling haven that is Daytona Beach. If this isn’t enough to get you screeching towards the South East however, then how do the best mint juleps the world has to offer sound? Or perhaps the intrigue offered by the endless antebellum plantation houses and Spanish forts? The Atlantic South really is one of our nation’s most understated yet utterly sensational regions. This route will see you riding the entire coastline of Georgia, a state famous for its ties with modern motorcycling and the adjoined culture. Timing your trip right could even see you roll into either one (or both?!) of the world’s most coveted bike rallies; namely Daytona and Myrtle Beach.

A Couple Who Rides Together Stays Together!
About the Author: Dewayne Jasper is a marketing manager for Motorcycle House and has been riding for over 6 years. His bike of choice? A Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R!  His motorcycle luggage of choice? Viking Bags! (see below) Follow him on Facebook and Twitter and learn more about his ride outs and more!

How To Choose Motorcycle Saddlebags Infographic
Infographic credit: Vikingbags.com

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