Thursday, December 31, 2015

In Motocicletta Sulle Dolomiti By Mondial Film

"A group of enthusiastic motorcyclists in Vienna in 1926 decided to make a film about the Dolomites. After an initial inspection of the shipment is carefully prepared, but mishaps, accidents, delays, lawsuits and bureaucratic obstacles in the cast delay the start of filming. Reduced by technical means, in just two weeks, the cast makes the film an extraordinary trip to the Dolomites. They climb on a motorcycle Tofane reaching Rifugio Cantore at 2588 m above sea level. Shooting of mountain and passion for motors come together in this sports documentary and quality issues, and represents a unique era in sports filmmaking. The star of the film are the bikes, which are present in almost all the shots, and alpine landscapes that captivate the audience as actors." - Ripartizione Cultura Italiana

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Where Does The Triumph Rocket III Come From? Directed By Matt Golding

Where Does The Triumph Rocket III Come From? 
By Triumph

In 2004 The Triumph Rocket III was unleashed and with it one of the best motorcycle commercials ever!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

A Short Review of a Short Book: Richard Georgiou's (How Not To Do) A Lap of Ireland: Mud, Sweat and Tears

"I suppose this small book is about me getting the 'motorbike adventure' bug, passing my motorbike test and going on a trip to Ireland. It's also about how not to do a trip to Ireland. My propensity for disaster sometimes overwhelms me; however, the places I get to see and the experiences I'm left with are nothing short of life changing. I've decided to give this book away for free for two reasons, the first is that it's short, the second is that I hope you'll like my writing and travelling style and will then buy my "One Man on a Bike" book."

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

1910 Harley Davidson Belt Drive Single at Motorcyclepedia Museum With Bruce Linsday

"Check out Bruce Lindsey driving this 1910 Harley-Davidson. This beautifully restored Harley is one of their first real production models. Thanks again for the great work on this one, Bruce Linsday. Come visit us to see this motorcycle on display!" - Motorcyclepedia Museum

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Photographic History of the Lincoln Police Department Motorcycle Unit: 100 Years 1911 to 2011

Copyright © Lincoln Police Department 2011

A glimpse into the Photographic History of the Lincoln Police Department Motorcycle Unit. Little did Chief James Malone know that when he proposed the idea of a motorcycle officer in 1910 to catch speeders that he would be contributing to an illustrious piece of motorcycle history. Chock full of articles and photographs this is a testament to the versatility of not only the motorcycles but the police officers who rode them.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Look At Life: Scrambling For It By The Rank Organization

Look At Life: Scrambling For It 
By The Rank Organization

Narrated By Eamonn Andrews, this short video looks at the history of scrambling including the actual building of these now classic motorcycles. With new iterations of the Scrambler being made today by Ducati, Triumph and Moto Guzzi one merely need watch this to remember that bikes don't have to be KTMs or Africa Twins to be fun! 

copyright © The Rank Organization 1966

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Motorcycle as a Cultural Icon By Cordell Drew

Photo @ The Bike Shed
Motorcycles have been part of popular culture for many years. Though many have ridden them, others who haven't have commented both positively and negatively about bikers and motorcycle culture as perceived by society. Mainstream media has created an image of motorcycle culture that is both derogatory yet mystified. Motorcycles in advertisements, like shown in Harley-Davidson commercials, capture the spirit of the 99%'ers even if Harley-Davidson motorcycles itself are often representative of 1%'er gangs. I think that the sanitized version of motorcycling encourages society and some governments, with the exception of Quebec, Canada, to put less emphasis on destroying that culture, as it is not at all what it used to be.  Motorcycles are considered an art to some, as a cultural artifact too many and as governmental culture still to others.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Motoblogn Presents - Motorcycle Gang (1957)

"A cast of B-movies greats rounds out this story of a troubled teen who discovers his old motorcycle gang is being led by a goody-goody with a different set of rules and a hot moll he definitely doesn’t deserve." - AMC

The Wheelie King: Doug Domokos Wheelies on Lombard Street!

The Wheelie King: 
Doug Domokos Wheelies on Lombard Street!

"Doug Domokos was better known to his legion of fans as "The Wheelie King." Domokos' uncanny ability to balance and ride a motorcycle on its rear wheel, and his natural showmanship, earned him a worldwide reputation as one of the premier motorcycle performers of the 1980s and ‘90s and landed him in the Guinness Book of World Records." - AMA

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I Spy... The Fastest Ambulance? A Motorcycle! By Eli Beer

"As a young EMT on a Jerusalem ambulance, Eli Beer realized that, stuck in brutal urban traffic, they often arrived too late to help. So he organized a group of volunteer EMTs — many on foot — ready to drop everything and dash to save lives in their neighborhood. Today, United Hatzlah uses a smartphone app and a fleet of “ambucycles” to help nearby patients until an ambulance arrives. With an average response time of 3 minutes, last year, they treated 207,000 people in Israel. And the idea is going global". - TED

Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Story of Seventies Superbikes By Brightside Media

"A review of the milestone Japanese Superbikes of the 1970s.  Part of a feature for Classic Bike Magazine, John Naish tells the story from behind the handlebars of the era’s legendary bikes: the Honda CB750, Honda 500 Four, Kawasaki H2 750, Kawasaki Z1, Suzuki GT750, Honda GoldWing, Suzuki GS1000 and Honda CBX." -Brightside Media

Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Man Who Designs Moto Guzzis With Jamie Robinson

"As the Vice President of Design for the Piaggio Group, Miguel Galluzzi has been tasked with re-inventing the oldest continuously operating motorcycle company in the world — Italy's Moto Guzzi. But how do you take a brand with a huge history and a thin present into the 21st century? Luckily, it's not the first time Galluzzi has been faced with such a monumental task, back in the early '90s he envisioned a future not just for Ducati, but for practical fun motorcycles as a whole when he conjured up a little bike known as the Monster." - Ride Apart

Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Return of the Bangladeshi and his 1976 Harley-Davidson Shovelhead

Pic © Ruptanu
It's hard to believe that it's been three years since Ruptanu and I were looking for the gas cap that had fallen off his newly acquired 1976 Harley-Davidson Shovelhead on some random street in Montreal. We had just picked up the bike and like any biker who has bought a bike, any bike, new or old, he was grinning from ear to ear the whole time despite some of the more obvious and immediate issues plaguing his then thirty-four year old motorcycle. As it would turn out, Is it Just Me or Did My Gas Cap Fly Off? was just the beginning of their relationship. A relationship perhaps best described by Charles Dickens who begins a Tale of Two Cities (1859) with... " It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...."

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Cafe Racer - Tunnel of Love Starring Tamara Beckwith & Edward Tudor Pole

Cafe Racer: The Movie - Tunnel of Love

"This 12 minute short film has no spoken dialog, instead it employs clever visual cues to tell a story. It takes place in London and follows a leather clad racer on his 1968 Norton Commando (I may be wrong about the year, I’ll wait for the abusive comments below from the Nortonphiles if I am)." Silodrom - Gasoline Culture.

Video © Triumph Corporation Limited & Portobello Road Films Production (1997?)

Thursday, September 24, 2015

203 Days, 4 Hours & 3 Minutes To Go Until Bella Comes Home!

Never Touch Another Man's Bike! ;-)
Today was a good day. It was the day I got to see Bella before she was put into storage. The next 203 Days, 4 Hours & 3 Minutes until Bella comes home with me from Rock Moto Sport will be long to say the least. I'll have to settle for these pictures until then!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Meet Bella - My Moto Guzzi V7 Racer!

Ah, Molto Bella!
Choosing Mr. T's Replacement can only be described as a lifetime of waiting as I finally came to an important decision today. I put a down payment on a bike that I had given up on ever buying because frankly, at its regular price, it was out of reach. Even more so, had you asked me after selling The WidowMaker if I would ever own a Moto Guzzi again I would have said probably not. However, Piaggio has helped Moto Guzzi come a long way and the V7 range is no exception. It shares the same bullet proof 750 transverse V-Twin as my former Nevada, but has been upgraded with over 70% new components since 2013. Moto Guzzi has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity over the last decade. Add to the fact that thanks to Moto Guzzi's new lineup of V7II's to hit dealerships in the next few months, they discounted their present lineup and voila, you are now looking at the very excited and very proud owner of a Moto Guzzi V7 Racer whom I believe I shall aptly name Bella. Don't take my word for it, just ask Jamie Robinson...

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Built Like a Bullet, Made Like a Gun - A Brief History of Royal Enfield Motorcycles

Built Like a Bullet, Made Like a Gun - 
A Brief History of Royal Enfield Motorcycles

A Short Jaunt on a Motorcycle Through Dublin, Ireland in 1921

Irish Destiny by Dr. Issac Eppel (1921)

"A scene from the feature film Irish Destiny, made by Dr Issac Eppel to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the 1916 Rising. The film was believed lost until the 1990s when the IFI Irish Film Archive found a badly deteriorated copy in the Library of Congress. It was repatriated and restored and later released on DVD with a new score by Mícheal Ó Súilleabhain , recorded by the RTE concert orchestra."  - Photos of Dublin

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Indian Enfields Vs. Enfield Indians

1956 Indian Trailblazer
(Rebadged Royal Enfield Meteor 700cc)

Believe it or not, at one time Royal Enfields' were once upon a time rebadged as Indian Motorcycles. Between 1955 through to 1960 Royal Enfields' were imported into the United States in an attempt to compete with popular British singles. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Indian PowerPlus Triumphs at Beverley Hills Speedway Silent Film (1921)

"12,000 Californians thrilled when daring riders pace fastest track in the world with terrific speed." A gem of a film that is nothing if not a time capsule into the roaring twenties and the hey day for Indian motorcycles. This silent film has several highlights including some commentary (on cue cards) about the races themselves. Worth every second!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Beware of BullShit Dealership Fees!

Would You Buy A Bike Out Of State/Country?
Picture © Ducati Austen

Having only ever purchased a new bike once before (Betty-Ann), it was in Ireland and like most EU countries, there are rarely any "hidden fees" behind the purchase price. The price you see is the price you pay for the most part. It's a nice set up, something that I miss actually as I find the prices, taxes, dealership fees for shipping, preparation and the so called "documentation" fee all just overwhelming when shopping in Quebec, Canada. Lets be frank, in most cases we feel like we are being ripped off. But are we really? What is actually involved in setting up a bike for a customer for dealerships and should we be paying anything, if at all?! Ducati Austin in Texas, U.S. of A. highlights what is involved. They recently posted two videos via the Scrambler Ducati Forum specifically addressing the unboxing and pr-delivery set up of a Scrambler Ducati Urban Enduro.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Scramblers in the Rockies By On Two Wheels

Scramblers in the Rockies
"Before there were ADV bikes, enduros, or even dirt bikes, there were Scramblers. Simple, versatile bikes that you rode everywhere, including off road. Because both Ducati and Triumph have revived the Scrambler moniker, we thought it would be a good idea to revisit those days of yore and see what happens when street bikes are taken off road." - On Two Wheels
See Below for Pictures

Museum or Showroom? Royal Enfield's 2nd London Store Launch in Mictham, London.

Mitcham, London
I have a deep love affair with Royal Enfield. Since selling Betty-Ann before moving back to Canada, I have toyed with the idea of buying one again. However, criminally high registrations costs for motorcycles above 400cc in Quebec and the high cost of the machine itself in North America often leaves me feeling cold. However, as Sabya Sachi Ghosh has shown us, these bikes are mighty impressive be it riding down a boulevard or climbing the Himalayas. Whatever your take on Royal Enfield, there is no denying that it is still one of the most authentic riding experiences you can hope to have on a new motorcycle today.  Adding to the mystique and authenticity of the brand is a new approach to showrooms. Recently, Royal Enfield U.K. opened a new store in Mitcham, London. The result is something special... 

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Meet Gloria - My Cigar Box Guitar (CBG)!

CBG (With Frets) Demo By Darren Brown

Despite arriving on Monday, I was only able to pick up my lovely cigar box guitar today from Darren Brown of DB Custom Cigar Box Guitars. It was like christmas had come early this year and before long, like an overzealous kid, I had played so loudly (and so badly) that I accidentally broke a guitar string! Nothing a quick trip to Archambault couldn't fix.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Who's Your Daddy? The Joys and Tribulations of Fatherhood in the 21st Century

It was January 2006 when my wife, Jennifer, and I learned that we were pregnant and going to have our first child together. We were living in the Republic of Korea at the time on Jeju-do, otherwise known as Honeymoon Island. Ironically, we had gotten engaged Christmas day, just two weeks prior to our discovery and needless to say we were feeling overwhelmed. We had spoken about having children and in every way possible I knew in my heart that Jennifer was the one. Still, as confident as I was in my ability to be a good husband I was not so confident in regards to becoming a father. Fatherhood is something of an enigma to me. Despite having worked with children and adolescents in the past nothing quite prepares you for the inevitable tasks that lay ahead when your own child is born into the world. Adding to matters, we left Korea in April to return to the Republic of Ireland, a place that had been home to Jennifer and her immediate family since 1998 when they immigrated there from Zimbabwe. We decided it was the best thing given that her family was there but I would be lying if I didn't confess that I had some reservations about returning to Ireland myself. 

I Spy...

(Pic: Jennifer A. Fawcett)
Pictures represent so much more than a moment in time. They allow us to relive in our hearts and minds a moment in our life. They remind us that with every new day comes the opportunity for new memories. Over the course of the last few years Jennifer and I have accumulated a variety of pictures of our travels around the world. It's amazing really because technology has allowed us to bring our pictures with us wherever our travels have taken us. Unfortunately, technology has also allowed for many of our cherished memories to be forgotten about. Feel free to use any of the pictures you see. However, all I ask is that you credit me or the relevant author of the picture. Unless otherwise stated, all pictures were taken by myself. The following pictures were taken in Jeju-do (Honeymoon Island) in 2005-2006 whilst Jennifer and I were living there teaching ESL.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Look, Signal, Manoeuvre (1965). A Motorcycle Safety Film Produced By The British Pathe

Look, Signal, Manoeuvre (1965)
Produced By The British Pathe

Another fun vintage video espousing the virtues of motorcycle safety in a bygone era. The difference between responsible motorcyclists and jackasses on two wheels (yes, they existed back then too!) are explored! Rare to see, but you do get to see a proper Matchless thumper in action as hand signals are reinforced during a time where indicators did not exist on motorcycles in London. Enjoy a step back into time when classics could be had for less than a fraction of today's costs.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Honda CB500X - RR Vs. The Trans-America Trail (TAT) With Jenny Morgan (& Piglet)!

Jenny Morgan and the Honda CB500X Adventure in Death Valley
Jenny Morgan (and Piglet) recently completed the Trans America Trail (TAT) on a Honda CB500X. It's an excellent read for anyone contemplating not only this bike as their next motorcycle but as well for anyone curious about taking on the TAT themselves! Granted, the CB500X was equipped with Rally Raid's Level 3 Kit. Nevertheless, for $2,500 USD via Giant Loop, it's an upgrade that has turned an otherwise 80/20 (street/off-road) adventure tourer into what Jenny herself confidently claims to be a true 50/50 motorcycle! Below are some picture highlights from Jenny & Piglet's trip.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Honda CB500X Rally Raid Level 3 Kit & Accessories Review and Installation By Jenny Morgan and Blancolirio Part 2

Picture © Rally Raid
In part 2 we get first hand insights into the longevity of Rally Raid's kit and accessories including ease of installation. Although Rally Raid's kits and accessories come with comprehensive online installation instructions, Blancolirio has kindly created several instructional videos on how to install said accessories and level 3 kit. Having travelled with said upgrades, Jenny Morgan also shares her thoughts on how the Rally Raid products held up n the wild during her adventure through the Trans America Trail (TAT). Inevitably, for anyone who has ever wanted to work on their own bike but was too afraid to try, don't be. Rally Raid has made an approachable product not unlike Blue Collar Bobbers.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Honda CB500X Review With Special Guests Jenny Morgan and Blancolirio Part 1

Pretty Birdie...Picture © Honda
Choosing Mr. T's replacement has been nothing if not an adventure in itself. Inevitably, I have had to expand on my list of choices including but not limited to a bike that wasn't even on my radar, let alone my initial list. I happened across the Honda CB500X by chance because I was reading about the new Africa Twin. The latter had peeked my interest largely in part of the fun I had with Mr. T. However, the Honda CB500X has to be one of the most underrated motorcycles I have ever come across and is a great way to get into the adventure cycling at a quarter of the cost of your typical BMW GS Adventure. Couple that with a Rally Raid Adventure Kit & Accessories and what you have here ladies and gentleman are endless opportunities. Cheap, lightweight and affordable with the reliability that only few manufacturers, like Honda, can provide. How can I go wrong?

"Cycle Logic, Cycle Safety" (1967) Educational Film By US Air Force

Another fun vintage video espousing the virtues of motorcycle safety in a bygone era. Many of the tips are still relevant today. An interesting feature of this particular film is that it speaks of the riders responsibility to plan, prepare and anticipate whilst riding. Thus demonstrating that motorcycling itself is not dangerous but rather, lack of attention whilst riding can be!

Friday, July 24, 2015

To Buy or Not To Buy? 2016 Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin Officially Released!

Gotta Love That Face!
I have to admit, I really became swept up in the Honda Africa Twin craze, so much so that I found myself toying with the idea that maybe I'd just go down and put a deposit on one. I know, crazy... right?! Speculation has been immeasurable to say the least with phrases like "game changer" being thrown around more often than I can count. Add to the hype accidental (yeah, right) leaks, and people have been frustrated as nothing had been confirmed... that is until today. Honda has decided to finally release the official specs of the new Africa Twin. Already, I can see folks are bitter having created nothing less than a motorcycle akin to a Unicorn in their minds when in fact, the reality is nothing more than your typical Clydesdale. Not that there is anything wrong with Clydesdales of course.

DesTination: Upper Canada Village

RCAF in Cornwall, Ontario
"A visit to Upper Canada Village immerses you back in a time when it seemed to be more about making than doing; making things that could have just been functional as beautiful as possible, and finding beauty in function. Making a life settled quietly and comfortably in a natural surrounding, surrounded by warm light and soft colours. The furniture is smaller, the rooms seemed just the right size to me. I'm not immune to the comforts and advances of modern life, but sometimes, don't you get the's this. This is what it's supposed to be like. This is the size of life that would fit me." - Jennifer A. Corbin

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

2016 Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin Episode 6 - The Meeting: Part 2

Honda Motorcycles Europe has FINALLY released episode 6 of their campaign for the soon to be released 2016 Honda Africa Twin. What makes this video more tolerable than their previous instalments is that now you can view the actual bike in motion, looking great I might add, and performing like a rock star. Actual Pictures of the bike in use can be found here...

Meet The New YAMAHA XSR700 Inspired By Shinya Kimura

When Shinya Kimura of Faster Sons fame introduced a Yamaha FZ/MT 07 Cafe Racer concept I'll admit, I wasn't sure of what or when to expect a production ready model from yamaha. Upon its release, the FZ /MT 07 in many ways outshines it's older brother, the FZ/MT 09 since its release. Other than its wallet friendly price point (Retails in Canada for $7,300) and sans difficulties that the 09 experienced in its first year of production (which has been addressed by Yamaha and no longer plagues newer models) it seems logical that Yamaha would try to capitalize on this platform further. Like the Yamaha FJ 09/Tracer (based on the FZ/MT 09) Yamaha is also planning on releasing the FJ 07/Tracer (based on the FZ 07). The after looks disappointedly like every other sport tourer on the market. However, If the release of the all new Yamaha XSR700 for November 2015 promises to be as exciting as the bike itself looks, this could very well be "the one" for me in the long run.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

A Brief Look At Why Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Are Called Hogs!

Picture © Harley-Davidson
The term "hog" has been associated with Harley-Davidson motorcycles since the early 1920s. Many businesses like Hula-Hogs in Maui, Hawaii, and Hogs-R-Us in Cork, Ireland, draw business based on this association.

Memories of Betty-Ann - 2009 Royal Enfield Bullet Classic EFI (C5)

After four long years of waiting I finally bit the bullet (no pun intended) and bought myself a new Royal Enfield Bullet Classic EFI (C5).  I put a deposit down on the bike at the beginning of January 2009 and was thrilled to finally be able to collect it a month ago.  It was the first Classic EFI to make its way over to the Republic of Ireland and luckily for me, a boyhood dream was realized when said EFI Classic just so happened to be still in her crate from India! There isn't really any other way to describe the feelings of seeing something as beautiful as this bike coming out of its crate other than to compare it to Christmas morning when as children, we found ourselves sleep deprived over having trying to stay up all night to catch a glimpse of ol' St. Nicholas himself.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Beware of Hitchhikers! By Wayd Hoo

I was returning home from a couple of days of zigzagging around the Ozark Mountains with a friend of mine. We had parted ways the previous morning as he went further south and I aimed for Polaris heading north into Missouri.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Memories of Ireland By Jerry Winder

Joey Dunlop
Here are a few pics from our recent trip to the Ireland, wonderful country, if you get the chance visit. Hope you like 'em!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

1970 's Motorcycle Rider Safety Film Featuring a BMW R90 Boxer Twin!

Travelling On The World's Most Treacherous Road On A Royal Enfield! By Sabya Sachi Ghosh

At the Foothills of of the Mighty Himalayas
According to the border roads organisation the road to Spiti Valley is the world's most treacherous road. It is primarily un mettled and runs along side the sutlej and the spiti river. however the main cause of this road being so dangerous is the hanging menace over it in the form of rocks and boulders.... one needs also to to look up and mind falling rocks while negotiating this mad mountain track. The best part of this road is the lack of traffic and very little amount of pollution in the form of plastic bags and other gifts tourists leave behind.... we did this road twice without any mishap (except rajesh lost his bag to the spiti river) as we also had to return back the same way because the Kunjum Pass was un-passable due to incessant snow fall.

2016 Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin Pre-Release Pictures & Videos

2016 new Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin 
'Genteki Test Footage' Promo Video

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Who's There? U.S. 191 – Utah By Kiara Wilson of Motorcycle House

Photo ©
While it may not be the first state that comes to mind when you hear the words “wild west,” Utah is certainly a very definitive region in the history and richness of the terminology. For motorcycle riders wishing to escape the hustle and bustle of urban life, Utah affords many great roads in order to open up and feel the power beneath your legs. U.S. 191 covers the entire North-South route of the Eastern segment of the state, allowing riders to move between Arizona and Wyoming on a day's journey. Although it totals 404 miles, dedicated and experienced riders can knock this out in a day's time.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

DesTination: L'équipée Himalaya Sur Une Moto de Légende, la Royal Enfield Bullet 500cc!

Every now and then you come across something wonderful. Something that transports you to yesteryear and all the wonders and sense of adventure from bygone eras come to life again.  L'équipée is one such group that reminds me of the spirit of adventure and friendship that seems so rare today. L'équipée is made up of a group of women who share a passion for classic motorcycles, friendship and a sense of freedom that comes with exploring the unknown on two wheels. Fortunately, these five women were kind enough to bring us along on their August 2014 Himalayan Odyssey. L'équipée made headlines, being interviewed by Vanity Fair, as tales of their twenty day journey sparks a flame in the hearts of a majority of us who could ever only dream of embarking on such a journey. Here is their story in French and in English!

- BugSpatteredJacket

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Boldly Riding What No Captain Has Before... The Rivet!

The Rivet Motorcycle -
Shatner Inspired, Kirk Approved!
Photo © American Wrench
At 84 years old it seems that William Shatner is as young at heart today as he was back when he sat in the captain's chair. He is preparing for an eight day journey on the Rivet due to take place on June 23rd, 2015. Departing from Chicago, his final destination will be Los Angeles. Described by its architects, American Wrench, as a land jet, it will feature, amongst many things, a V8 engine and all the styling cues of Jojo Krako's getaway car. It doesn't stop here, however. Apparently, the former captain of the Enterprise wouldn't settle for anything less than a piece of the action. Not only will he be piloting this trike, but he also contributed to the design of the Rivet which will be sold in limited quantities to space faring adventurers who have enough latinum. Best of all, this campaign is specifically designed to raise awareness about the American Legion.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

DesTination: My Epic Ride on a Yamaha TW200! By Longroof

Western Flyer Bicycle
Photo ©
Sumer Memories of 1960... One of my earliest adventures is of thudding across sidewalk expansion joints on my Western Flyer bicycle. Around the corner stood the neighborhood grocery store with the smell of fresh produce wafting through its front screen door stenciled with the Colonial Bread Company logo. Inside they sold apples from bushel baskets and potatoes with bits of crumbly earth still clinging to them. Ripe red strawberries in quart sized lime green containers and bright yellow bananas speckled the produce section with vibrant colors, though I reached for a pack of candy cigarettes and “gold nugget” chewing gum sold in the white drawstring pouch; good items to barter with the natives (other kids) in this neighbourhood.

Monday, June 1, 2015

DesTination: My Wild Hog Ride! By Paradise Cove Critter

I am back from a Wonderful 16 days "Wild Hog Westward Adventure". This trip was a bucket list dream to ride to California and wander back at my own pace. I was a little skeptical that this trip would ever happen. My Kawasaki at the last minute was not ready to go and repairs could not be done in time to meet up with family in CA. So the only thing to do was to cancel or take the Blue Goose...

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Have Mercy... "Untameable" MV Agusta By Officine GP Design

Check This Out...

DesTination: The Odd Odyssey By Emu

Flat Ground a Campsite Makes ... 
They say that all trips begin with that first mile. Not always so. In my case I had to travel a little over 160 km and cross into another country before a measured mile would come into effect. On July 7 I left Toronto early enough to miss the mayhem that is known as the morning rush hour. The QEW to Buffalo is probably one of the busiest arteries between Canada and the States. Add to that the morning rush hours of Hamilton, St. Catherine's and during the tourist season all the mayhem that goes with Niagara Falls. So you can see my early-morning departure avoids most of the usual carnage. At the border, a US customs agent shook his head when I told him where I was immediately going and then of my general plans for the next three months. Rather than a cavity search, he returned my passport and wished me well. My first stop in the United States of America, is always to see one of the great goodwill ambassadors America has to offer. But Marci wasn't home, so I had coffee with Chuck.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Long Painful Road Back To Joy By Wondermutt

This is the story about me getting back to what riding used to give me, how it used to bring joy, back when I would ride, just for the sake of riding. Not many on this board know what happened to me, back in April, of 2013, I was hit by a woman in a car who wasn't paying attention. It was the type of hit that if I wasn't just around the bend from a fire station, and if those paramedics hadn't gotten me on that helicopter, I wouldn't be here to type this. I lost out on five months of my life, recovering from my injuries, but I also lost that desire that I once had, to just get out and ride, feel the wind, find those back roads and loose myself. I wasn't afraid of riding, the desire to go out just for fun was gone. I still commute on my bike, every day, 50 miles each way, but that's different at least for me, my commute has a purpose, back and forth to work, its something that I do, because I need to, not because I want to.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

DesTination: Alaska Run By JFL & Wayne

This ride was first conceived in 2012 right after the Maggie Valley Rally.  Wayne and I had just started playing around with those “color in the maps” web sites.  We had all the Southern states covered except for South Carolina.  Wayne had the presence of mind to buzz over during Maggie Valley and check that state off the list.  When we got back and colored in the map again, we figured out we could cover every other state we were missing in just two more trips.  Last year we rode through all the states we were missing in the north east on our trip to Nova Scotia. That left one more ride, the longest we’ve ever tried, to check off Alaska, a few other states and the remaining provinces of Canada that boarder with the U.S.A.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

2015 Montreal Motorcycle Show - A Brief Overview

The Sora
Photo © LGM
The last time I was at the Montreal Motorcycle Show I was there working on behalf of Moto-Sport Newman as a sales rep for Kawasaki Motorcycles. Thinking back, really the only memorable motorcycle that I can recall at the time was Quebec's Lito Green Motion (LGM) The Sora. An electric motorcycle (pictured left) that is available via luxury automobile dealerships. Yes, you read that correctly. At $42, 399 per bike, The Sora is Sorta Expensive and probably wouldn't be too well received amongst its two wheeled brethren, not least of all when you have far more affordable and real world electric bikes with similar range like Zero Motorcycles and Brammo Motorcycles. Nevertheless, this year's motorcycle show had promised to be exciting as it featured some of the newest and most interesting motorcycles to have come out in a long time. I was fortunate enough as well to be accompanied by Percy Hart, cigar box guitarist extraordinaire and all around nicest fella this side of Planet Earth!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Coming of Age: A Biker is Born Part Deux!

A Biker Is Born, Part Deux!
I spent the summer of 2013 in the back lot of Moto Thibault working as a motorcycle instructor for Sur 2 Roues here in Sherbrooke, Quebec. Honestly, I don't think I have ever been as happy about work as I was last summer. I was surrounded by motorcycles all day long. The sound, smell and feel of motorcycles on a daily basis was enough to keep me smiling. Hell, I didn't even mind giving Can-Am Spyder Courses! The cherry on top however was being able to give my youngest son his first ride on a motorcycle! One day in August my wife arrived as a surprise with the kids for a pic-nic during our lunch hour. Since my oldest son's coming of age, my youngest son's desire to give it a go had only increased over the last year. For those of you who may not recall, although little J love's motorcycles, he always did so at a distance. Now, for the first time, he felt brave enough to ride one with his old man. I couldn't have been more chuffed.