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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Two Wheeled Wisdom - Motorcycle Safety Film (1960's) By The AMA & The AMSA

Photo © PBS.org

"The care you exercise in handling your motorcycle will add to the safety of our streets and highways. It will also increase the pride and pleasure you take in an activity which in many instances ... vehicle in the way they were designed for wholesome fun, pleasure and economical transportation." - J. Edgar Hoover, cited in AMA/AMSA Video.

Another little gem I came across and wanted to share with everyone! This was produced in the 1960's by the AMA and the AMSA. Classic bikes and cars abound in this rudimentary safety video. A few contradictions coupled with some sweet memories of what bikes use to be make this worth watching. Some pictures of actual film footage include...

Remember to Dress Neatly, Ride Carefully!

Special Thanks Goes Out To Tomorrow Always Comes for posting this via YouTube!

The American Motorcycle Association (AMA) 
The American Motor ScooterAssociation


  1. Thanks for that... always interesting to see.


  2. That was just a little bit of wonderful! Thanks for sharing.


  3. Loved it. A blast from the past.


  4. omg to funny I like there idea of safety..... a helmet is important for the driver i guess but not the passenger


  5. Ha Ha I like that "who cares about the passenger" message. I also had to laugh at the propaganda about "dressing neatly". The spiel on braking distance was kinda cool though. Modern bikes have decreased the stopping distance but not the reaction time. An American Motorcycle Asscioation production couldn't be bothered to show an American motorcycle except in the hands of police?


    1. Couldnt really tell, poor quality and they were going fast. But every time they showed the racers on a flat track.......what were they? I know sportys were doing pretty good back then.


    2. I think I saw an old Harley Sprint in there somewhere.


    3. You are right Tommy, there was a Sprint shown in several scenes (however I believe that the Harley-Davidson Sprints were Italian made bikes).


    4. That's right. There was also the Rapido? I was able to try both of them. I think the Sprint was a 250cc if I remember and the Rapido was a 125? It was a long long time ago.


  6. I still remember taking a safety course where the importance of sliding and low siding were deamed viable options in handling a potential crash.

    Hard to find anyone but a policeman dressed neatly riding an American bike back then.


  7. Interesting video.

    It appears that lanesplitting has been around since at least the sixties here in California!

    TW Brian

  8. Oh my.... That's when I grew up and started riding.. Cool bikes..The old beemer, Bee-ser, trump, scooters. and the sprint.. My very first drag race was with a sprint.. I won, I was sooooooo proud of that win..My 305cc yammie walked away from it. Thanks for the "FUNNY" look back to my youth.