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Exploring the Unknown
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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Who's There? Travelling On The World's Most Treacherous Road On A Royal Enfield! By Sabya Sachi Ghosh

At the Foothills of of the Mighty Himalayas
According to the border roads organisation the road to Spiti Valley is the world's most treacherous road. It is primarily un mettled and runs along side the sutlej and the spiti river. however the main cause of this road being so dangerous is the hanging menace over it in the form of rocks and boulders.... one needs also to to look up and mind falling rocks while negotiating this mad mountain track. The best part of this road is the lack of traffic and very little amount of pollution in the form of plastic bags and other gifts tourists leave behind.... we did this road twice without any mishap (except rajesh lost his bag to the spiti river) as we also had to return back the same way because the Kunjum Pass was un-passable due to incessant snow fall.

At Hotel Palm Grove Solan
Climbing the Hatu Peak at Narkanda
The Hatu Temple at Narkanda
Road to Sangla

Road to Spiti

Kalpa Castle
 A Wedding Procession at Kalpa
Kapla Temple
Road to Spiti

The Nako Village

The Nako Lake
Crossing the Malling Nullah 
Tabo Monastery 

 om mani padme hum (behold the jewel in the lotus) written at tabo

Who Put You There? 

The Kaza Monastery from the balcony of the Snow Lion Hotel

Young Lamas Welcome Us At Kaza 
Spillow Monastery
The Spiti River 
The Key Monastery
The Spiti River
Dragon Back on the Spiti River
On Our Way Back to Kibber, Spiti 
Can You Spot The Rider?
Near Kibber Village, Spiti

So Happy! 
Kibber Village
Silver Rock
Delicious Yellow Juicy Berry Near Jalori Pass
Climbing the Jalori Pass
Near Jalori Pass
Can You Spot Me?
Jalori Pass
THE Jalori Pass
Picking Wild Strawberries
Wild Strawberries

Below the Jalori Pass 
The Cobra Flower
Chilling Our Rum in the Tirthan River, Tirthan Valley
 A local fisherman examines his catch of the himalayan trout.
Our Camp
Stealing Plums
The Sign Says it All


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