Friday, July 24, 2015

DesTination: Upper Canada Village

RCAF in Cornwall, Ontario
"A visit to Upper Canada Village immerses you back in a time when it seemed to be more about making than doing; making things that could have just been functional as beautiful as possible, and finding beauty in function. Making a life settled quietly and comfortably in a natural surrounding, surrounded by warm light and soft colours. The furniture is smaller, the rooms seemed just the right size to me. I'm not immune to the comforts and advances of modern life, but sometimes, don't you get the's this. This is what it's supposed to be like. This is the size of life that would fit me." - Jennifer A. Corbin

Remnants of a not so distant past!
Making Memories...
In Memoriam
Upper Canada Village - Mills
Fire House
Fire Fighters never had it easy, did they?
Cooks Tavern
How Many Piglets Can You See?
Nobody's Home...
Friendly and Pet-able...
Lutheran Church
Sunday Mass Anyone?
Before There Was Electric Heating!
Washing Our Sins Away... ;-)
Kiss Me You Fool!
Pastor's House
Upper Canada Village Sacred Cow
Robertson House
House Garden
A View of Cook's Tavern From Robertson's Garden
Everything in the village is made by hand!
You Owned What You Needed
Robertson Vegetable Garden
Peek A Boo!
The Secret Garden
Tooth Ache Plant - Numbs your tooth, tongue and lips... :-s
Borage - Edible and Delicious!
Upper Canada Village Head Gardener
Off To Work...
Willard's Hotel
Follow The Yellow(isn) Brick Road...
Late For a Very Important Date...
Off to the bakery...
Shipping and Handling Not Included...
What can 2p get you?
You Break It, You Bought It!
Most of the goodies in this store was too expensive for most in those days!
Hand Made Barrels and Rope!
Reproduction of Goods and Services
What Floats Your Boat?
Hand Made Rocking Horse!
All you need for life in the 1860's...
A Carriage Ride Through Town
The Town Bakery Makes around 200 loafs a day.
Day Lily With a View...
Willard's Hotel Eatery... We Recommend the Ploughman's Lunch!
Crysler Hall Gardens
Crysler Hall
Straw Mattresses and Pillows Made for comfy sleeping accommodations...
Life Before The Internet...
Barns Abound in Upper Canada Village
Simple and to the point...
Dress Makers House
All The Pretty Things...
Off to purchase a new dress?
Enjoying the simple things in life...
A view of the St. Lawrence River.
Signal Tower - Beware of Invading Americans! ;-)
Clydesdale Was Here... ;-)
Foxy Ox
Gardening is good for the soul...
Little J's first picture...
Up Close and Personal
Hanging With Friends...
Tenants Farm
Family Activity Centre
Dear Jane Quilt
Orange Peel
4 1/2 inch Blocks
Something for Everyone...
Another Little Friend
A Glimpse into Yesteryear
Smoke House
Sleepy Piglet
Towards Narnia
Friendliest Little Piglets We Ever Met!
Fearless is the Operative Word!
Cuddly and Sweet!
Physician's Home
Day Lily
A Room With A View
Jennifer's Favorite Kitchen
A Pretty Kind of Cone Flower
Cottage Garden
Dried Lavender?
Dried Sage?
Chewing Tobacco?
The Smoke House Is Closed Today...
Peeking Through The Bush
MacDiarmid Garden
School House
 Children are Seen, Not Heard!
The First Tablet!
What Dreams May Come...
Who Needs a Stinking I-Pad?!
Back to the Future!
Meet The Time Travellers!
Children from 9 to 16 can actually attend summer camp
at Upper Canada Village!
Standard Kitchen
A Living Museum
Previously The Shoe Maker, now this gentleman Makes Furniture!
Meet Jacques, the Dancing Wooden Man!
For All Your Hidden TidBits...
Tools of the Trade...
Providence Chapel
Cabinet Maker
Out for a stroll
Or Perhaps to School?
Good Luck!
Stage Coach - Blazing Trails...
A Fond Farewell...

All Pictures © Jennifer A. and Joel Corbin

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