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Exploring the Unknown
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Monday, July 27, 2015

Honda CB500X - RR Vs. The Trans-America Trail (TAT) With Jenny Morgan (& Piglet)!

Jenny Morgan and the Honda CB500X Adventure in Death Valley
Jenny Morgan (and Piglet) recently completed the Trans America Trail (TAT) on a Honda CB500X. It's an excellent read for anyone contemplating not only this bike as their next motorcycle but as well for anyone curious about taking on the TAT themselves! Granted, the CB500X was equipped with Rally Raid's Level 3 Kit. Nevertheless, for $2,500 USD via Giant Loop, it's an upgrade that has turned an otherwise 80/20 (street/off-road) adventure tourer into what Jenny herself confidently claims to be a true 50/50 motorcycle! Below are some picture highlights from Jenny & Piglet's trip.

Christmas Tree Pass

It's big, it's black, it's unstoppable... and yes it's another obvious punchline:
"and so is the train..." On my way out of Williams AZ, en route for Flagstaff.
Mexican Hat rock north of Monument Valley
Oatman is perhaps most well known for the wild Burros that roam the streets.

I loved this sticker when I saw it on Dave Lin's KTM
during the trip through Death Valley,
and was fortunate to be given one at the Overland Expo

How did it get here, 2500ft above the valley floor?
- It took some work I can tell you!
A slightly different line and preloading the front end to help spring up the step.

Things started to get tricky on the way down,
although this sector was actually totally rideable on the raised CB500X.

View from a bridge.

A pretty spot for the photo that I feel really
exemplifies this part of the TAT route...

One of the original steam powered engines
that pulled the train up the Pikes Peak COG railway.

Piglet was very much enjoying all this high elevation sunshine.

Piglet even got to sit on each engine,
but he didn't get to ride... denied!

Thank You Jenny and Piglet for sharing such an amazing ride report with us all!

Adventure Rider Here!!

Pictures © Jenny Morgan (& Piglet)

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