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Exploring the Unknown
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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Meet The New YAMAHA XSR700 Inspired By Shinya Kimura

When Shinya Kimura of Faster Sons fame introduced a Yamaha FZ/MT 07 Cafe Racer concept I'll admit, I wasn't sure of what or when to expect a production ready model from yamaha. Upon its release, the FZ /MT 07 in many ways outshines it's older brother, the FZ/MT 09 since its release. Other than its wallet friendly price point (Retails in Canada for $7,300) and sans difficulties that the 09 experienced in its first year of production (which has been addressed by Yamaha and no longer plagues newer models) it seems logical that Yamaha would try to capitalize on this platform further. Like the Yamaha FJ 09/Tracer (based on the FZ/MT 09) Yamaha is also planning on releasing the FJ 07/Tracer (based on the FZ 07). The after looks disappointedly like every other sport tourer on the market. However, If the release of the all new Yamaha XSR700 for November 2015 promises to be as exciting as the bike itself looks, this could very well be "the one" for me in the long run.

I have been in search of Mr. T's replacement now for quite a while. Admittedly, most of the motorcycles that speak to me aren't even available in Canada. For those that are available in our market, I keep going back and forth, particularly between Triumph and Yamaha.  That being said, there is no word yet as to whether this particular model will be available in Canada for purchase. So lets keep our fingers crossed. In the meantime, thank you Mr. Kimura for inspiring Yamaha to build something truly mouth watering and exciting.

There are some definite styling cues from the Yamaha Bolt a la speedometer, rear tail light, and mesh side panels. The forest green and single seat is reminiscent of a Triumph Thruxton. The rear end is not that unlike the BMW R Nine T either imho. Perhaps the only thing that I would change would be to paint the radiator as in its present finish it sticks out like a sore thumb. However, that being said, its something I can live with as is. Overall, this bike and its proven platform promises to be everything I will need for commuting, touring and whatever else my mood strikes. Whilst not as outlandish as its prototype (a good thing), the new XSR700 promises to be an excellent all rounder allowing for people to mold the bike into whatever suits their needs. For more information check out a nice write up by Cruiser Magazine. Pricing, specs and in metal views TBA.

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