Sunday, August 2, 2015

I Spy...

(Pic: Jennifer A. Fawcett)
Pictures represent so much more than a moment in time. They allow us to relive in our hearts and minds a moment in our life. They remind us that with every new day comes the opportunity for new memories. Over the course of the last few years Jennifer and I have accumulated a variety of pictures of our travels around the world. It's amazing really because technology has allowed us to bring our pictures with us wherever our travels have taken us. Unfortunately, technology has also allowed for many of our cherished memories to be forgotten about. Feel free to use any of the pictures you see. However, all I ask is that you credit me or the relevant author of the picture. Unless otherwise stated, all pictures were taken by myself. The following pictures were taken in Jeju-do (Honeymoon Island) in 2005-2006 whilst Jennifer and I were living there teaching ESL.

Spies in Our Midst

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