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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Meet Gloria - My Cigar Box Guitar (CBG)!

CBG (With Frets) Demo By Darren Brown

Despite arriving on Monday, I was only able to pick up my lovely cigar box guitar today from Darren Brown of DB Custom Cigar Box Guitars. It was like christmas had come early this year and before long, like an overzealous kid, I had played so loudly (and so badly) that I accidentally broke a guitar string! Nothing a quick trip to Archambault couldn't fix.

It's a lovely piece of kit, and whilst I am no Percy Hart, I have no doubt that with his help and some free lessons via Shane Speal, I'll be playing some simple tunes in no time. Maybe in five years I'll be good enough to play along side Percy himself? My beautiful wife models Gloria below! 

Well Packaged and Ready to Play Out of The Box!
Jennifer is Ready To Start Playing Herself...
(Isn't she beautiful!)
Fretted, it Came Tuned FCF.
My wife's tune was different when I attempted to play for the first time!
La Gloria Cubana, or, "Gloria" for short.
So the journey begins. Be sure to check back in often to see my progress as I begin learning how to play the CBG (and replace every string I accidentally break - sigh). Don't forget, Percy is already a musical infectionado, be sure to check his album out: You're What's Itchy. If you ask nicely, he'll even show you a few videos of him cutting some songs on his own CBG from DB Custom Cigar Box Guitars. Finally, a big special thank you must go out to Darren Brown himself for this lovely CBG. If interested in purchasing a CBG from Darren feel free to contact him directly via Facebook.

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