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Exploring the Unknown
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Friday, August 7, 2015

Museum or Showroom? Royal Enfield's 2nd London Store Launch in Mictham, London.

Mitcham, London
I have a deep love affair with Royal Enfield. Since selling Betty-Ann before moving back to Canada, I have toyed with the idea of buying one again. However, criminally high registrations costs for motorcycles above 400cc in Quebec and the high cost of the machine itself in North America often leaves me feeling cold. However, as Sabya Sachi Ghosh has shown us, these bikes are mighty impressive be it riding down a boulevard or climbing the Himalayas. Whatever your take on Royal Enfield, there is no denying that it is still one of the most authentic riding experiences you can hope to have on a new motorcycle today.  Adding to the mystique and authenticity of the brand is a new approach to showrooms. Recently, Royal Enfield U.K. opened a new store in Mitcham, London. The result is something special... 

"Royal Enfield Brand Store at Mitcham, London is yet another step in our expression of pure motorcycling. Showcasing our rich heritage, commitment to quality and craftsmanship, our second brand store in London continues to serve all that riders need to be geared up; whether on a motorcycle or off one." - Royal Enfield U.K.
Compared to most showrooms which feel like an exercise in excess, in comparison, the new Royal Enfield showroom is intimate, cozy and could even be mistaken for a small museum. Some have even claimed it feels like a man cave. Who am I to argue? One of many aspirations I have is to open a motorcycle touring company in eastern Canada, not unlike Blazing Trails in India. It's showrooms like this that further inspires and entices the imagination and allure of these machines. Whilst there are many bikes that are arguably better suited to this and then some, most lack the charm or experience that a Royal Enfield can bring. Nevertheless, as showrooms go, Royal Enfield hit a home run!

Pictures © Royal Enfield


  1. Mario its a remake of the saket new Delhi showroom.... They are trying to copy hd and triumph in promoting the re brand as a lifestyle motorcycle.....


  2. the young CEO Sid Lall of RE is leaving no stone unturned in making RE a global brand in mid sized motorcycle market. This showroom in London is no different from new Royal Enfield showrooms in India or elsewhere.


  3. Well gentleman, its good to see us learning something from India then as I find the majority of our showrooms to be rather boring and uninspired in comparison! Certainly the type of place I would not mind owning myself!

  4. Personally, the simplicity of the showroom in the photographs shown in your article MC is to me what a shopping experience should be. Good on them.