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Exploring the Unknown
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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

My Introduction to Blogging

Picture taken by Percy in St Polycarpe, Qc on the evening I met Mario
I first met Mario on June 5, 2012, which was fifty four weeks after I started to learn how to ride a Motorcycle. I remember the date vividly as we finally met face to face after much facebooking (as I like to call it) while on a ride with some really cool friends the night before I was to take my final exam with the S.A.A.Q.

I remember on that ride, getting two tips from Mario that I actually just passed on to a friend of a friend who is going to take their final exam in the very near future, which was to over exaggerate the side to side look to the left, look to the right when coming to a stop. This was something Mario told me the instructor's looked for. The second tip was to stay calm, and needless to say, I followed these most appreciated tips and passed my exam.

Four days later I sold my 2006 Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200 Custom and I purchased my 2005 Harley Davidson Heritage Classic, and although Mario and I have not ridden together since that night I met him and his steed "Serenity", I know we will one day ride again.

Mario and I have stayed in contact over the past three years regardless of the fact that we live a few hours away from each other as we share many of the same passions and I believe beliefs.

Much to my surprise, Mario has invited me to be part of what I believe is a well written and informative blog. One that I look forward to reading on a regular basis.

I often find myself coming back again and again to reference something I have read on "Say What?"and believe Mario has a natural gift for writing.

I am very excited to now be a contributor to "Say What?".

My goal is under the guidance of my editor and Chief Mr Mario R.J. Corbin, is to write about my music and my motorcycle adventures.

Thank you Mario for this opportunity and now I am offically bloggin....
Percy (aka:Junkyard Villain)

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