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Exploring the Unknown
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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Riders Against Hunger 2015

I first met Kim Reid in August of 2012 while on a short ride through Rigaud that my good friend Jon had organised for me, as I was new rider and not permitted based on the law in Quebec to ride alone for 11 months after passing my learners and before passing my final exam. It was a beautiful August day riding the back roads and through the mountain in Rigaud. When we completed our ride, we found ourselves at a burger joint ready to chow down on a much needed refueling for our tummy's.

I remember like it was just yesterday looking at Kim and saying," So what do you do? " as we sat waiting for our burgers, and his answer floored me. " I run a food bank "...was Kim's answer...plain and simple and as humble as any person I had ever met... Kim then proceeded to explain to Jon and I what exactly "On Rock Community Services" did for the community and described what each of the programs in place was all about.

What On Rock does you ask?

  • They provide groceries to 200 + families each week. 
  • They run a dinner twice a week where a family can come have a healthy meal. 
  • They Run a school snack / lunch program for children.
  • They serve as a safe and friendly place for people in the community to socialize.
Most of all, what I have witnessed and experienced is On Rock, Kim and his team provide a service that helps people who are down and help our brothers & sisters rise up. We ALL have the same basic needs...yeah yeah...you knew that already...however not many of us actually take action and do something for our brothers & sisters. On Rock does...plain & simple.

Kim Reid
Pictures © West Island Chronicle
I remember sitting there eating my burger, thinking how awesome is this and how can I take part and help On Rock...Well, Kim answered that question before I had finished my thought and began to tell us that he was holding his first annual fund raising ride which he was calling "Riders Against Hunger" the following month and would we be interested in joining this event.

Pretty sure before Kim was finished explaining what this fund raising ride was all about, I was nudging on Jon's arm, saying...please do the ride and take me with you...hahaha...and of course my buddy Jon is one of the coolest cats I've ever met with one of the biggest hearts you  can find and of course he said yes.

I can tell you that in all my years of travel all across North America, I've never met people with as much passion for life who are willing to help ANYONE as the Bikers I've met in the past four years.

It makes no difference what brand of motorcycle they ride, what style motorcycle they ride, what price tag is fixed to their bikes. They are simply the most amazing people I've ever met...Hands down and as we just completed Riders Against Hunger #4 on August 8, 2015 I can say that for as long as I ride a motorcycle, I will be taking part in this annual ride to help raise much needed funds for an organisation that makes a difference.

Pictures © Riders Against Hunger
On Rock is always ready, willing and able to help people in our community, however they also need our help to raise awareness and funds. Far too many people go without and have no one to turn to...but On Rock is one place that is making a difference in the lives of people just like you and me.

Please feel free to get involved and check them out at www.onrock.org and I can promise, you will not be disappointed you did.

In the meantime, this is a picture of my ride...it has safely allowed me to take part in the last three Riders Against Hunger.

2005 Harley Davidson Heritage Classic


  1. Awesome!

    M Brigette Puccio

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    Monica Holtgreve

  3. I'd vote for U Percy. So… have we set a date for next year?????

    Tasos Sellas

  4. Awesome. Nicely said!

    Conrad Peeck