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Exploring the Unknown
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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Dead Barn Hunting

Dead Barn 

What is Dead Barn Hunting?

I've been asked this question on many occasions. Usually the question comes with a perplexed look from the person asking... As if to say..Really? My answer often varies, however the message is usually the same...There is something about their design. Their history and their need that calls to me. It was a more simple time.

We lived and provided for our families. These are the things in life that are truly important. The lessons we learnt, of hard work, responsibility, honour and above all...Values. We helped those in our community.

In today's society, we are so rushed by daily needs, wants, the latest technology, trends etc....that we don't even look up to see what's happening in our communities. We don't hardly sit as a family and share a meal and if we do, we are usually distracted by our Smart Phones and Tablets, Televisions, that we do not fully engage in our own lives.

We are all guilty to some extent of living in today's world with all it has to offer, and I sometimes look back at a time of less and ask myself if it was so bad.

Dead Barn
I often find myself getting onto my bike and riding into the country. I really enjoy the slower pace of an old country road.  It brings me into a time not that far back in our history. I enjoy the beautiful fields with stunning wild flowers patches, the clean air, the open spaces and of course, The Dead Barns.

I find myself imagining what kinds of events took place in these beautiful old buildings. Young lovers having their first kisses in a barn like these and the stories these old barns must have witnessed or how many winters did these old structures keep livestock warm and feed.

When I come up on a barn that is tucked away in the landscape and I am riding solo, I often permit myself to turn around and get off the bike to fully enjoy the history before my eye's before snapping a picture.

Often, if I come around a bend and I spot an old barn but do not have the time to stop while being safe, I will usually keep going to the next available " safe " spot to turn around just to snap the picture. I know...I know....I am a weirdo...and I am okay with that label.

They are splendid in their stature. Old weathered Pine, Ash, Oak. Some with noticeable wear and some as solid as they day they were built.

Dead Barn
Often times when I am riding with a group of buddies, not to seem like I am out of my mind (Those who know me should not comment here) I will make a mental note of where we are exactly, and then I plan a return solo ride to snap an image of what I believe to be Historical Beauty.

I was on a recent trip to the Eastern Townships with a good friend who accepts, but does not understand my Barn Fetish. Harry happened to be leading the ride that afternoon, and when he pulled over to the side of the road just ahead of this beauty pictured above, I could not help but wonder what he was doing. Excited I was, cause I knew that I'd get a snapshot, but perplexed none the less I was.

When I stopped right in front of this old girl, I asked..."what's up? " and he replied that he wanted me to get a shot or two, and therefore he was going to stop when he saw a " good one ".....Did I mention good friend?

It was on this trip that I realised that it was not old Barns that gave me the peaceful easy feeling, but older, historical structures such as Bridges, Silo's, Old Farm Houses alike speak to me. I simply love old structures, and if you let them, they can tell a story.

Perhaps its all in the imagination of a writer and man who still thinks like a boy or it may be that I just belong in a time gone by where we did not live as fast pace life.  A time when we needed to find our entertainment from other sources such as a good book or a good long walk with nothing but your thoughts.

Either way, if you stop long enough in front of an old barn, and let your imagination run for a moment with no inhibitions, you too might find a hidden love that you did not know you had.

I am going to end this story on a final note of thanks that I owe to my friend Mike. Mike had posted a picture of this bridge (pictured below) on a ride he had taken in 2014. As soon as I saw the picture, I knew I had to go...it was bigger then me, but for this reason I completely understood why...The next day, bright and early, I headed south to snap this picture.

My Bridge

A few more for the road

Dead Barn

Dead Barn
Dead Barn
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  1. We have some real beauties around here, around North Hatley in particular....love me some old barn! Wonderful in a snowy landscape too...

    1. We will be barn hunting out your way VERY soon Miss Jennifer...;-)

  2. Nothing like old barns!!