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Friday, October 16, 2015

Giving Back

Dan & Percy @ Cafe Le Mariposa
"I've had good times, I've been sad.
Sure have had some good times, I still get mad.
Been on the road alone, crossed a double line.
Ain't afraid to fight. Ain't ashamed to cry."

My buddy Rick is the person who got me started performing. You will never meet a more motivational, can do person. We joke about how he gave me the Itch and if it was not for him pushing me, I honestly believe that I would not be as passionate about giving back if it wasn't for my buddy Rick.

So as Rick, Manny, Jack  and myself who all happened to be co-workers, got together one afternoon to jam...and we had such a good time. We sounded like we needed more practice, however we had fun and I needed/wanted more. Your What's Itchy? was born...

We had so much fun that the next thing you know, we are renting a PA system and we've secured our first gig 7 weeks after our first jam.

When I asked my boss to let us play for the rest of our co-workers and raise fund for a charity, he smiled and said sure. We ran with it to say the least. We had T-shirts made, we closed our company for an hour and we raised a few bucks for the Red Cross but most importantly, I was hooked.

Giving back became something of a must for me. Raising funds, awareness and being a positive force in the world which not surprising is a term I learnt at the company where I am still employed is why I am or try to be involved with charity concerts.

Over the last few years, I've been fortunate enough to be involved in several rewarding fund raisers for various foundations and I am always looking for opportunities to grow awareness and fund raising itself.

Rock The Cause, Rocking for Kayla, Rocking for Hunger. Breast Cancer Society, Childhood Diabetes Society, and the Canadian Cancer Society are just a few of the organisations and fund raisers I've had the privilege to be part of and I don't intend on stopping here.

Mister Mariposa Victor
Which brings me to a gem called "Cafe Le Mariposa"  which is a very cool coffee house off Cote St-Luc road in Montreal. It is simply put a musical paradise with visitors, musicians, artists and cool cats from around the world getting together and expressing themselves artistically.

No ego's, awesome decor, great food, coffee's, tea's and artwork can be found here. You should stop in for lunch, brunch, supper...trust me.

You have a voice!
As I have been attending the weekly open mic night as often as I am able, I leaned that Victor (The Host & Owner) has an on-going fund raiser for the homeless. Many a Saturday night you can find the Mariposa Blue's band tearing up the tunes to raise money for the homeless and I started to think to myself that perhaps if I asked for a spot I might help.  

So, one Thursday night about 6 weeks ago, I asked Victor if I could do a set one night to help and he said yes. After a short conversation about how then evening could unfold, I asked if I could invite a friend to also do a set and the evening was born.

My buddy Dan Gideon, aka dGiddy, who, like myself has a belief that giving back in the form of raising money and awareness for worthy causes is something that is important. I knew this when I contacted him and begged him to come share the evening with me. It did not take Dan long to agree, knowing that he'd have as much fun as I would.

We invited our friends and family and we each performed original's and as few covers. We did well and raised $356.00 for the evening and played to a great audience of as stated...friends and family...they had to be nice..haha

Dan is an awesome singer song writer and one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. He jumped on the opportunity to help raise funds for the Homeless. As mentioned earlier in this story, Dan takes fund raising in support of great causes to heart.

Dan is currently involved in a several projects including his own original works and just a few bands such as "The Stone Doctor's, Hands of Fire, Exiled On The Main...who support awesome charities such as Cords for Cure, March of Dimes just to name a few. I encourage you to take a listen to Dan's original works by visiting his Sound Cloud page.

I wanted to wrap up this latest fund raising experience by capturing the moment in the form of this short story as I am now going into my next fund raising project with my partner and young brother to get "Rock The Cause V" into production.

RTC #5 will be a fundraising concert being held at Le Pioneer on November 21, 2015 with four musical act's all lending their talents to help raise much needed funds for the Montreal Children's Foundation.


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