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Exploring the Unknown
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Monday, November 30, 2015

Rock The Cause #5 - Montreal Children's Hospital Foundation Fundraiser

Rock the Cause was born from a feeling of giving back. The concept was that my brother Steve would organise an evening of rock n roll with all proceeds being donated to a worthy cause. As Steve say's." Good people from the wrong side of the track, doing something positive".

When Steve called me to ask if I was interested in helping out with getting this off the ground and would my band "Your What's Itchy? " play in the first show I knew right away that I wanted to and the answer was yes.

Steve and one representative from each of the bands (Melting Point, Super Nova & the Big Red Giants, Exit 9 and Your What's Itchy?) sat down for a beer at the The Kachette and talked about the logistics of who played when, what gear we'd have to bring etc..

Then the conversation changed to what would the name of the " show " be. What would we call this event... and one of us barked out "Rock The Cause"....and everyone smiled and nodded. We all knew that was the perfect name.

Steve wanted to give the fundraising proceeds to the first show to the Canadian Cancer Society and everyone was in agreement. We managed to raise a total of $3800.00 that night and we all felt that was pretty cool. Everyone had a good time...and so it was born.

Next thing you know, Rock The Cause 2, 3 & 4 have come and gone, and then Steve called me this past August and he say's.." Number 5...needs to happen, you in?"

So, here I am writing about Rock The Cause #5 a week after it has come & gone. All but three final details remain.

1) Handing in the fundraising proceeds 
2) Sending an official thank you letter to all the sponsors. 
3) Writing this story about what this is all about.

Drum Head Artwork by Melting Point
This the third year in a row that the Montreal Children's Hospital Foundation was the benefactor of the Fundraising proceeds. It just seems like the right thing to do. How can we say no to the children.

Event Emcee, Mr Andrew Hoffman, did not disappoint sporting his autentic Kilt..and brought the unruly Rock N Roll crowd to order on one, perhaps two occasions. (kidding) Our RTC Emcee did an outstanding job.

Mr Emcee (The Hoffman)
Melting Point was the main attraction for the fifth year in a row. These guys are Rock N Roll..they play for the joy of music, and donate their time & talents every year because they are the real deal. 

Featuring Peter John Chitchlow on vocals, Dan Gadoury on guitar, Jack Trottier on bass and Denis Dicaire on drums and influenced by some of the worlds finest they never miss a beat or an opportunity to Rock the room. If you get a chance to see them play live, do yourself a favour and do it.

Rock N Roll Madmen 
Who's Driving also returning for their second Rock The Cause as been and continues to be a hard working Montreal rock/blues band featuring Caroline Venor on vocals, Drew Slaney on guitar, Alex Tremblay on bass and Christine Agozzino on drums. 

If you want to understand what pure energy is, go to a show and watch these four musicians. They will knock you out of your seat and you'll be on the dance floor in no time.

Rockin Blues Freight Train
Iron Lilies. also returning to Rock The Cause for a second time, is another local Montreal band, Featuring Kimberley Beyea on Vocals & flute, Andrew Cabana on Guitar, Mike Arless on Bass and Jon Farley on drums.

They are talented, strong, tight and play many styles, including rock, pop, funk, soul and R&B covers as well as original tunes. 

If your into artist's who take pride in their craft, and do it well...go check these guy's out.

Soothing the Soul
Opening the show, was Junkyard Villain who is a local Montreal Solo acoustic act. New to the music scene he began writing and playing original tunes from his personal experiences and he sings from his heart. 

Junkyard Villain is my stage name. It was created for RTC #4 since my band mates from "Your What's Itchy? " could not make the show due to prior commitments. I really wanted to help once again and play the show, however as I did not believe my actual name was worthy of the stage, I dreamt the JV name up for fun and it stuck.

I could not have been more excited to play once again, and tell my stories this year. A true blessing to have people connect with my music and tell me I need to get an album out soon.

Like a Junkyard Dog
Although my job at RTC # 5 was to be administrative in nature, the unfortunate events that prevented Sleazy Way Out (Montreal Rock Band) from playing the show, made way to Steve deciding, that I would fill the slot...but thanks to Dan Hack & Eric Jacob for running the show with the help of so many other people, that I was able to focus on getting ready to play.

We have been fortunate to always have the most generous and giving sponsors during these fund raising events and this year was no exception. Hockey tickets to the Montreal Canadians, Gym members ship, and far to many to name here. (for a complete list of sponsors please visit the Rock The Cause facebook page) , but this years grand raffle prize was a custom made, one of a kind 5th edition Electric guitar that was spared no detail. 

This beauty pictured below was the second custom made SPS Custom donated to Rock the Cause, and this one sported a very handsome "Rock The Cause" logo on the headstock.

The lucky gentlemen who won this prize, was going to purchase himself a new guitar in the very near future, and as luck would have it..Moise was the lucky winner of this beautiful custom SPS guitar. 

I happen to personally know the gentlemen and can say without a shadow of a doubt, he deserves to have brought her home and if I am lucky enough perhaps I can get myself invited for a Jam so I can see her in action.

SPS Custom...get yours now
The show could not and would not happen without all the wonderful, engaged and giving people that come to it every year, making the dream of giving back possible. This year with every one's help, we are able to donate the most we've raised in a single event which is $5771.00 and we have an appointment to make the presentation on December 10, 2015 at the new Glen Yard's Montreal Children's Hospital.

Although we are excited and humbled by what we've been able to achieve with all your help, we are already itching to get RTC #6 into the planning stages. Keep your eye's open for some changes in how we do these shows as we hope to double or quadruple the total donation for an event in years to come.

December 10, 2015 - Montreal Children's Hospital
From all of us at the Rock The Cause team, 

Thank you
Brothers Hart

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