Exploring the Unknown

Exploring the Unknown

Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Story of Seventies Superbikes By Brightside Media

"A review of the milestone Japanese Superbikes of the 1970s.  Part of a feature for Classic Bike Magazine, John Naish tells the story from behind the handlebars of the era’s legendary bikes: the Honda CB750, Honda 500 Four, Kawasaki H2 750, Kawasaki Z1, Suzuki GT750, Honda GoldWing, Suzuki GS1000 and Honda CBX." -Brightside Media

"The 70s was an incredible period of motorcycle development. In less than 8 years, everything changed forever – before 1969, features such as electronic ignition, disc brakes, top speeds of over 130 mp/h or quarter mile times of around 12 seconds were almost unheard of. These unique Superbikes made that performance accessible to the mass market." - Brightside Media

Shot at Paul Brace’s Proper Bikes in Sussex, England.  

Credits and Copyright: A Brightside Media production. Directed by Jack Zeniewski  

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