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Thursday, December 31, 2015

In Motocicletta Sulle Dolomiti By Mondial Film

"A group of enthusiastic motorcyclists in Vienna in 1926 decided to make a film about the Dolomites. After an initial inspection of the shipment is carefully prepared, but mishaps, accidents, delays, lawsuits and bureaucratic obstacles in the cast delay the start of filming. Reduced by technical means, in just two weeks, the cast makes the film an extraordinary trip to the Dolomites. They climb on a motorcycle Tofane reaching Rifugio Cantore at 2588 m above sea level. Shooting of mountain and passion for motors come together in this sports documentary and quality issues, and represents a unique era in sports filmmaking. The star of the film are the bikes, which are present in almost all the shots, and alpine landscapes that captivate the audience as actors." - Ripartizione Cultura Italiana

"This video store was created to allow citizens and users to experience the emotions of the events offered by the distribution of Italian culture. The footage covers promoting cultural activities and events organized by the offices of the division of Italian culture and documentaries acquired or constructed on their behalf. The function of this service is purely documentary. For this reason, the video - flv format and often very long - are presented with a screen resolution of 320 x 240 pixels is essential." - Ripartizione Cultura Italiana  

Original Italian Description Can Be Viewed Here.

Pictures & Film © Mondial-Film 1924

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