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Exploring the Unknown
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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Look At Life: Scrambling For It By The Rank Organization

Look At Life: Scrambling For It 
By The Rank Organization

Narrated By Eamonn Andrews, this short video looks at the history of scrambling including the actual building of these now classic motorcycles. With new iterations of the Scrambler being made today by Ducati, Triumph and Moto Guzzi one merely need watch this to remember that bikes don't have to be KTMs or Africa Twins to be fun! 

copyright © The Rank Organization 1966


  1. Thank you for posting the film. I really enjoyed watching it.

    You might also add in the description, unless you omitted it deliberately, that the motorcycle company they were profiling is Greeves.

    I found that out by doing a Google search on the guy, mentioned early on, as one of the company's principals. The search of his name plus the word motorcycle leads to a Wikipedia article on Greeves.

    Interestingly, he was disabled and the Greeves story is about his cousin developing a bike that have him mobility, and that the UK government adopted.

    That's a whole side of the story that the Rank film doesn't develop.


    1. Hello,

      An interesting side to the story at that. I did think of adding it but decided not to because it had not been developed further. Nevertheless, I linked your comment/feedback there for others to see (via the blog). I will be posting several more of these little vintage films over the course of the next month so keep an eye out for them. There are also several that have been placed over the past year with screenshots (whenever possible - doesn't always work) that may be of interest to you. Either way, thanks and have a happy holiday season!


    2. Kind of puzzling to me that the Rank film doesn't name the motorcycle company, but does name one of the principals. I'm sure that most people watching the film, in 2015, will assume that the company is Triumph. But it isn't.

      Apart from naming one of the principals, there's a brief clip early on showing the name Challenger. That was a Greeves bike.

      By the way, I knew none of this history - just interested enough in the video to track it down.

      Rory Edge