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Exploring the Unknown

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Moto Guzzi V7 Stornello / MotoGeo Review

After the dual-sport Slab City Adventure, MotoGeo brings you the lowdown on the limited edition and very stylish V7 Stornello from Moto Guzzi. 
- MotoGeo

Just when I thought I would be satisfied with just Bella in my stable... ;-)

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Wall Of Death Girl (1963) By BRITISH PATHÉ

"Ms. Cindy Willis, 17, riding scooter along the sea front. Panning shot Cindy riding off street into 'Kursaal' fairground. Cindy parks scooter outside 'Wall of Death' stunt show. Cindy enters cylindrical 'Wall of Death'. Inside she greets 'Tornado' Smith as she removes her coat and helmet. Cindy and 'Tornado' chat and prepare their bikes for the stunt. Cindy rides around in circles, the momentum allows her to ride the walls of the cylinder. Various shots of Cindy riding helmet-less around 'Wall of Death'. Various shots spectators watching from top of wall. Various shots 'Tornado' riding wall. Various shots of both riders going around wall. Narrator comments that after filming, ironically, Cindy failed her scooter test!"

Does anyone know what happened to Cindy Willis (I think her real first name was Sylvia)? Or if she ever passed her test?! Adrian Riley says she moved to America. If you have any information, let us know in the comment section below!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

1969 Velorex 16/350 Three-Wheeler Motorcycle/Car For Sale By MotoeXotica

1969 Velorex 16/350 Three-wWheeler
Velorex was a manufacturing cooperative in Solnice, Czechoslovakia. Notable products included a small three-wheeled car, produced from the 1950s until 1971 and the Type 562 sidecar. The sidecar is still manufactured in the Czech Republic by Velorexport, the successor to Velorex. 

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Look at Life - Scooter Commuter By The Rank Organisation (1962)

U.K. newsreel. It's a look at the London scooter scene. On display are gorgeous & colourful scooters. There are over 600 Scooter Clubs in England whose members attend scooter rallies all over Europe. A look at a gathering at London's Crystal Palace for a mass scooter rally featuring a grand parade of all the scooters. Also a brief history of the scooter, including a small WWII Corgi version that was used by paratroopers; and a look at scooter manufacture and proving grounds. 

Safety Instructions for an Active Shooter Situation By USherbrookeTV

We are pleased to announce the final product of a project spearheaded by the City of Sherbrooke’s Police department and the Université de Sherbrooke in collaboration with our broader educational partners in Estrie. This new instructional video is available to our community to better prepare in the event of an active shooter situation. Whether you are at home, at work or in public, please be mindful of these important actions to better prepare yourself : run, hide or fight.
- Bishop's University

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Spring 2017 Maritimes Wishlist - Cape Spear, Newfoundland, Canada

Cape Spear Lighthouse - Most eastern point in North America.
Cape Spear, Newfoundland Canada
Pic © Shutterstock
As December fast approaches we saw the last of our unusually warm weather here in Quebec this past Saturday. For good measure, people were out and about on their Honda Furies, Harley-Davidson Forty-Eights and BMW R nine Ts. I found myself resenting Old Man Winter as the next day we saw snowfall. Twenty-five centimeters worth of snowfall to be exact. Global warming giveth and it taketh away. Whilst Bella stays snug and warm during the next few months, I find myself already counting down the days until spring is here and with it, a promise of new adventures to come. One such adventure is a trip I plan to take to the Maritimes, specifically, Cape Spear, the most easterly point of Canada.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Motorcycle Show (1955) By BRITISH PATHÉ

SV. Teddy bears riding Philips motorcycles for children. SV. Motorcycles, pan up to Teddy bears. LV. Girl seated on 'Beeza' scooter, & SCU. LV. Another girl seating on the 'Excelsior' scooter. Front view of 'Excelsior', pan up to a girl sitting on scooter. LV. The Ariel 650 C.C. Hunt Master twin motorcycle. CU. Front wheel of Ariel. CU. Engine. SV. Girl seated on the Power-Pak moped. CU. Engine on Power-Pak bike and girl's legs. GV. Interior of cycle show. LV. Large sign 'Hercules'. SV. Girl sitting on the Hercules 'Grey-Wolf'. LV. Tony Hoare (left) and Brian Robinson, looking at the Hercules racer 'Tour De France Equipe' bicycle (cost $27). These two boys were the first Englishmen to finish the three thousand miles Tour de France in the 50 years in which it has been held. CU. Tony Hoare and Brian Robinson looking at bike. LV. The supercharge Triumph on which Johnny Allen from Texas reached 190 m.p.h. on the salt flats of Utah. Front view showing streamlined Triumph. SV. Man cycling around corner towards camera on a miniature bicycle.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

10 Tips for Your First Ever Sparring Session - A Review

10 Tips for Your First Ever Sparring Session
By JT Van T

Nothing scratches an itch like a 16oz boxing glove right hook to your jaw. Yesterday was my first sparring session and all things considered, I was told that I did pretty well. Though, I can imagine that my boxing instructors weren't too sure of me at first. Excited and nervous, I accidentally put the groin protector on the wrong way and nearly jumped into the ring with 12oz gloves (*Facepalm). It was also the first day that they allowed us to to spar together in the ring with an instructor and or experienced boxer. No offence to Bob the Punching Bag, but nothing quite prepares you the way that sparring with an actual partner does.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Understanding Child Abuse: An Ethnographic Journey

Written in 2001 as part of a year long anthropological fieldwork course (ANTH 315) that I was taking as part of my honours degree in cultural anthropology at Concordia University, my first print publication, Understanding Child Abuse: An Ethnographic Journey, was fraught with self-doubt and uncertainty as I struggled to find a style, let alone a tone that would do the topic I was discussing justice. Condensed into nine pages from sixty something pages, the art of editing was not lost upon me as I worked in conjunction with my fellow student editors and then professor, Dr. Nadia Ferrara. Nevertheless, though I was honoured to be included in Stories From Montreal II: Ethnographic Accounts of Life in North America's Francophone Metropolis, it was also a bittersweet moment.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Tait-Chattopadhyay Memorial Humanities Lecture: Bikers Against Child Abuse (B.A.C.A.) Review By Jenan Williams

The Bikers Against Child Abuse information assembly was something that really moved me. I had never heard of B.A.C.A. before, and was very surprised when they mentioned they were one of the biggest organizations in the world, so I was really thankful that my professor arranged to have them come to speak to us. What I liked about their presentation was how laid back they were, it felt relaxed and real, and really showed how these people, who looked “super bad-ass” if I am able to say, are ordinary people working to be there for the children who need them. I pictured them as being modern day super heroes, driving any distance and under any conditions to be there for a frightened child who can’t sleep or is scared to go out and play.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Girl Racer (1962) By BRITISH PATHÉ

Mrs Beryl Swain is a housewife with an unusual hobby for a woman - she competes in motorcycle races. We first see Beryl out shopping with a friend. She looks into the window of a baker's shop. Footage of motorbikes being polished. C/U of Beryl putting on a crash helmet. We see Beryl moving off towards the start line. Various shots of bikers waiting for a race to start. Shots of the race and of spectators. Beryl seems to do quite well. Beryl's husband watches her progress.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Scratching The Itch - Boxing 101

Beginner Boxing - Are You Too Old to Box? 
4 Reasons to Get Started 
By JT Van T

After a lifetime of finding excuses not to, I finally signed up for boxing lessons today at Club Boxing De Sherbrooke. I don't have delusions of grandeur. I am overweight, I was diagnosed with acute adult onset asthma twelve years ago and  I had a herniated disk three years ago whilst trying to put a pair of socks on. I am told the latter is quite common amongst men of my age. I suppose you could say that I am as fit as a fiddle... a very old, water damaged and stringless fiddle. 

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Why Choose Anthropology As A Career!

Photo © Trinity

Whether you are a graduate or you are simply curious there has never been a better time to think of doing an undergraduate degree in anthropology! Despite popular misconceptions that anthropologists work primarily with dinosaur bones- which is in fact what Palaeontologists do - they are in fact beginning to make way into the 21st century as leading contributors in various fields. Anthropology is in fact broken into five sub-categories. They are: Linguistics, Archaeology, Medical Anthropology, Physical Anthropology and Social & Cultural Anthropology. Each section has branched off into its own discipline over the course of the last century allowing for individuals to specialise in either field. Each field is quite specific and depending on whether your career aspirations involve forensics, medicine and nursing, media, social work, social/special care, tourism, business, management, museums, law or education an undergraduate degree in sociology and 3anthropology can provide you with the skills necessary to make any career a successful one.

A Brief Analysis of ISIS’ Terror and the Westerners’ Response By Aimée Pocock

Terror of |Terrorism
Photo © BBC News, 2014
"After the shock of September 11, Americans rallied around the flag in support of their country and their government. Unfortunately, that commendable sentiment brought a blind loyalty, an unquestioning willingness to accept whatever the leadership said was necessary to fight terrorism. By suppressing our natural scepticism, turning off our analytical filters, we participated in a major national mistake, the invasion of Iraq" (Clarke, 2004).

Mind The Gap By Emily Voggenreiter

Photo © Marc's Blog
Since 1969, Gap Inc. has been making their iconic jeans and clothing line. This company has integrated and diversified, expanding more and more as the years go by. Gap Inc. is the leading specialty retailer worldwide and has become a multinational corporation. Unfortunately, this company has been accused of human rights violations for over a decade that continue to this day. The Gap Inc. has slipped through the cracks and have kept accusations of human rights abuses at bay despite growing evidence in support of said accusations. The following will focus on two points that largely influence Gap Inc. to continue its practices: matters of geographic placements of their factories and the idea of financial losses and gains.

The Benefits of Animal Assisted Therapy By Marie-Christine Joly

Equine Assisted Therapy
Photo © greyerbaby

Cynthia K. Chandler (2005, p.5) describes Animal-Assisted Therapy (AAT) that exploits the strong human-animal bond in order to help the human in a certain healing process. In order to be considered as animal-assisted therapy, the animal as well as the instructor of the animal, both have to be trained under certain criteria. Chandler notes that in this process, the therapist sets up some therapy goals and measures the progress with each meeting. Moreover, AAT can be used in a wide variety of ways: in group therapy or individual therapy, it can be used to help children, adults, and elders and can also be used to help treating a lot of different mental or physical health problems.

Witchcraft and Unfortunate Events Amongst the Azande By Jessica Boissonneau

Photo © Royal Anthropological Institute

Amongst the Azande, E.E. Evans Pricthard (1937) explores how witchcraft is used as a complex explanation for death, misfortune and the complications of life. If any of these fall upon any one or anything, it is due to witchcraft. They believe it can be inherited and that a person can be a witch, causing others harm, without realizing their influence. However, witchcraft explains why events are harmful to man, not how they happen. (Evans-Pritchard, 1937, p. 72) For example, there was a little boy that knocked his foot against a small stump of wood in the center of a bush path and suffered pain and inconvenience. It began to infect. The boy stated that it had been witchcraft that made him knock his foot on a stump. Evans-Pritchad (1937) tried to argue with him that maybe he had knocked it because he was careless and wasn’t paying attention. The boy argued back that if he hadn’t been bewitched, he would have seen the stump as he was carefully looking ahead. The boy also stated that cuts usually heal quite fast as it is the nature of a cut, but why, on the contrary, had this cut infected if there was no witchcraft involved? However, when viewed from the western point of view, it would be seen to be caused by human error and carelessness.

Herr Fanta! A Brief History of Nazi Coke By Vincenzo Sciortino

Coca Cola Swastika
Pic © Coca-Cola Corporation
Coca-Cola is one of the most popular American soft drinks ever made. However, this huge corporation with the slogan ''Open Happiness'' has its own dark past. Thus it may surprise you to learn that the Coca-Cola Corporation conducted business with the Nazis before and during World War II. Coca-Cola's indifference uillustrates how profit-minded the company was in this dark period of history. The Coca-Cola Corporation was a hypocritical corporation that published  tons of propaganda posters around the United States with slogans to make people believe that Coke was supporting American troops and all the Allied forces with slogans like: ''The drink that fights back, Militant men drink Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola goes along'' (Adbranch.com, 2011). Yet, despite this, they were also publishing similar campagin posters under the banner of Fanta.

The Learning Experience at Champlain College - Lennoxville By Steven Baldwin & Brigitte Barbe Letourneau

The purpose of this research is to see if professors at Champlain College Lennoxville use more active teaching methods than passive teaching methods. We surveyed thirty (30) teachers in total. We hypothesized that teachers engage students more and hence were likely to use active teaching methods. We compiled data about their results and gave values to each method to use in a correlation. Long answer questions allowed teachers to personally tell us what they regarded as important, what they regarded as not important and why. We conducted several calculations based on data from the survey. A correlation showed an extremely low negative correlation between methods used and their importance.

The Importance and Therapeutic Benefits of Communication By Emilie Desindes

What Are You Pointing At?
“The first uniquely human forms of communication were pointing and pantomiming. The social-cognitive and social-motivational infrastructure that enabled these new forms of communication then acted as a kind of psychological platform on which the various systems of conventional linguistic communication (all 6,000 of them) could be built.” 
- Michael Tomasello

Recognizing Warning Signs of Sexual Assault!

The following was taken from Carleton University's Website. I ask that everyone takes a moment to read it. If you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted or has been the victim of sexual misconduct, do not remain silent! REPORT the offender. There are many of us who are here for you and who will do everything in our power to ensure that your voice will be heard. You are not alone. This affects all of us, regardless of what campus you are from! It is up to us to put a stop to it once and for all. - Mario Corbin

Impacts of Stress on Athletes By Lara Pomerleau-Fontaine

Pic © Poliquin Group.com
Thesis Statement: 
Athletes face financial pressures that impact their level of stress arousal, putting them at higher risk of injuries.

The Disadvantages of a Drop in the Dairy Quota for Canadian Farmers By Emily-Rose Clark

Harcroft Dairy Farm north of Fergus, Ontario on Oct. 24, 2013.
Pic © Peter Power/The Globe and Mail
Thesis Statement: 

If the dairy quota in Canada were to drop as it has in Europe, Canada's small dairy farmers would face many of the same financial and psychological repercussions. The challenges faced by these producers could result in the complete loss of their business.

Are the Superheroes Of Today Growing Up With The Readers of Yesterday? By Kaitlin Houley

Equality Vs Beauty Standards?
In today’s society, the influences towards women’s beauty standards such as their portrayal in the media and in toys such as Barbie are often explored, however, the impacts of the media representations of males, their toys and masculinity is often overlooked. Superheroes for instance, were characters which readers (mainly boys) could look up to and learn from, when the heroes were not in their costumes, they were regular people with relatable problems and vulnerabilities (American Psychological Association, 2010). However, as time has progressed, the superheroes which were in comic books have evolved and changed (BBC news 2010), as have the standards of beauty associated with masculinity (Jirousek, 1996, p.1), which leads to a question of whether the superheroes of today can be negative role models for children and have a negative impact on their view of themselves.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

DesTination: Starfleet Academy - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada!

Canada's capital, Ottawa, isn't known for its night life. But then again, the idea of a night life takes on entirely new meaning when your toting three kids with you. Situated three and half hours away from where we live, we figured we'd squeeze in one last family vacation before school starts again. Ottawa boasts many cultural attractions including but not limited to the three venues we visited during our short stay this August. Namely The Canada Aviation and Space Museum which was also home to the Starfleet Academy Experience for a short period of time and The Canada Agriculture and Food Museum

Sunday, July 31, 2016

DesTination: Mega Meet Vintage Motos 2016

On June 30th, 2016 Mega Meet Vintage Motos took place in Sainte-Béatrix, Quebec. Below is a collection of pictures that were taken by folks at the event! If you are thinking of visiting Quebec next year, this is a must for anyone with an affliction for two wheels...

'Comin Home Baby' By Mel Tormé

1963 Mel Tormé sings his 1962 hit R&B song "Comin' Home, Baby" on the Judy Garland show! Great song by a jazz cat who thought rock and roll was three chord manure! Lol! - Heppest of the Hep

Friday, July 8, 2016

Compilation Of The Best Indian Sculptures I Have Come Across By Sabya Sachi Ghosh

This album contains the best ancient Indian sculptures I have yet come across. I have omitted the sculptures of Delwara and Ranakpur Jain temples... Delwara does not allow photography and Ranakpur, I reached too early in the day to take some shots.

Ride to Eran, Sagar District, MP By Sabya Sachi Ghosh

For such an important historical site, eran is hardly mentioned in our history books and even on road sign boards near the village (by the way, for at least 6 kms to this place roads cease to exist, one gets a feeling of travelling back in time when going towards eran on loose gravel tracks). This site is the best and the oldest example of the early Gupta Era temples dating back to 350 CE. I fail to understand why our historians and education boards have conveniently omitted the mention of this historical treasure trove from our curriculum.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Ride to Maladevi Temple of Gyaraspur, Vidisha, MP By Sabya Sachi Ghosh

Maladevi Temple of Gyaraspur, Vidisha, MP
Being an ardent fan of Dali I think I had already seen the landscape around the Maladevi Temple in one of his paintings (of course Dali did not paint the Maladevi Temple) and other times I often dreamt of such landscapes. But never have I seen a more beauteous ruin placed atop a cliff that overlooks a horseshoe shaped valley...

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Ride to Pathari Badoh, Vidisha, MP (album II) By Sabya Sachi Ghosh

Rajesh rides on water...road to the vishnu temple of badoh.
This album contains the second group of 9th century temples (vishnu) situated beside the 1st group of jain temples at the edge of a lake near the village of Pathari Badoh. a young local lad who is also the asi appointed guard at the 1st group of jain temple was kind enough to show us around all the ruins of this place.

Ride to Pathari Badoh, Vidisha, MP (album I) By Sabya Sachi Ghosh

Pathari Badoh Jain Temples
This album contains the first group of 9th century temples (jain) situated beside the sapt matrika cave near the village of pathari badoh. a young local lad who is also the asi appointed guard at the site was kind enough to show us around all the ruins of this place. from kurwai our place of stay, the ride to pathari was smooth, but after here we had to take the dirt track and offroad to all other sites within a radius of 50 kms.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Ride to the Neelkanthswar Temple of Udaipur, Vidisha, MP By Sabya Sachi Ghosh

Sabya Sachi Ghosh & His Trusted Royal Enfield
Where shall I begin...let me start by emphatically stating that this masterpiece is so far the finest example of temple architecture i have ever laid my eyes upon....it was a humbling experience to view the epitome of sculptural splendour that human hands are capable of crafting....and deep down I do feel sad that I do not know the names or the lives of any of those sculptors that toiled in the sweltering sun of central India to leave behind this poetry in stone.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Bike Porn: Moto Guzzi V7 Racer Service Station Manual & Then Some...

Molta Bellissimo!
Over the course of the last year I have come across various documents that may be of interest to anyone who owns or who is thinking of purchasing a Moto Guzzi V7 Racer. I have only added those documents that pertain to the V7 Racer up until 2014 (Europe) or 2015 (North America). I did throw in a little bit of bike porn as it relates to the V7II lineup at the end for you to peruse. :)

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Care & Keeping of Mystical Beasts

Photo © Chuck Dillon 
Tales of yonder speak of mythic creatures known generally as students and teachers. Locked in an eternal struggle these two beasts have battled each other, though no one knows for certain why or how it all began. Some say it all started when teacher and student argued about who came first? Fortunately, with a little time and the right snacks, these two species can learn to co-exist. The key to success lies within your ability to determine what kind of teacher or student you are. Perhaps you enjoy the thrill of procrastination or maybe you relish the safety and security of starting things early?! As no two teachers or students are alike, the many labels found on this site will help you navigate the mystery of pedagogy... and no that is not a kind of sausage!

Demystifying The R Score

What is this devilish creation that has turned otherwise respectful, kind and caring students into grade-thirsty, ill-wishing and at times argumentative students? Not least of all when one considers that no other university in any other province in Canada, with the exception of the University of Toronto in Ontario (transfer students), even considers the R-Score in a student's application for admission! Devised by Quebec universities in 1995 to be an objective way to rank applicants by academic achievement, the R Score is a statistical method used to correct the differences in grading systems in colleges. It is used to assess the relative strengths of groups in a college as well as among cohorts in different colleges. The following is a collection of information to help you better understand the R Score and its implications on your academic future as students and for those teachers who are trying to understand why the grade point average (GPA) seems to matter less to students in Quebec.

An Exploration of Animal Culture By Yassine Nassiri

Cultural Anthropology and Archaeology For High School Students
Pic © Adapt & Design.com
Culture in its modern anthropological denotation was first expounded by Edward Burnett Tylor in his two-volume treatise Primitive Culture in 1871. He avers in re the significance of the term, distinguishing himself from his predecessors, those are inter alia Cicero and Immanuel Kant who viewed culture as a form of individual enlightenment: “Culture, or civilization, taken in its broad, ethnographic sense, is that complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, custom, and any other capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of society.” (Tylor, 1874) Hereof, culture is observed as the set of human traits, attributes and behaviours (memes, employing Richard Dawkins’ term) that are transmitted socially rather than biologically from antecedents to descendants. Wherefore, Taylor’s approach tackles culture as artificial and as antinomian to natural foundations, i.e. in a biological framework, opposing acquired knowledge or enculturation versus innate knowledge or instinct.

This Shit is Bananas - B-A-N-A-N-A-S! Human Rights Issues on Banana Plantations By Jacqueline Lumley

Pic © Jan Sochor
The banana plantations in South America, specifically located in Ecuador, such as Chiquita and Dole abuses their workers rights, including but not limited to anti-union campaigns, poor working conditions, child labor and low and unfair wages. Thus, the exploitation of workers is staggering. Many of the issues occurring on these plantations today have to do with the use of chemical substances that are being sprayed onto the plants by workers who are unaware of the safety protocols that should take place, and worse still, the effects these dangerous chemicals pose to their health.

A Brief Analysis of Social Class and Play By Lynzey Custeau-Sullivan

Photo © TheTembisan.co.za
Though we may not realize it, children are deeply affected by our social class in every aspect, including the way that they are able to play. The following will be looking at how social and economic status has an effect on a child’s physical play as well as other forms of play. It will also explore the importance of play in a child’s life and development and how they can either be impacted negatively or positively by their parents’ social and economic status.

A Short Analysis of Raymond Carver's Cathedral By Christopher Guay

Raymond Carver
(1938 - 1988)
Our society today has developed certain ways to view others of their own kind. Whether some people are handicapped by some disease or a disability, we judge them through what previous experiences from outer sources tell of their appearance. However, as trust grows between one person and another, judgement from both will change as well. One will never comprehend a stranger on the streets by their look. The short story “Cathedral” by Raymond Carver demonstrates this behavior with his characters that he has used in his short story. Carver’s main idea, portrayed through the story, reflects upon society’s needs and standards with relations between people and how society shapes interactions between people based on their first impressions and appearances. The story’s structure and connections with society’s way of life allows many critical approaches to be used to analyze the story. Some of these are New Critical and Psychological.

Zombies in Popular Culture By Marilyne Trépanier

In our society, many events have created fear among the public. Some of the events include, but are not limited to, the World Trade Centre terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, to ongoing wars between countries like Israel and Palestine, as well as natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina. Social conventions have led us to fear the day when we will be no more and people are often afraid to lose their loved ones. Zombies in popular culture have been used in many texts as metaphors for the fears felt by society at a given time. They are a part of a widespread phenomenon which reflects some of the worse and at times, best parts of our culture. With reference to Kyle Bishop’s Dead Man Still Walking: Explaining the Zombie Renaissance (2009), I will describe the history of the zombie genre, will then explore how the widespread zombie phenomenon is linked to society’s fears at a given time, and will conclude by explaining why is important to discuss and understand this issue.

Exploring MISS-Representation By Florence Leduc

The Wicked Journal, Volume 2, Issue 1, Winter 2016

Welcome to Our Second Edition!

Crash! Bash! Boom! Pow! What Was That Sound? ONOMATOPEIA!

How You Can Improve Your Presentation Skills in 8 Easy Steps!

Remember Me?
Photo © Steve Isaacs
Remember acetates? There were two type of professors who used them. The kind who photocopied information onto them and the type who wrote in messy handwriting. Either way, they would be packed with information. So much so that trying to copy everything down frantically often led to students sighing loudly, whimpering sadly or inevitably just giving up on trying to keep up with each change of acetate.  In those days most students had serious callouses on their index and middle fingers from all of the note taking. (a lost art in itself - but I digress) Teacher's notes were akin to the bible, at least, in its immediate importance as students knew that if it was written on an acetate, it would undoubtedly pop up on an exam further down the line. Over the last thirty years we have seen overhead projectors take a back seat to Microsoft PowerPoint and most recently Prezi. Students no longer have callouses on their fingers because they no longer take notes. (Again, I digress...) However, some things never change as many teachers and students alike are still making several faux pas' with their presentations.

Behind Closed Doors: Overcoming Elder Abuse!

Photo © Oakville News
A growing trend in elder abuse is leading provincial governments in Canada to reflect upon the state of elderly citizens. According to the Institut de la statistique du Québec “second to Japan (cited in Maltraitance-Aines) Quebec will see the sharpest rise in population aging within the shortest time span (29 years). In fact, between 1986 and 2009, the elder population aged 65 and over rose from 657,430 (9.8%) to 1.2 million (14.9%), and it is estimated that this number will rise to 2.3 million by 2031.”

The Wicked Journal, Volume 1, Summer/Autumn 2015

Welcome To Our Very First Issue!

My Brief Encounter With Ms. Taylor By L. Farrell

Astral Travel is not a topic that can be covered in one blog. However, suffice it to say that everybody goes astral when they sleep. Lucid dreaming, knowing you are dreaming, is a good example. In this state we can take control, heal ourselves and so forth. William Buhlman discusses Astral Projection in depth on The Moore Show (see below). However, allow me to share my own experiences with astral projection. My experiences may be helpful to those really interested in delving into the subject.

A Review of Theoren Fleury's Playing With Fire By William Camber

Theo Fleury - Playing With Fire
Photo © HarperCollins Publishers Ltd
Professional lives are demanding in every aspect. One must be physically and mentally fit so that they can perform for their team. Many individuals do not acknowledge the psychological dilemmas experienced by these professionals. It may seem like they are living great lives, and they probably are in one sense, when actually they have lived and are living with psychological discomfort. After reading Playing With Fire, co-written by Theo Fleury, one can identify the psychological discomfort and the probable life path chosen. Fleury experienced a life of hardship and sorrow starting from a young age, which is where most psychological problems start. Being a victim can arise anywhere in life and can remain consistent throughout life depending on certain choices. There are clear examples of victimization in this book that can educate society on how to appropriately respond to victimization (molestation/pedophilia), the problems which arise if not identified earlier, and how this can be applied to our own lives. Becoming educated, in terms of victimization, is essential when victimized. Nobody should carry the burden of sexual violation or pedophilia alone.

EARTHLINGS By Shaun Monson & Narrated By Joaquin Phoenix

Written & Directed by: Shaun Monson & Narrated By Joaquin Phoenix 
"EARTHLINGS is an award-winning documentary film about the suffering of animals for food, fashion, pets, entertainment and medical research. Considered the most persuasive documentary ever made, EARTHLINGS is nicknamed “the Vegan maker” for its sensitive footage shot at animal shelters, pet stores, puppy mills, factory farms, slaughterhouses, the leather and fur trades, sporting events, circuses and research labs." - Earthlings

Student Perspectives On Mere Phantoms: 100 Miles Around Us

Photo © Maya Ersan & Jaimie Robson
It's not every college campus that is fortunate enough to be sharing the grounds with one of Quebec's leading universities. Bishop's University has many goodies that make going to Champlain College Lennoxville an attractive option for Anglophones and Francophones alike. The Foreman Art Gallery of Bishop's University, for instance, is one such attraction that is "committed to art presentation and discourse, as well as the exploration of diversity of culture" (Foreman, 2015). Thus, for students presently enrolled in my course, Rage Against The Machine: Consumerism Leisure and Popular Culture, it came as no surprise when a field trip was planned to visit artists Maya Ersan and Jaimie Robson who worked along side students from Alexander Galt High School in creating Mere Phantoms: 100 Miles Around Us. Thus, students were asked to write a review of the exhibit whilst exploring the concept of space, culture and the body and how we are interwoven with our cultural environments both physically and metaphorically.

SQUAWK By Megan Coles

Squawk by Megan Coles a story about growing up and the difficulties faced by teenagers as they struggle to find who they are and where they belong.  Annie is not your average teenager. She’s feisty. She’s sharp. She’s aboriginal. And she’s aging out of foster care on her next birthday. Annie is coming face to face with the biggest decision of her life and she has no one to rely on except herself. Where should she go? Who should she trust? Should she return to northern Canada and live off the land with her traditional grandmother? Or remain in a southern city where aboriginal girls like her go missing? Lost somewhere between her past, present and future, Annie uses the video game world to fight through her fears and move to the next level in the game and in her life. Can Annie overcome the obstacles to win the day for herself?

How to Become a Grown-Up in 468 Easy(ish) Steps By Kelly Williams Brown

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If you graduated from college but still feel like a student . . . if you wear a business suit to job interviews but pajamas to the grocery store . . . if you have your own apartment but no idea how to cook or clean . . . it's OK. But it doesn't have to be this way.
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Annotate This!

You Sick Bastard, You!
Photo © MGM
If only students knew the truth. That like them, we too find ourselves silently crying inside, or at the very least whimpering, as we bring out the dreaded Assignment That Must Not Be Named. Albeit not for the same reasons. After all, we know how to write an annotated bibliography. But how many of us know how to teach students how to write an annotated bibliography? You may not even remember how you learned yourself; though I suspect it was in the depths of your academic library under bright neon lights as you found yourself cursing the dreaded day your teacher insisted that it be done. Held hostage by the thought of a lower GPA (or R-Score for you Quebecers!) you clung to every period, reviewed every comma as sweat dripped onto every italicized word. All the while you found yourself as a student thinking that one day, when you're all grown up, should you ever find yourself working as a professor that you will not torture your students in this cruel way. After all...

APA Referencing and Avoiding Plagiarism Presentation By Jennifer Fawcett

I have created a short presentation on the use of APA referencing for students who may be completely new to writing for academia. It is also aimed at helping them to avoid plagiarism, and to understand the importance of using their own voice in their assignments. I based many of the examples and reminders on very commonly made mistakes, and therefore hope that other teachers will find something of benefit to them. I really believe that helping students to understand the conventions of their discipline is important, and that it needs to be taught at the outset - as a specific skillset they can develop. Teachers are encouraged to use this PowerPoint if applicable. Any and all comments, tips and suggestions are welcome! How do you teach your students about this very important aspect of their writing?

Friday, July 1, 2016

Zen & The Hart of Riding

The Morning Began with a 167 km Ride To Mr. Hart's House!
The day began at 5 am. The promise of a warm and sunny day was only made better by the fact that I would be riding with a very special buddy of mine. Percy is the epitome of zen. He is the kind of guy that inspires you to look past the petty headaches of day to day life and focus on the present. Who better to ride with than. Percy brought me vis a vis some roads that I hadn't ridden since The Snake back in 2013. In honour of the tone set by today's ride, less is more and a picture speaks a thousand words. We hope you enjoy them!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

I Spy... Forgotten Loved Ones: Rust In Peace!

RIP :-(
I came across a collection of pictures of motorcycles that have since found themselves either abandoned, repurposed or neglected. Either way, it's hard to imagine that these all rolled off the assembly lines and into the hands of excited owners at one time in history. If nothing else, its a testament to humanity's penchant for creating waste. I can't help but wonder what has happened to the women in my life?

Saturday, June 18, 2016

DesTination: CooKshIre BiKe ShOw

The year could be 1966, that's how the event, indeed, the day felt.
Located in Cookshire Eaton, the Cookshire Bike Show runs every year in June. I had attempted to attend several years ago but when we arrived it was immediately clear that we were way too early. Nothing had been set up and only a handful of bikes were to be seen. So I thought to myself this time would be different. This year the event took place on June 17 and 18. I played it smart and showed up today, thus ensuring that everything would be set up. So you can imagine my surprise when I arrived to see the display tent for the "bike show" was nearly empty. Their were plenty of vendors of course, all of whom were selling their crap for a ridiculous amount of money. There were even food vendors up and running and selling Hot Dogs for $4.00. You know, the kind that you can buy for 25 Cents back in the day. But still, not all was lost, I did manage to get some pictures of some bikes being displayed. However, to be perfectly honest with you, the majority of bikes worth any interest were the ones being parked out back by the hoards of bikers arriving.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Thoughts on Consumption, Teaching and Learning By Peter Cohen

Paulo Freire (Pedagogy of the Oppressed)
Photo © Beatriz Esmer
I look back now on a career that began more than twenty years ago as a teacher at Seward Park High School in New York City which served mostly working class Dominican and Puerto Rican students. I arrived at Seward Park with a group of new teachers who were influenced by Paulo Freire whose best known work is Pedagogy of the Oppressed. Throughout this and subsequent books, Freire argues for a system of education that emphasizes learning as an act of culture and freedom.  He spoke of conscientization or the process in which men, not as recipients, but as knowing subjects achieve a deepening awareness both of the sociocultural reality that shapes their lives and of their capacity to transform that reality.