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Monday, January 4, 2016

Blast From The Past: Loving My Intruder 1400!

1996 Suzuki Intruder 1400cc

After a year of being "bikeless" and finding myself scrupulously getting my jollies off on some rather inferior motorcycle school bikes (I am a whore, I know) I finally have come into a situation in my life where I can happily announce that I am once again a complete and whole "biker!" (Sigh). It was a lonely year, what without the sweet embrace of cold steel on flesh or the rumbling of that oh so familiar V-Twin between my legs. Adding to nostalgia is the faint scent of oil filling your nostrils as you wait at a set of red lights, fists punched out into the air without a thought of anything or anyone in the world. Yes, just thinking about it sends me blushing not unlike a school girl. I make no apologies though, after all, after 34 years I have come to embrace my passions with a fury and motorcycling just happens to be that one passion that supersedes any and all other hobbies or interests.

Until I returned home, I had been riding daily in sun, rain, snow and hail... grinning furiously as I passed cars trembling along nervously in wet or snowy conditions. Bugs spattering against my Belstaff Leather Jacket, rain smacking me like bullets against my face... I would bite back not unlike a black Labrador trying to chew the water being sprayed in its face. There is nothing quite as thrilling as feeling the wind trying to rip the faceless helmet off of your head whilst you defy the elements itself by spreading eagle and punching your fists outward whilst giving the guy who just cut you off the finger.

I had always been curious about the Suzuki Intruder 1400/S83. It's low center of gravity and 36 inch raked out front end has always given this particular bike an aggressive stance that no other motorcycle company could simulate, that is, back in 1985. In my personal opinion, it's the best looking Suzuki motorcycle they have ever made and the only one I would consider. I purchased my 1400 on October 28th from a gentleman who purchased it new in 1996. With only 32, 900km on the clock, the bike is mint and the pictures do not do it justice. The only change are the pipes, 50/50. It comes with the original pipes as well along with the original tool kit, two sets of keys and of course, the owners manual. It doesn't get any sweeter. The bike is a testament to Suzuki's vision and despite being discontinued in 2009, you can still find perfect examples of this model cruising the streets and highways of North America, Europe and Asia.

Now There's An Ass
Worth Waiting For!
Unfortunately, it's starting to snow in 'gay old Quebec....' so no motorcycling for me until April 2012! (S&*T, F%$K, C$#P, FECK!) However, that leaves me with several months to plan my design and start collecting bits and bobs for this truly delicious piece of motorcycle stardom. Z-Bars, White Walls, and the list goes on... regardless, as it stands you can rest assured that the streets of Montreal will be blessed with my presence once again next spring, legs spread eagle and fingers ablaze!

Nota Bene: The Above Rant Was Originally Published on October 30, 2011. 
However, the original was deleted.

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