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Friday, January 1, 2016

Meet The Wood Bike By Ernst Eberhard

“Ein Visionär träumt Hirngespinste” 

"Ernst Eberhard from St. Ulrich in Feldkirchen realized his dream. He built himself a motorbike made of wood, steel and a single-cylinder diesel engine." - Author Unknown

Ernst Eberhard from St. Ulrich in Feldkirchen and Wood Bike. 

Far away from computers and game consoles, Eberhard grew up in an extended family on a small farm in a beautiful region. "Along with my six siblings, I had all the opportunities to live my youth and to organize my leisure time and my hobbies the way I wanted. Our parents set us an example of, to make something out of nothing”, says Eberhard. So he also started to tinker about vehicles and machines.

After he finished school he graduated apprenticeship as a metal worker and machine builder. in 1992 he successfully took the examination for the master's certificate and mainly worked in topics like machine engineering and also did constructions for hydraulic turbines. "Vintage and old honest art have always fascinated me." Over time he developed along with his 3 brothers (a carpenter, a patternmaker and a coachbuilder) several restaurations and self-built creations started. Inspired by various experiments, he had the vision of an exotic wood motorcycle.

After purchase and survey of the main components I started the preliminary drafts and the construction. The basic geometry is equivalent to a touring motorbike. As this vehicle existed on screen I started its realization in summer 2014. The frame is made of carinthian oak wood, 2 crooked spruce branches as handlebars. The engine is an single-cylinder diesel engine with about 500 ccm3 and 5 PS, build year about 1945 which originally was used as a motor in agriculture (evaporator, cooling, crank start). The three-speed gear is out of an Indian (motorbike) build year about 1930. The seat is a reconstructed saddle. Every detail is hand made and a single copy, says Eberhard. 

After a construction period of about a year, the Wood Bike has now become reality. Peoples reactions makes him think that his realization is not only making him happy but every now and then it makes viewers smile too.

Able to read German? Then check out the following article: Sein Motorrad ist Eigenbau. Also check out Ernst Eberhard website: WoodBike.at

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