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Exploring the Unknown
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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Motorcycle Football By The British Pathé

"This is a motorcycle football match between the Border Motor Club and the North Hants Club. M/S of line of players on motorbikes entering the field. M/S of a judge throwing coin. Two men from the opposite teams are at each side and a huge ball sits in the middle. C/U shot of the ball - it is at least twice the size of a football. Voiceover explains the rules and talks about the game's popularity and its origins." - British Pathé

"Note: Some of the players seen in this film are: Jimmy James, Johnny Woollands, Den Brown, Ken Crumplin, John Sullivan. Referees are Walter Hall and Jack Brookman. Combined print for this story is missing." - British Pathé

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Video, Pictures & Words © British Pathé 1959

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