Exploring the Unknown

Exploring the Unknown

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Zen & The Art of Motorcycle Studies - The Online Course!

Mario R.J. Corbin
aka BugSpatteredJacket
Professor. Biker. Artist.
This course examines the cultural phenomenon of motorcycling and its use in music, literature, film, advertising and art world wide. The study of motorcycles as a form of cultural icon also serves as a basis for discussing gender, class, identity and community. Students will be given the unique opportunity to examine all that motorcycling has to offer including hands on experience in designing and building their own two wheeled concept machine. Students are encouraged to participate regularly by sharing information, opinions and case studies via the course Facebook page.

The Wolf Pack 2012
Zen & The Art of Motorcycle Studies is a course that I created for and teach at a tertiary academic institution. Students interested in taking this course for fun can do so for FREE! Please note that this course is constantly being revised and developed over the course of the semester, thus, check back often. Each week I will introduce a new lesson for you to complete. For more information contact me at your earliest convenience.


Robert Pirsig With His Son, Chris.
This course was inspired by the many men and women who I have had the pleasure of meeting over the course of my life. Whilst these people come from all walks of life and from all over the world the one common denominator amongst all of them was two wheels. There is something uniquely unifying about the motorcycle as a vehicle for cultural expression and identity that supersedes creed as often as it may create staunch lines of division amongst them. These people have and continue to leave a lasting impression upon me and are the basis for inspiration for this course. Many were wanderers seeking answers on an neverending open road; some were prolific in their ability to put thought to paper and inspired me through their writings; whilst others still adhered to a strict sense of moral justice, a biker's code, that they held as close to their hearts as any other fundamentalist in search of understanding. There have also been many whom I have not had the pleasure of meeting at all but whose written work helped shape my understanding of the world around me and of the challenges that we must face on a daily basis. Robert M. Pirsig was one such writer and philosopher whose work inspired the name for this course and who this class was dedicated to when I first started teaching it. For my friends whom I have met because of our mutual love of motorcycles and for those who I have yet to meet, I thank you for sharing your stories, time and passion. You have not only inspired me but undoubtedly, as this course is a testament to what we stand for, your spirit will also inspire new generations of potential bikers to come.


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