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Friday, February 12, 2016

Who's There? David "Englishman" Gregory With His Hondamatic Chop CB750A!

This is a Honda 750A that I built for my wife to ride because she didn't like the idea of the hand clutch. The transmission is a two speed. High and low, there is no clutch because there's a torque converter aboard. You have the option of just putting it into high gear and taking off perfectly fine. You can use the low if you want a little more acceleration off the line. There is a hand shift for this on the left side. This bike has plenty of power and I would judge that it's capable of triple-digit speed should you so wish. After the wife was involved in an auto accident a couple of years ago, she's too skittish to ride this bike on the road. I rode it to work about ten times since then. 

It started life as a normal (but rare) 1976 CB750A. I had Ronnie Harris of Chop Docs hardtail it using a TC Bros 'universal' kit. Ronnie also did the really nice gold metalflake and black lace paint job. The carbs are twin Mikunis from Cycle-X. Gas tank is a Paughco I think (it was in Fabricator Kevin's loft). Fabricator Kevin's Stainless steel seat hinge (easily the best in the business). Taillight/license bracket is also Fab Kevin, as was the rear fender support. Exhaust is the stock 4 into 1 powdercoated with ceramic silver. Muffler is a stainless Supertrapp. Ignition is Cycle-X EI together with their coil and regulator. Battery is a Ballistic. There is a kickstarter attached, custom made by Fab Kevin.

Known issues: There is a small oil leak at the kicker shaft, it's the only leak I've seen. The front brake needs attention in that the efficiency is not what it should be. It does have new pads. There is now a hole in the seat where another one of my bikes fell onto it. The seat will need recovering. Also, the catface taillight lens fell off, I have a standard Lucas style to replace it. The wife will likely request that she gets to keep the Pittsburgh Steelers shift knob.  This is a fun bike, I'll try and include the video I made of it. It's really tough to let this one go. Oh yeah, it's 40 years old internally, so it's as-is.

This bike was featured in The Horse Backstreet Choppers Magazine Issue #126. 
I'll include a copy of the issue!

Interested in Buying it? Check out David's eBay listing.

Pictures & Words © David Gregory 2013

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