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Exploring the Unknown
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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Riding Season is Almost Here!

Picture © Mr Steve Bond
PMS = Parked Motorcycle Syndrome 

Mr Bond has written a very worth while article on his first seasonal ride, and I suggest you take a few minutes and read it yourself by clicking here.

That’s right, if you live and ride in Quebec, you have likely  been counting down the days until you can feel the freedom and excitement of the ride. From December 15th to March 15th Quebec has a Winter Tire law therefore making it illegal to ride your motorcycle as Winter Tires for motorcycles don’t exist or so I thought.

Today, on March 6th early Sunday afternoon with the sun shining bright, and the snow melting has me envisioning the first ride of the 2016 season. What direction will I head, how long will I be gone. Where will I end up are all questions I found myself thinking.

Then I got the bright idea of searching on line for Winter Motorcycle tires, and what do I find...well...Shut The Front Door...They exist.

I found the Michelin City Grip Winter and got excited. Not for this season you understand, however perhaps for the next. Low and behold these don’t come for my bike..umm Not a big deal since I can legally ride in 10 days.

This however had me wanting to better understand our laws, and of course I was not able to find any other province that has the same. 

What I did find however was British Columbia’s Drivebc.ca website calls out “Motorcycles are exempt from the requirement of winter tires and chains. Motorcyclists should use common sense when deciding whether to drive on B.C. highways between October 1st  and March 31.”

What that means is that motorcyclists are not required to use winter tires in B.C. or any other Canadian Province from what I can see...and, as I’ve discovered today, winter tires are not available for all motorcycles anyhow.  

Would I actually ride my motorcycle in the winter ? Hell Yeah! On nice days like today!

Drivebc.ca goes on to add that Motorcycles should not be on the road in bad weather:
  • When the forecast is for bad weather 
  • If the temperature is near or below freezing 
  • If road conditions include snow, slush or icy conditions 
Police may turn all vehicles around, including motorcycles, if they think conditions are unsafe

It is my opinion that this is good policy and I believe it also makes sense. It is important to note that parts of B.C. receive little to no snow, and comparing B.C. to QC's winter is like comparing Apples to Oranges.

So here we are at the beginning of a new riding season for us Quebecers and we are ready.  It does not matter that brand of bike you ride. It does not matter your style of riding or the size of your engine.

The bikes are shined, charged and gassed up ready to roar up and down the highways large & small. If you’re like me, then you’re dreaming of cruising the country roads and finding old barns, antique shops and perhaps an old rusty car from yesteryear in a field somewhere.

We are planning which routes to take. Which restaurants & Ice Cream Parlor’s we are going to stop in on for a short stretch. We are planning our annual poker runs, charity fund raisers and just for shits & grin rides. 

We are planning on how we will attempt to get lost on our bikes, with a huge smile on our faces when we realize we have no clue where we are.

We are all shapes and sizes of men and women who ride... and we ride for the pleasure, the freedom, the cause and because we can.

If you ride, then I wish you a safe, long, adventurous and memorable 2016 riding season and I hope we get to share the road this year.

Keep the Rubber side down.



  1. FYI - I had this argument with both the SAAQ and the AQTR several years ago. Even if you equip your bike with certified winter tires it is still considered illegal to ride your bike between the dates mentioned!   Don't get me started on Quebec bureaucracy! Nice article Percy, I am looking forward to sharing a couple of rides with you this summer!

  2. You too, Enjoy 2016 Bro, shiney side up!